South America

South America’s Data

Space 17,840,000 km2
Inhabitants 420,458,044
Inhabitants Density 21 folks/km2
GDP PPP $6.30 Trillion
GDP Per Capita $8,520
Nations 12
Dependencies 3
Time Zones 4
Largest Cities
  • Buenos Aires (13,076,300)
  • Sao Paulo (10,021,295)
  • Lima (7,737,002)
  • Bogota (7,674,366)
  • Rio de Janeiro (6,023,699)
  • Santiago (4,837,295)
  • Caracas (3,000,000)
  • Salvador (2,711,840)
  • Fortaleza (2,400,000)
  • Cali (2,392,877)

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The place is South America ?

South America is discovered within the western hemisphere. Many of the continent is within the southern hemisphere, though some components of the northern a part of the continent fall within the northern hemisphere. The part within the northern hemisphere consists of Venezuela, Guyana, French Guiana, Suriname, components of Brazil, components of Ecuador, and practically all of Colombia. The Isthmus of Panama separates North American and South America, the place the Darién Mountains are thought-about to be the dividing line between the 2 continents. Generally, the dividing line is taken into account to be the Panama Canal. By some classifications, South America is seen as a subcontinent of the Americas.

South America has an space of 17,840,000 km2 or virtually 11.98% of Earth’s complete land space. By land space, South America is the world’s fourth largest continent after Asia, Africa, and North America. South America is sort of twice as large as Europe by land space, and is marginally bigger than Russia. South America has shoreline that measures round 25,427 km. There are 4 diffferent time zones in South America: UTC -5, UTC -4, UTC -3, and UTC -2.

South America has a inhabitants of greater than 420,458,044 with a inhabitants density of 21 folks per km2.

With 208.2 million folks, probably the most populated nation in South America is Brazil, adopted by Colombia with 49.6 million folks and Argentina with 43.5 million folks. São Paulo, Brazil and Lima, Peru are the largest cities in South America by inhabitants, boasting 12.0 million and eight.8 million folks respectively. Different main cities embody Bogotá, Colombia (7.8 million), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (6.5 million), and Santiago, Chile (5.5 million).

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