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RAM stands for “Random Entry Reminiscence.” Whereas it might appear sophisticated, it’s among the many most simple elements of computer systems. RAM appears to be the ultra-quick however transitory pc storage capability, which a pc requires now or quickly. RAM is a storage objective that vanishes at any time when the present is shut off. It’s extraordinarily quick, making it wonderful for gadgets your system is working actively, together with operating completely different apps and the data they function on.

Now, there are three completely different sorts of ranks for RAMs. The most well-liked ones are SS (single-sided) and DS (Double-sided). These two RAM choices are comparable but completely different in efficiency, which might def an important position in selecting your system. At present we’re going to speak about RAM SS vs. DS.


SS in RAM stands for single-sided Random Entry Reminiscence. Solely 64 bits may be saved on this kind of RAM at a sure interval. All eight black chips can be discovered solely on a single finish of a RAM card. Every of the chips has an eight-bit capability. Only a few of the RAM chips have eight chips on each side. Nonetheless, it solely retains 64 bits as a substitute of 128. This occurs as a result of every of the 16 chips has a functionality of 4 bits relatively than eight bits.


Double-sided is abbreviated as DRAM. Each of the perimeters of RAM have chips on this case. On one aspect, there are 8 chips, whereas on the opposite aspect, there’s one other set of 8 chips. In consequence, they’ve a complete of 128-bit capability for velocity.

Is there any efficiency distinction between SS and DS in RAM?

From the SS and DS RAM definition, you’ll be able to already guess that there should be efficiency variations. In any other case, there wouldn’t be completely different RAMs. Should you pay shut consideration to the information and the technical particulars, it’s crystal clear that these are completely different. The essential and the foremost distinction is the variety of ranks. Whereas the SS has a single rank and DS has a double rank which is sensible by the names of those two sorts of RAMs. Have you considered what it’d be prefer to get a transparent concept about RAM SS vs. DS?

What’s a Reminiscence Rank?

Whereas storing or analyzing info, every information bus contains a group of DRAM processors which might be addressed. Such chips, often known as ranks, may be inserted solely on a single or on each flanks of a storage drive. A single rank association is a storage unit that’s sixty-four bits massive, which is seventy-two bits for ECC reminiscence and has eight further bits enabling correcting errors. In different phrases, it is a single reminiscence department or assortment of storage chips. As a result of dual-rank modules have two information blocks, they are going to be 100 and twenty-eight bits vast. Accordingly, there are additionally octa rank and quad rank modules, which have 4 to eight sixty-four bit vast blocks of information. These are usually used for elevated reminiscence items with big storage capacities per module.

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Rank’s quantity can point out the RAM machine’s inner storage. But, it’s largely reliant on the know-how of the reminiscence stick’s processors and the DDR model. Since most IC chips can solely accommodate one GB of storage, many trendy DDR4 sixteen GB drives are dual-sided. For instance, Essential’s better capability RevB chips, then again, permit for as much as sixteen GB of reminiscence in a single-sided RAM. Twin rank and quad rank thirty-two GB reminiscence chips are viable as a result of one single rank eight GB and even sixteen GB module can be utilized. There’s at present no DDR4 thirty-two GB single rating storage module out there. Nonetheless, as know-how progresses, we’d see extra of these.

Performances Variations

There are a lot of classes the place SS and DS differ from one another. These classes will inform you which RAM is healthier than the opposite one. Let’s check out the RAM SS vs. DS.


SS RAM is often known as single-rank RAM, referring to the truth that it has just one rank. Twin rank RAM is the commonest sort of double-sided RAM. In SS RAM, quad and octal rank storage are additionally out there. Multi-rank elements are used to extend the module’s density. One other benefit of quite a few ranks is holding extra accessible reminiscence, enhancing effectivity in some situations.

The Pressure on the Program Reminiscence

Nonetheless, having extra ranks will increase the pressure on this system reminiscence, so every management system restricts the entire of ranges it may well handle and the way shortly it may well handle them.


The reminiscence controller seems to be to offer superior effectivity with a dual-sided than a single-sided RAM for such a restricted reminiscence capability. Nonetheless, customers report that DS modules can’t be clocked as excessive. Simply that the reminiscence controller can’t take it as properly, in terms of your reminiscence, there isn’t any such factor as better and worse should you’re not evaluating it with anything. Twin-sided modules might present a minor velocity increase each after which, however single-sided modules ought to work with a wider vary of reminiscence processors.

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As all of us agree that there’s much less strain on that system reminiscence, SS DIMMs might possible be paced faster than the DS DIMM ones.

Storage chips

Bigger storage chips are utilized in single-layer DIMMs with the very storage because the double-sided DIMMs. Such bigger chips could possibly be the results of a newer manufacturing approach. They could possibly be faster and have lowered voltage, permitting gadgets to be synchronized sooner.

Bits capability

Single-sided RAM often has 64 bits capability whereas Double-sided RAM has 128 bits capability


Single-sided RAM is often known as Rank 1 RAM, and Double-sided RAM is named Rank 2 RAM.

Overlocking energy

Single-sided RAM can overclock larger than double-sided, whereas Double-sided RAM typically overclocks lesser than SS RAM.


Single-sided RAM has eight chips on it and infrequently sixteen chips. A Double-sided RAM has sixteen chips.

Compatibility with Reminiscence Controllers

Single-sided RAM can work effectively and steadily with a Reminiscence Controller, whereas Double-sided RAM can get anxious with reminiscence controllers.


Single-sided RAMs have “1R” marked on them, and the Double-sided RAMs have “2R” marked.

Switching banks

Single-sided RAMs don’t want to modify banks, however Double-sided RAMs want to modify banks.


Typically, Single-Sided Reminiscence is speedier than Twin-Sided Reminiscence. To place it one other means, at any time when a system enters Single-sided storage, it appears to solely go outdoors the rail as soon as, whereas Twin-sided Storage requires two journeys across the rail. However, some computer systems perform finest with a number of rank reminiscence due to inner reminiscence processors. This one is especially true within the case of server reminiscence that makes use of LRDIMMs.


Because the storage controller solely must undergo the entire reminiscence for retrieving solely as soon as, SS offers sooner entry to the info for nearly any software. Though dual-ranking can offer you extra cupboard space, most video games nowadays don’t even use fairly as a lot. In consequence, selecting a SS setup will offer you the optimum gaming expertise.


In most circumstances, Twin Sided Reminiscence can be utilized alongside Single-Sided RAM. In sure instances, whereas utilizing an enormous amount of recollection, like16GB, the motherboards demand the utilization of a mix of each Single and Twin sided RAM.


When evaluating each Single and Twin-Sided RAM on the similar speeds, the latter has somewhat benefit – various from three to 5 p.c.

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Cycles of renewal

Masking and parallelizing refreshing cycles usually improve productiveness for CPU-intensive applications by lowering reminiscence responsiveness, however this isn’t the case with single-sided.


The latency produced by this system reminiscence operating throughout a number of ranges as a substitute of merely one, together with single-sided RAM, might affect some applications.

Producing warmth

Single Rank, DIMMs emit much less temperature and are extra dependable than the Twin Rank DIMMs on account of the truth that they include half the variety of chips. It’s additionally one of many explanation why overclockers favor them.

Remaining Comparability Between RAM SS and DS

Single-sided Ram Double-sided Ram
These are often of 64 bits. These are 128 bits.
They’re additionally named: Rank 1 RAM. Are additionally referred to as: Rank 2 RAM.
It might overclock larger than double-sided. It typically overclocks lesser than ss RAM.
Has eight chips on it. (Hardly ever 16). Ought to have 16 chips.
Works effectively and steadily with Reminiscence Controller. Is extra anxious for the reminiscence controllers.
The RAM modules have the phrase “1R” on them. The RAM modules have the phrase “2R” on them.
Don’t want to modify banks. Wants to modify banks.

Your pc will be capable to put it to use with SS RAM. This lets you see each one in every of its recollections in a single go. These similar chips in DS RAM, then again, are cut up into two completely different banks. Only one a part of it may be seen without delay by the pc, not each. Your system might not have recourse to the other finish of this financial institution whereas analyzing the very first a part of this financial institution. Every time the machine reads the opposite half of the info, the very same factor occurs. SS RAMs are superior to DS RAMs. PINs 33 and 45 are used on the motherboard in order that the double-sided storage can work correctly.

Owing to the lowered efficiency of DS RAM, elevated gadgets won’t get it, though the variation is minor. To boost the effectiveness of the pc, you’ll additionally select an applicable reminiscence measurement, CL, and different essentiallarge elements.


Should you’ll be using your pc commonly, resembling at college or the office, it’s finest to go together with the bottom of the 2 choices. As a result of the variations between SS and DS RAM are minor, they are often neglected. Rams with just one set of chips are often known as single-sided RAMs. This cuts down the period of time it takes the controller to complete a job. Once you make the most of your pc for demanding workloads, a SS RAM appears safer than a DS RAM. Or else, you’ll be able to select the inexpensive RAM. As soon as the pc is solely used for on a regular basis duties, altering to completely different sorts of RAM has little affect on productiveness. Hopefully, you realized so much about RAM SS vs. DS from this text.

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