What Should Basketball Players Focus On Doing When Shooting

Basketball Players

It’s not just about being tall and athletic anymore to be an excellent basketball player these days. Being able to shoot the ball well has become an essential skill that every player should learn early in their career, regardless of position or height.

It’s an aspect of the game that many players are eager to learn early, but unfortunately, they aren’t always sure what they should practice and focus on improving their shooting technique.

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Mental Focus

Basketball players need to focus on the task at hand when shooting. Focusing on shooting mechanics, such as release and follow-through, can help a player be more accurate. They should also focus on where they want their shots to go, which affects how they shoot the ball.

Basketball players should start by practicing with a basketball machine because it helps them focus solely on shooting and not worry about anything else happening around them.

A basketball machine provides an easy target always in front of the player so they can work on perfecting their form. To increase difficulty, basketball machines are available in many settings, like different heights or weights (some being heavier than others).

Proper Wrist Positioning

The wrist position is one of the most critical aspects of coaching basketball shooting. The correct wrist position can increase your shot’s accuracy and prevent injury to the arm and wrist. Keep your wrists straight and in line with your forearm to shoot correctly.

Your thumbs should be positioned just below the ball, pointing downward. As you prepare to release the ball, pull back slightly on the ball with your index finger while keeping your thumb and other fingers curled under.

Ensure that you are pulling back on the ball rather than pushing it down, making your shots more accurate. Pushing down on the ball will cause an arching motion that throws off its trajectory, making it difficult for you to score.

After aiming for the basket, quickly snap your wrist forward so that as soon as possible, after releasing from your fingertips, there is no space between them and the side of the ball. Last, let go quickly when releasing so that there is minimal time for gravity to affect its trajectory.

Work on Your Shots Daily

One of the most common mistakes a basketball player can make is to stop practicing. While it may seem like you know what you’re doing, there is always room for improvement. 

Players should focus on two main things when shooting: getting the ball in their hands as quickly as possible and following through with their shot release. The quicker you get your shot, the less time your opponent will have to react and block or steal the ball from you. 

Just like any other skill in life, practice makes perfect. So, if you want to improve at something, work on it daily. Even if it feels like you don’t need to practice anymore because you have already mastered the skill, there’s always more room for improvement. 

For example, to improve your shots, pay attention to how quickly you move into position before taking a shot and follow through by swinging your arm back after releasing the ball. Becoming proficient at this motion takes less than 10 minutes per day.

Know the Fundamentals

To be a great shooter, you have to know the fundamentals. The fundamentals of shooting are catching and releasing the ball, maintaining proper balance, using your entire body to shoot, and following through.

You also must ensure you grip the ball with your fingers and keep your elbow under the ball. Finally, you need to concentrate on your shot. That way, you won’t get distracted by anything that’s going on in the game.


If you play basketball, you will spend most of your time shooting. To succeed in the sport, you’ll need to learn to shoot correctly, from jump shots to three-pointers. Coaches rely on shooting machine to help players perfect their technique, but what should players focus on when they’re shooting or practicing? This article answers the question.

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