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Though no nation title begins with the letter “X”, each in English or different native languages, quite a few cities and cities do. Most of those cities and cities are situated in China, in addition to two cities in Mexico, and one metropolis in each Mozambique and Uzbekistan. A number of the cities whose names begin with the letter “X” are highlighted beneath.

Examples of Cities that Begin with the Letter “X”

Cities in China

Greater than 25 cities in numerous elements of China have names that begin with the letter “X.” The most important metropolis is Xi’an, which has an estimated inhabitants of 5.9 million. Xi’an is the capital metropolis of Shaanxi Province and is one among China’s oldest cities, in addition to one of many nation’s 4 Nice Historic Capitals.

Xianning, which is prefecture-level metropolis in Hubei Province, is the second-largest metropolis in China that begins with the letter “X.” Town has an estimated  inhabitants of two.4 million, and the vast majority of the inhabitants are Han folks, whereas lower than 5,000 determine as belonging to different ethnic teams.

Xiangyang can also be a prefecture-level metropolis in Hubei Province. It’s the second-largest metropolis in Hubei after Xianning, with an estimated inhabitants 2.2 million.

The sub-provincial metropolis of Xiamen within the southeastern Fujian Province is split into six districts and has an estimated inhabitants of 1.9 million. It connects the cities of Zhangzhou and Quanzhou within the west and north, respectively.

Xintai is a county-level metropolis situated within the central a part of Shandong Province. It is usually a county-level division of town of Tai’an.

Xuchang is a prefecture-level metropolis in Henan Province that borders Zhengzhou to the northwest. It’s the middle of the Chinese language tobacco business and can also be identified for the manufacturing of wigs.

Different cities in China that begin with the letter “X” embody Xinghua, Xiantao, Xinyu, and Xinxiang. Every of those cities have a inhabitants of at the very least a million residents.

Cities in Mexico

Two cities in Mexico begin with the letter “X.” Town of Xalapa is the capital of the state of Veracruz, in addition to the title of the encompassing municipality. Town’s title originated from the Nahuatl language, and means “sand” and “place of water.” Xalapa is popularly known as the “Athens of Veracruz” due to the robust cultural affect from the native college, Universidad Veracruzana. Town has an estimated inhabitants of 388,000 residents.

The opposite metropolis in Mexico starting with the letter “X” is Xochimilco, which is without doubt one of the 16 boroughs in Mexico Metropolis. The borough is centered on the previous unbiased metropolis of Xochimilco and is split into 18 neighborhoods.

Xai-Xai and Xo’jayli

Xai-Xai is the one metropolis in Africa that begins with the letter “X.” Town, which is situated in southern Mozambique, was beforehand named João Belo. It’s presently the capital of Gaza Province and has an estimated inhabitants of 116,000. Xo’jayli is a city in Karakalpakstan, which is an autonomous republic inside Uzbekistan. It’s situated about 15 kilometers northwest of Nukus, which is the capital of Karakalpakstan.

Pronunciation of “X” within the Names of Chinese language Cities

Provided that many of the metropolis names that begin with the letter “X” don’t come from the English language, the “X” is usually not pronounced the identical approach as it will be in English. The pronunciation of the Chinese language character is usually written down utilizing a Romanization system often known as pinyin. Due to this fact, the “X” within the title appears like one thing between “sea” and “she.”

Checklist of the Most Populous Cities That Begin With the Letter “X”

Rank Metropolis Nation Inhabitants
1 Xi’an China 5,905,000
2 Xianning China 2,462,583
3 Xiangyang China 2,199,689
4 Xiamen China 1861289
5 Xintai China 1,315,942
6 Xuchang China 1,265,536
7 Xinghua China 1,253,548
8 Xiantao China 1,175,085
9 Xinyu China 1,138,873
10 Xinxiang China 1,047,088
11 Xinxiang China 1,047,088
12 Xiangtan China 960,303
13 Xianyang China 945,420
14 Xinyi China 913,708
15 Xiaogan China 908,266
16 Xuancheng China 700,000
17 Xingtai China 670,154
18 Xinyang China 600,000
19 Xingcheng China 552,180
20 Xinzhou China 544,682
21 Xalapa Mexico 525,147
22 Xichang China 481,796
23 Xilinhot China 245,886
24 Xai-Xai Mozambique 116,343
25 Xo’jayli Uzbekistan 104,589

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