Espinazo del Diablo is a treacherous drive in Mexico

Espinazo del diablo

Espinazo del Diablo is a well-known mountain street in Mexico. Situated between Mazatlan on the west coast of mainland Mexico and Durango, this street is understood by locals and internationally for its hairpins and zigzags turns. The street lies nearly solely over 2.000 meters above the ocean degree.

Are you able to drive by means of Espinazo del Diablo?

Set excessive on the western slope of the Sierra Madre Occidental, the Espinazo del Diablo (Satan’s Spine) is a pure viewpoint at 2.440m (8,005ft) above the ocean degree, flanked by two deep ravines, situated at kilometer 168 of the paved Mexican Federal Freeway 40. It covers a stretch of freeway about 10 km, the place you may see the fantastic spectacle of the Sierra Madre Occidental topping out at 2.744m (9,002ft) above the ocean degree. This part of the freeway is slender with a number of curves (round 2.000).

Is Espinazo del Diablo harmful?

Regardless of of many cautionary tales about crossing the Satan’s Spine, El Espinazo del Diablo, is exceptionally effectively maintained and there are various cautionary indicators marking a lot of the hazards. There are some tight curves, too. So tight {that a} truck wants all of the street to make it round. The street ascends and descends throughout spectacular landscapes, sharp bends and bottomless cliffs. Throughout the winter months there may be the added hazard of ice. The street passes by means of mountains and deep ravines. The development of this street was a tough job in some sections: one facet has large banks and the opposite cliffs. If we add that is likely one of the routes with extra assaults, robberies and even murders, it turns into probably the most harmful roads. It’s advisable to begin with a full tank of fuel. The street runs throughout dozens of deep ravines, bends with bumpy asphalt and rocks bordering at 2.000 greater. It suffers from recurrent fogs and roaming wild animals which trigger frequent and deadly accidents. At afternoon is normally lined in a thick fog that traps much less cautious drivers, turning each curve and slender means into an odyssey.

Why is named El Espinazo del Diablo?

There are some variations of the identify given to the realm. One says that the spectacular ravines deployed on each side of the street enable to see the satan. Native legend says that when the Archangel Michael threw the satan from heaven and he landed right here on earth, his spine fashioned the rugged ridgeline of the Sierra Madres. The street has had a foul fame for a lot of causes: it’s accident-prone and a whole lot of individuals have died on it, these mountains have traditionally been distant and inaccessible sufficient that they’re used for rising marijuana and poppies, and subsequently, there was lots of crime in these mountains associated to drug trafficking. Its steep gradients and slender sections have earned it the adjective of “bleak”.

Is Espinazo del Diablo value it?

Alongside the street you may ponder the marvelous spectacle supplied by Sierra Madre Occidental. The street runs between mountains and canyons. This street is so curvy and twisted that it takes 7-8 hours to cross (that’s a mean pace of 20 mph or much less). It’s the solely place to cross the Sierra Madres for greater than 500 miles. In 2013 this street was bypassed by the scenic Mexico 40D. The freeway, of 140-miles-long, has 115 bridges and 61 tunnels and costed $2.2 billion. The brand new freeway will transfer 5 million automobiles a yr—4 instances the quantity dealt with by the previous street.


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