A journey on the legendary California State Route 58

California State Route 58

California State Route 58 is among the most scenic drives within the USA. Gentle visitors, nice highway, cool views and good meals at each ends make Freeway 58 a experience to not be missed.

How lengthy is the California State Route 58?

The highway runs from Barstow to Santa Margarita close to the coast in San Luis Obispo County. It’s 383km (238 mi) lengthy operating throughout the California Coast Ranges, the southern San Joaquin Valley, the Tehachapi Mountains, the southern Sierra Nevada, and the Mojave Desert. Starting a few dozen miles west of Bakersfield, Freeway 58 is a roller-coaster all the way in which to the coast. Large sweepers with giddying modifications in elevation run via pastoral farmland for greater than an hour. Then all of a sudden the highway tightens down into twisting loops as you dive into canyon nation. Simply as all of a sudden, all of it stops and you discover you’ve got arrived at San Luis Obispo’s again door.

Is the California State Route 58 paved?

The highway, also referred to as State Route 58 (SR 58), Calf Canyon Freeway, Carrisa Freeway, Bakersfield-McKittrick Freeway, Rosa Parks Freeway, Rosedale Freeway, Barstow-Bakersfield Freeway, Kern County Korean Conflict Veterans Memorial Freeway, and Mojave-Barstow Freeway, is a paved east-west freeway. The asphalt is a little coarse however unbroken. Cross streets and even driveways are few and really far between. On the western finish the place turns get tight, they keep predictable with no decreasing-radius turns, gravel within the corners, or different hazards. Evidently, visitors is non-existent. If you happen to see two automobiles west of Simmler, it have to be rush hour. The highway was constructed within the Thirties.

Are chains required on Freeway 58?

The highway tops out at Tehachapi Cross, a mountain go at an elevation of 1.241m (4,071ft) above the ocean stage. Chains are generally required close to Tehachapi between Bakersfield and Mojave.



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