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Physical Map of Egypt showing the state boundaries, relief, the Nile River, major lakes, deserts, and important cities.

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The transcontinental nation of Egypt covers an space of 1,010,408 sq. km. As noticed on the bodily map above, Egypt is essentially lined by desert with the Nile River operating south to north via the center of the japanese half of the nation to empty into the Mediterranean Sea. The river stretches from Lake Nasser in southern Egypt and runs via a slim valley with bordering cliffs to enter Cairo the place it spreads out to lastly kind a delta at its mouth. The Nile is known as the lifeline of Egypt. Round 98% of the nation’s inhabitants resides within the Nile River Valley.

As noticed on the map, most of Egypt is in Africa whereas part of it, the Sinai Peninsula, acts because the land bridge between Africa and Asia. The Mediterranean and the Pink Sea are related via the man-made Suez Canal with the Sinai Peninsula mendacity to the east of this canal. 

On either side of the Nile River Valley are huge stretches of desert designated because the Jap Desert and the Western Desert. 

Within the far southwest, the land rises into the Gilf Kebir Plateau, with elevations close to 609 m. Sandstone plateaus entrance the Nile and the Pink Sea, with cliffs as excessive as 548 m. Within the far southeast, the Pink Sea Mountains, an extension of the Ethiopian Highlands, proceed into Sudan.

Lake Nassar, the biggest lake in Egypt could be noticed on the map in southeastern Egypt. It’s man-made and was created when the Aswan dam was constructed, then completed in 1970.

The two,642 m excessive Mount Catherine within the Sinai Peninsula is the very best level in Egypt.

The bottom level of Egypt is the Qattara Melancholy at -436 ft (-133 m).

Governorates of Egypt Map

Egypt has 27 governorates. These are Advert Daqahliyah, Al Bahr al Ahmar (Pink Sea), Al Buhayrah, Al Fayyum, Al Gharbiyah, Al Iskandariyah (Alexandria), Al Isma’iliyah (Ismailia), Al Jizah (Giza), Al Minufiyah, Al Minya, Al Qahirah (Cairo), Al Qalyubiyah, Al Uqsur (Luxor), Al Wadi al Jadid (New Valley), As Suways (Suez), Ash Sharqiyah, Aswan, Asyut, Bani Suwayf, Bur Sa’id (Port Mentioned), Dumyat (Damietta), Janub Sina’ (South Sinai), Kafr ash Shaykh, Matruh, Qina, Shamal Sina’ (North Sinai), Suhaj.

With an space of 440,098 sq. km, New Valley is the biggest governorate of the nation by space. Cairo, the nation’s capital is probably the most populous one.

The place is Egypt?

Map showing location of Egypt in the world.

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Egypt is a transcontinental nation that stretches from the northeast nook of Africa to the southwest nook of Asia. The Sinai Peninsula of Egypt acts because the land bridge between these two continents. Egypt is situated within the Northern and Jap Hemispheres of the Earth. It has land borders with Sudan to the south, Libya to the west, Israel and the Gaza Strip to the northeast. To the north, Egypt has a shoreline on the Mediterranean Sea whereas the Pink Sea and Gulf of Aqaba border it to the east.

Egypt Bordering Nations:
Palestine, The Sudan, Israel, Libya.

Regional Maps: Map of Africa

Define Map of Egypt

Key Details

Authorized Identify Arab Republic of Egypt
Flag of Egypt
Capital Metropolis Cairo
30 03 N, 31 15 E
Whole Space 1,001,450.00 km2
Land Space 995,450.00 km2
Water Space 6,000.00 km2
Inhabitants 100,388,073
Main Cities
  1. Al-Qahirah (Cairo) (20,900,604)
  2. Al-Iskandariyah (Alexandria) (5,280,664)
  3. Bur Sa’id (737,000)
  4. As-Suways (638,229)
  5. Al-Mansurah (555,621)
  6. Al-Mahallah al-Kubra (517,549)
  7. Tanta (501,423)
  8. Asyut (460,998)
  9. Al-Fayyum (409,558)
  10. Az-Zaqazig (358,378)
Foreign money Egyptian kilos (EGP)
GDP $303.18 Billion
GDP Per Capita $3,020.03

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