Yorkie Poo (Yorkshire Terrier & Poodle Combine): Information, Photos, Care & Extra!

Brown Yorkie Poo standing in the grass
Peak: 7 – 15 inches
Weight: 5 – 15 kilos
Lifespan: 10 – 15 years
Colours: Brown, tan, blue, cream, black, grey, chocolate, silver, crimson, apricot
Appropriate for: Lively households and singles, residences or homes
Temperament: Assured, energetic, affectionate, clever, playful, loyal

The Yorkie Poo is an lovely mixture of Toy or Miniature Poodle and the Yorkshire Terrier. Yorkies are feisty, courageous, and affectionate canine, and Poodles are identified for his or her intelligence and power. Mixing these two breeds provides you with the very best of each worlds. Yorkie Poos have solely been round for a number of a long time, however they’ve the identical power, smarts, and confidence as their mother and father.

Yorkie Poos are small canine which may have lengthy or quick noses, perky or floppy ears, or lengthy, plume-like tails or small, whip-like tails — all of it depends upon which guardian they take after probably the most.

They have a tendency to have silky coats which will or might not be curly, and so they are available all kinds of colours, together with crimson, chocolate, silver, apricot, brown, cream, black, or grey. They could be a stable shade or in a number of patterns and markings, which could embody black or blue with tan factors.

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Yorkie Poo Puppies — Earlier than You Purchase…

Yorkie Poos are energetic canine that are typically wholesome total and might have an extended lifespan of as much as 15 years. There could be a few challenges with coaching, however in any other case, they’re comparatively simple to coach, and so they get together with most individuals and different canine.


3 Little-Identified Info About Yorkie Poos

1. Yorkie Poos go by a number of names

They’re often known as the Yorkipoo, Yoodle, Yorkerpoo, Yorkiedoodle, Yorkapoo, and Yorkiepoopoo!

2. The Yorkie Poo was bred for being hypoallergenic

As a blended breed or “designer canine,” the Yorkie Poo was initially developed for his or her hypoallergenic coat and to be free from the sorts of well being issues that are inclined to plague purebreds.

3. The Yorkie Poo is a identified barker

These canine will not be shy about sharing their opinions on all the things, so that they make nice watchdogs. Nonetheless, if you’re at present dwelling in an condominium, your neighbors could be lower than thrilled.

Yorkshire Terrier vs Miniature Poodle breed
The guardian breeds of the Yorkie Poo: Left – Yorkshire Terrier (otsphoto, Shutterstock); Proper – Miniature Poodle (PetraSolajova, Pixabay)


Temperament & Intelligence of the Yorkie Poo

Yorkie Poos are spunky and energetic canine that type robust bonds with their households. They’re people-oriented and might be affectionate, entertaining, and charming canine. They get together with most individuals, however they are often protecting of their households.

Yorkie Poos are clever — each Yorkshire Terriers and Poodles are identified for his or her smarts (the Poodle is regarded as the second most clever breed on the market, simply behind the Border Collie). They are often curious, scrappy, and typically bossy little canine.

Are These Canines Good for Households? 👪

Yorkie Poos make fantastic household canine! They’re loving, loyal, and playful and might make excellent companions. Nonetheless, they might be higher in a family with older kids. They’re small canine, and youthful kids may by accident harm them. You also needs to train your kids find out how to deal with canine — no tough play, like pulling on ears or tails.

Does This Breed Get Alongside With Different Pets?

Yorkie Poos do are inclined to get alongside properly with different canine, however their Yorkshire Terrier aspect may result in prey drive habits. Yorkie Poos may chase smaller animals, so except they’ve been raised with the opposite pets and socialized properly, it’s finest to maintain them away from smaller animals.


Issues to Know When Proudly owning a Yorkie Poo

Meals & Food regimen Necessities 🦴

Yorkie Poos are small and energetic canine, so that they must be fed accordingly. Begin by shopping for high-quality pet food that’s meant in your pup’s present age, weight, and exercise degree. Observe the rules on the meals bag itself, and converse to your vet in case you’re uncertain how a lot it is best to feed your Yorkie Poo on daily basis.

You also needs to converse to your vet in case you’re ever involved about your Yorkie Poo’s weight. All the time watch out about feeding individuals meals and scraps to your canine.

Train 🐕

The Yorkie Poo is an lively breed, however their small measurement means you don’t need to do a ton of exercising to fulfill their wants. Yorkie Poos can use a minimum of half-hour of play or different exercise every day along with a number of walks every day. So, whereas they do have to have all that power expended, it’s simple to do due to their measurement.

Coaching 🎾

The intelligence of the Yorkie Poo makes them simple to coach. In addition they love their house owners an excellent deal, so that they’re wanting to please and keen to tackle most duties. The Yorkshire Terrier does have a little bit of that well-known terrier stubbornness, nevertheless, so it is best to anticipate that to creep into their coaching, notably in the event that they take after their Yorkie guardian.

Grooming ✂️

Their coat will finally depend upon which guardian they take after probably the most. Poodles have curly coats and Yorkies have silky, lengthy fur. Each breeds require frequent brushing and trimming, so it’s seemingly the Yorkie Poo will too. Brushing your canine on daily basis could be your finest guess, and it’ll want trimming now and again.

The excellent news is that each the Poodle and Yorkie are hypoallergenic, so the Yorkie Poo doesn’t shed that a lot and may do properly with allergy victims. Solely give your Yorkie Poo a shower when needed, and solely accomplish that with a great canine shampoo.

It’s best to trim your Yorkie Poo’s nails each 3–4 weeks, brush their enamel about two or 3 times every week, and clear their ears round as soon as every week.

Well being and Circumstances

The Yorkie Poo is a wholesome canine and never as more likely to expertise the identical diploma of inherited well being circumstances as their purebred mother and father. Nonetheless, there are potential circumstances to pay attention to.

Male vs. Feminine

The scale of a canine is typically a great way to distinguish between men and women, however within the case of the Yorkie Poo, measurement is just not essentially going to assist. Since they could take after one guardian greater than the opposite, their measurement is relative.

If you find yourself fascinated about surgical procedure in your Yorkie Poo, neutering the male is a less complicated and cheaper process than spaying the feminine. You’ll additionally see a distinction in temperament, notably much less aggression, and it will possibly assist forestall future well being points.

Temperament isn’t one of the simplest ways to select between a female and male canine, although. Whereas it’s been stated that females are simpler to coach and males are extra affectionate, how the canine has been socialized and handled over the course of their life provides you with their true character.

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Ultimate Ideas

If you start searching for one in every of these lovely canine, you can begin by speaking to any native Yorkshire Terrier or Miniature/Toy Poodle breeders. They could be capable of level you within the path of a Yorkie Poo breeder. It’s also possible to put up your curiosity by way of social media. This blended breed isn’t as onerous to search out as some others, so it is best to be capable of discover a breeder with out an excessive amount of bother.

It’s also possible to look into adoption. You may be capable of discover one at your native animal shelter or by way of rescue teams on-line.

Yorkie Poos make fantastic companions for the fitting household. If you happen to’re searching for a canine with a thoughts of their very own however who may even be dedicated to you, the Yorkie Poo could be an ideal match in your family.

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Featured Picture Credit score: Steve Bruckmann, Shutterstock

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