How Managed IT Services Saves Overhead For Businesses

Lithium-Networks is by far one of the best-managed IT service providers in Austin, Texas. We have been using their managed IT services for more than two years and our company’s growth has been great. Their IT team plays a vital role in assisting our team and has taken responsibility for training new employees as well.

Support Ticket Management

Their ticketing platform has made co-management of our in-house IT resources easy to monitor and easy to use. Not only that, but it also has provided tracking of IT incidents, requests, and resolutions. Lithium-Networks has maximized our limited technology investment over a year after using their managed IT services. Our workplace productivity has also been facilitated which greatly helped us to improve end-to-end responsiveness. The business has been efficient with Lithium-Networks’ technical support and expertise.

Using Lithium-Networks’ budget plan has given our company many business advantages. One of them is the better yet stable IT performance. As my IT business fellows would agree, an IT business requires a proactive approach rather than reactive in most projects or issues. Not only that but Lithium-Networks has ensured a proper allocation of human resources and management. Our automated monitoring system has covered various applications, systems, hardware, infrastructure, and various cloud services.

An increase in business volumes leads to increased scalability requirements, but, achieving upwards scalability has its own issues. As a simple look at the definition of increased scalability; it is the capacity of increased products any company adapts for taking profits from increased volumes of goods & services provided by a business. Monitoring that growth while increasing the company’s scalability is a clear obstacle for any business or organization of any level. As one of the best Austin managed services providers in the area, they easily scaled us up during peak times.

Cost-cutting is another common yet difficult obstacle to overcome every time in most business fields. Be that an IT business, a non-profit government organization, or a large-scale company. Lithium-Networks’ financial team has taken care of that for our business. Their valuable expertise and insight into our IT resources, IT costs and IT expenditures have allowed the business to grow and become financially stable. With that said, the business is ready to make further investments. Their proactive and flexible managed IT services have been provided at an affordable monthly-cost budget plan. As our technology partner, they have handled our IT needs cost-efficiently.+

The full life cycle of a product needs support throughout the process, whether technical or financial. Of course, there are risks of failure throughout the processing period. Product development, introduction in the market, growth, maturity, and stability or decline are all factors that should be considered which are already covered by Lithium-Networks. They help us identify the market for the product, negotiate with the team, deploy the product in the market, and maintain the product with their solution. It has been a great help during the product life-cycle process.

I have recommended Lithium-Networks to my friends and associates in my IT business network with the confidence that they too will find Lithium-Networks the best to work with.

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