10 Fluffy Cat Breeds (with Footage)

Blue norwegian forest cat

Who doesn’t love fluffy cats? When you’re in search of somebody to cuddle with you, you may’t get any higher than a giant, fluffy cat. After all, some cats are fluffier than others. Sure breeds are extraordinarily fluffy, whereas another cats aren’t. When you’re in search of a very fluffy breed, you’ve come to the best place.

We’ll check out a number of breeds of extraordinarily fluffy cats with the intention to discover the very best cuddle buddy.


The ten Fluffy Cat Breeds

1. Persian

Persian cat 6 years old
Picture Credit score: Eric Isselee, Shutterstock

Persians are well-known for his or her lengthy coats. They’re quiet and personable cats that get together with households. They’re good with kids and have a tendency to get together with different pets as effectively. They’re well-known for sitting on the laps of royalty, although they’re appropriate to your common household as effectively.

They’re beautiful cats with a fan membership all their very own. They do require fairly a bit of additional care, although, as their coats want common brushing. In case you have the additional time, although, it is a appropriate choice for virtually any household.

2. Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian forest cat sitting on a log
Picture Credit score: Elisa Putti, Shutterstock

With a good looking and thick coat, the Norwegian Forest Cat is exceptionally fluffy. They’re enormous and fairly pleasant, making them appropriate household pets. They’re higher suited to colder areas resulting from their thick coats, although. They will even have to be brushed repeatedly, and you must plan to take care of fairly a little bit of shedding.

That is an historical breed of cat. Their historical past goes again over a thousand years, originating in Norway.

3. Maine Coon

Maine Coon cat
Picture Credit score: Kanashi, Pixabay

This American breed is thought for being terribly fluffy and enormous. They tailored to residing within the chilly New England space. They’re named “Maine Coon” as a result of they had been first acknowledged in Maine. They’re now the official state cat.

This cat doubtless descended in a roundabout way from the Norwegian Forest Cat, although their full parentage is unknown. They’re doubtless the descends of varied cat breeds that had been introduced over with the primary settlers.

4. Ragdolls

White Ragdoll Cat
Picture Credit score: Needpix

This breed is thought for his or her tendency to “ragdoll” when held. They go limp, in different phrases. Ragdolls are terribly laidback and affectionate. They like to cuddle and are fairly fluffy in addition. When you’re in search of a fluffy cat to cuddle with, that is probably the most suitable choice for you.

They’re nice for households resulting from their extraordinarily pleasant nature. They usually get together with kids and different pets.

5. Siberian

grey siberian cat
Picture Credit score: Pixabay

This can be a comparatively previous cat breed. As their title suggests, they hail from Siberia, which is why they’ve such a thick coat. They’re clever cats that love figuring issues out, in order that they do effectively with problem-solving duties, like opening doorways.

Their coat thickens much more within the winter, but it surely turns into shorter and lighter in the summertime.

6. Unique Shorthair

Exotic shorthair cat
Picture Credit score: Ewa Studio, Shutterstock

Regardless of its title, this cat breed doesn’t have very brief hair. It’s fairly fluffy, even when it isn’t exactly “long-haired.” Many individuals confer with this cat because the “Lazy Man’s Persian” since this breed requires considerably much less work than most different fluffy cat breeds.

When you’re in search of a fluffy cat, however don’t need to spend a lot time on grooming, then this cat could also be an acceptable choice for you.

7. Himalayan

Picture Credit score: Nattapong Pongpiyapan, Shutterstock

A Himalayan isn’t really a cat from the Himalayas. As an alternative, it is a reasonably standard combined breed that could be a mixture of a Persian and a Siamese cat. They’ve extremely lengthy hair like each of their mother and father and are reasonably fluffy. Additionally they are available in an unlimited array of colours starting from blue to chocolate to cream. They arrive in lots of patterns as effectively.

Whereas it is a combined breed, they’re fairly standard. Often, it isn’t difficult to search out one when you begin trying.

8. British Shorthair

British Shorthair Cat
Picture Credit score: Blue-Heaven, Pixabay

When you’re in search of a fluffy shorthair cat, a British Shorthair could be the way in which to go. These cats aren’t fluffy within the conventional sense. They do have brief hair, as their title suggests. Nonetheless, they’re very plushy, and the hair they do have is reasonably fluffy. They’re loyal and affectionate, however they don’t thoughts being alone.

They’re the right selection for a lot of households resulting from their quiet nature. They aren’t the cuddliest cats, however many do love consideration.

9. Ragamuffin

Picture Credit score: Kill_Baal, Shutterstock

The Ragamuffin is just like a Ragdoll. Nonetheless, they shouldn’t be confused with one another. The Ragamuffin cat is gigantic and has a medium-length coat. Their silky coat is of course tangle-free, in order that they require minimal grooming.

They love their individuals and can comply with you round. This breed was doubtless created by mixing varied fluffy cats collectively.

10. Birman

Birman Cat
Picture Credit score: spartacusandmarie, Pixabay

Birman cats are very fluffy and lovable. They’re excellent lap cats if that’s what you’re in search of. Often, these felines are very people-oriented. They’ll comply with you round the home and ask for consideration—that’s simply who they’re.

When you’re in search of a cat to cuddle with, this is without doubt one of the higher breeds. They aren’t notably energetic, although they do get pleasure from playtime every now and then. They’re laid again.

Featured Picture Credit score: Elisa Putti, Shutterstock

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