10 Rooster Breeds with Feathered Ft (with Photos)

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Most chickens have feathers. Some have extra feathers than others, and a few have extra feathers throughout their legs and toes. Do you know that the home rooster that now we have right this moment goes way back to 2,000 B.C.? It’s descended from the Pink Junglefowl present in Southeast Asia and a few components of South Asia.

Nevertheless, we’re within the chickens that sport the fairly cute and jaunty feathered toes. They arrive from all around the world and in all kinds of colours and sizes.

So, right here we current 10 breeds of rooster which have copious feathers, even on their toes, in alphabetical order:

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The ten Rooster Breeds with Feathered Ft:

1. Belgian D’Uccles

These chickens are also referred to as the Barbu D’Uccles and are from Belgium. They arrive in as many as 20 totally different colour varieties of their native nation however are generally Mille Fleur (which interprets to “million flowers” as they’re speckled and orange in colour). They’ve feathered legs and 4 toes, with solely the outer toe that’s feathered.

They’re thought-about a decorative rooster as they’re small in dimension, beautiful, and their eggs are fairly small. The Belgian D’Uccles is a really talkative and affectionate hen with a relaxed nature and can like to perch in your lap or shoulder.

2. Booted Bantam

two Booted Bantams Feathered Feet
Picture Credit score: Pixabay

The Booted Bantam can be referred to as the Sablepoot, or the Dutch Booted Bantam, as they’re certainly Dutch. The Booted Bantam is definitely similar to the Belgian D’Uccles in look however are usually a bit of greater and don’t have a “beard” of feathers just like the D’Uccle. The Booted Bantam additionally is available in about 20 colour varieties (together with the Mille Fleur) and have closely feathered legs and toes.

These birds are generally known as the supermodel breed and are solely used for exhibiting on account of their small eggs and dimension. The Booted Bantam is a pleasant, calm, and easygoing rooster that may make a wonderful pet.

3. Brahma

Brahma chicken
Picture Credit score: Emma_Ted, Pixabay

The Brahma rooster breed is believed to have been developed in the US from fowls that originated in China and India. These are bigger birds that lay medium to large-sized eggs and are available three colour varieties – gentle, darkish, and buff. Their feathers additionally cowl their legs and toes.

These are one of many largest breeds of rooster and are used for each meat in addition to their eggs. Brahmas are very docile and calm chickens that really do greatest in northern climates as they can deal with the chilly significantly better than different breeds.

4. Cochin

Cochin chicken
Picture Credit score: Pixabay

The Cochin hails from China and is a big rooster with a ton of feathers that is available in about 9 colour varieties. They lay eggs which are massive in dimension and are feathered from head to toe.

These birds could also be massive however are very mild and pleasant – the males are not often aggressive and may be tamed fairly simply. Additionally they do fairly effectively in colder climates and would simply as simply make themselves at dwelling within the yard or in your house.

5. Croad Langshan

A novel title for a novel hen. The Croad Langshan originated within the Langshan district of China however was imported into the U.Okay. in 1872 by Main Croad for a poultry present. They are often white however are principally seen in black with a stunning iridescent sheen of inexperienced. These are additionally massive birds that are usually tall, however they’ve much less feathering on their legs and toes than most of the chickens on this record.

They lay massive eggs which are often varied shades of brown however have often been recognized to put eggs which are plum in colour. The Croad Langshan is a relaxed and mild hen that may make an incredible pet.

6. Faverolles

This breed of rooster hails from the small village of Faverolles in France within the 1860s. Immediately, these chickens are uncommon and huge in dimension and lay medium-sized eggs. They arrive in white, mahogany, and salmon colours and sport beards and muffs (shorter feathers on the cheeks and chin) in addition to 5 feathered toes.

Faverolles are additionally fairly calm and docile birds that may be fairly shy and do effectively in colder climate. They’re additionally curious birds that take pleasure in a pleasant cuddle, however they’ve been listed as ‘threatened’ by the Livestock Conservancy.

7. French Marans

The Marans (pronounced ‘muh-ran’) chickens originated in Marans, France, within the late 1800s. They arrive in a big number of colours however are generally seen in black copper and cuckoo (which has similarities to barred coloration). The French Marans are the one breed that has feathered toes and legs (English Marans wouldn’t have feathers on their legs and toes).

The Marans are well-known for laying very darkish brown eggs, they usually have a wide range of temperaments. Some may be very pleasant and docile, whereas others may very well be skittish and nervous. On the whole, they’re pleasant and would possibly comply with you round, however they have a tendency to not wish to be touched or dealt with.

8. Pekin

pekin hen
Picture Credit score: Pixabay

One other rooster that hails from China, however particularly Peking (referred to as Beijing right this moment), in the course of the Qing Dynasty, these are small birds which are feathered from head to toe. They arrive in about 12 kinds of colour, they usually lay small eggs.

The Pekin is a really mild and docile hen and may make fantastic pets for the household, however Pekin Bantam cocks would possibly turn out to be extra aggressive as they mature on account of their protecting natures. Nevertheless, if you happen to’re in search of a hen to hug, then the Pekin is an lovable, pint-sized rooster simply best for you.

9. Silkie

Silkie chicken
Picture Credit score: Pixabay

One other breed of rooster that originated in China someday earlier than the thirteenth century, these birds had been named after their silky feathers. These stunning little birds might have been written about by Marco Polo, who wrote in 1298, they “have hair like cats, are black, and lay the perfect of eggs.” They arrive in a number of colours however are generally seen in white and have 5 feathered toes and black or darkish blue pores and skin.

Silkies aren’t good egg layers however are nice at hatching eggs from different birds. They’re very candy, pleasant, and docile chickens which are primarily decorative birds that make pretty and crowd pleasing pets.

10. Sultan

Lastly, now we have the Sultan rooster, which comes from Turkey (the place it’s referred to as Serai Taook, which loosely interprets to ‘Sultan’s Fowl’) and was basically a dwelling decoration within the gardens of Sultans. They arrive in a number of colours however are often white and have muffs and beards and huge crests of feathers on their heads. Their 5 toes and legs are additionally feathered.

Sultans are small and docile chickens that don’t fend for themselves very effectively (they’re vulnerable to bullying, being pecked by different breeds, and simply fall sufferer to predators). They’re loving and candy birds however will want some TLC as they don’t do effectively in chilly or moist climate.

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Issues with Feathered Ft

There are some issues with feathered toes in the event that they aren’t effectively taken care of. These considerations can embrace:

  • Points with mud: Clearly, if you find yourself sporting all of these beautiful feathers in your toes, you’re going to have hassle with mud. If the coop is muddy, your poor rooster will decide up the mud (and poop with it) and drag it into the nest and on the eggs if she’s broody.

  • Mites: The feathered legs of chickens are extra prone to scaly leg mites than chickens with out feathery legs. The feathers not solely make it simpler for the mites to discover a approach in, however in addition they make it extra of a problem to deal with.

  • Selecting: Selecting happens when different “common” chickens that don’t have the flowery feathered legs begin to select the feathers of the chickens that do. Clearly, this isn’t an issue if you happen to don’t produce other chickens round, however if you happen to do, you’ll need to control this conduct.

  • Frostbite: Whereas the feathers can present further heat within the colder seasons, they will additionally trigger issues if it will get slushy. Mud and slush can probably turn out to be embedded and frozen into the feathers, which may result in frostbite.

Whereas these are all points that must be watched for, a bit of further time and care in your facet ought to stop these issues from occurring. After all, if you happen to suspect that your rooster is affected by any of those circumstances, you need to all the time seek the advice of your vet.

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These 10 breeds of chickens all have one factor in frequent, which is feathered toes. Most of those chickens are candy and docile birds which are used primarily as decorative pets. And it is sensible given how stunning all of them are! If you happen to’re contemplating bringing certainly one of these breeds dwelling with you, you’ll want to do your homework, however they are going to make distinctive additions to your loved ones.

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