International locations with Blue and White Flags

Flags are nationwide symbols and an expression of artwork. A flag can unite or fracture teams of individuals relying on regional political climates. For instance, the 2011 civil warfare in Syria noticed the rise of two opposing factions. The official flag maintains two inexperienced stars within the heart, and the opposition flag accommodates three purple stars. Sporting an emblem of 1 or the opposite can incite emotional acceptance or rejection within the presence of politically invested Syrian residents.

Analyzing the formation and the reasoning behind why the next 9 international locations selected blue and white schemes is essential to understanding their histories and cultures.


Honduras flag
The Honduras flag options 5 blue stars within the heart. Picture credit score charnsitr through Shutterstock

First carried out in 1866, the design of the Honduran flag seems easy, with high and backside blue bands confining a central white band. 5 blue stars seem within the heart over the white strip, in a 2:1:2 formation. The rationale for the blue bands is sound; they symbolize the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, respectively. The land of Honduras is due to this fact represented within the heart white to rejoice beliefs of purity, peace, and prosperity, and the celebrities type the looks of the letter ‘H’ for Honduras. The celebs within the design, derived from the flag of the previous Federal Republic of Central America (FRCA), symbolize the nations that shaped the previous FRCA, in addition to the hope the 5 nations would possibly sooner or later reunite.


Flag of Nicaragua
“Republica de Nicaragua-America Central” enwraps the coat of arms on the flag of Nicaragua. Picture credit score PATIWIT HONGSANG through Shutterstock

Nicaragua is a spectacular Latin American nation situated between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The nation has gone by means of a number of flag adjustments since 1823 which all aimed to enhance on their predecessor. Immediately, much like Honduras, a central white band is above and beneath blue bands. The textual content “Republica de Nicaragua-America Central” enwraps the coat of arms. The coat of arms has important that means, whereby the triangle symbolizes equality, a liberty cap symbolizes freedom, and 5 volcanoes between two oceans symbolize the unique 5 Central American international locations between the Atlantic and the Pacific. Beautiful, symbolic, and historic, Nicaragua’s flag checks each field.


Argentina flag
The Solar of Might is a outstanding characteristic on Argentina’s flag. Picture credit score Julinzy through Shutterstock

The Argentinian flag consists of three parallel white and light-weight blue bands and the Solar of Might. Manuel Belgrano created the flag throughout the Argentine Wars of Independence according to the design of the Argentine Cockade. Raised in Rosario for the primary time on February 27, 1812, the addition of the golden solar over the white stripe got here in 1818. The flag with the Solar of Might is the official ceremonial flag whereas the one with out the golden solar is decorative. The decorative flag is at all times hoisted proper beneath the Argentinian flag. A singular design that stands out in each World Cup, the Argentinian flag is a logo that individuals from all nations can respect.

El Salvador

El Salvador Flag
 The coat of arms sits within the heart of the El Salvador flag. Picture credit score Porcupen through Shutterstock

El Salvador’s flag is a triband (blue-white-blue) flag with a coat of arms. The white represents solidarity and peace on the earth whereas the blue represents the 2 oceans surrounding Central America and the nice sky. Blue is a big coloration within the nation’s identification and tradition. The nation harvests the Indigo plant, used to supply blue dyes. El Salvador adopted their flag on Might 27, 1912. Fascinatingly, the blessing of the flag occurred in a church as early as 1822, and the design is a reminder of Central American unity.


Finland flag
The Finland flag is a blue cross on a white background. Picture credit score T. Lesia through Shutterstock

The flag of Finland, also referred to as the blue-cross flag, dates to the 20 th century. The flag has a blue Nordic cross on a white background, based mostly on the cross of Scandinavia. Moreover, Finland adopted their nationwide flag on Might 29, 1918, after it gained its independence from Russia. White represents the snow that covers the nation in winter whereas the blue coloration symbolizes the sky and quite a few lakes in Finland. Lastly, the blue cross represents Christianity which has been a core faith within the nation for a lot of centuries. The colour scheme and design are sometimes utilized in flags from Finnish municipalities and navy regiments.


Flag of Greece
The flag of Greece options 9 horizontal stripes. Picture credit score konstantinks through Shutterstock

The Greek nationwide flag options 9 horizontal stripes of white alternating with blue. It additionally has a blue canton on the higher hoist-side with a cross. The white cross represents the established faith of the locals (Jap Orthodox Christianity). The 9 stripes symbolize the 9 letters of the Greek phrase for “freedom”. Nevertheless, one other concept claims that the bands symbolize the 9 goddesses of science, literature, civilizations, and artwork. The white and blue colours symbolize the colours of the Greek sea and sky. The Greek flag was formally adopted on January 13, 1822.


Israel flag
The central image of the Israeli Flag is the Star of David. Picture credit score Loveshop through Shutterstock

The central image of the Israeli Flag, the Star of David dates again to the thirteenth and 14th centuries BC. This image, utilized in historic texts, turned a visible icon for followers of the Jewish religion. Though the State of Israel solely got here into existence in 1948 after the eviction of Palestinian lands, the design of the flag occurred within the late nineteenth century. Created in Boston, Massachusetts, US by Jewish immigrants, the flag was on show at B’nai Zion Instructional Society in 1981. The flag additionally bears similarities to a standard Jewish prayer scarf. The precise shade of blue used will not be mandated or outlined by Israeli legislation, and the recognition of the flag grew as Zionist actions turned extra well-liked.


Flag of Federated States of Micronesia
The flag of Micronesia is straightforward; a blue background with 4 white stars. Picture credit score gladder through Shutterstock

The flag is straightforward; a lightweight blue background with 4 white stars of various orientation on the heart, which type a free diamond. The anticipated width-to-length ratio is ten to 19. Partly, the 1962 administration over Micronesia by the USA led to the design, impressed by the United Nations flag. The present flag has 4 stars as a substitute of six as a result of there are solely 4 districts within the nation now. The blue background represents the Pacific Ocean, and the flag was formally permitted in 1978. Micronesia proves that quick and candy is greater than sufficient in relation to nationwide symbols.


Somalia flag
Somalia’s flag shows a big white star over a blue background. Picture credit score Loveshop through Shutterstock

A huge star hovers over a crisp blue background on this iconic flag. Somalia settled on the design in 1960 throughout a means of unification between Somaliland and the previously Italian Somalia. The outcomes of WWII pushed Britain to present Somaliland, their former colony, an assurance of eventual independence. The 5 factors of the central white star check with the Somali homeland, and the colour scheme displays the United Nations flag as a result of the UN performed a central function in Somalian independence. Hoisted first in 1954, this flag has persevered by means of the many years, unchanged.

Fights for independence, hopes for future unification, and spiritual symbolism dot these iconic flags. The white and blue for a lot of international locations is indicative of their former relationship with the worldwide physique, the United Nations. Whereas in different international locations, the colour scheme merely represents options of the nation, such because the place of surrounding our bodies of water. Moreover, beliefs for residents to attempt towards are sometimes positioned as symbols on these flags, to assist as guiding values throughout instances of hassle and social strife.

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