Flags With Blue and Yellow

The flag of Ukraine options yellow (or gold) and blue.

A flag is likely one of the most recognizable symbols {that a} nation can have. Flags come in numerous colour mixtures. Some have solely two colour mixtures whereas others could have as much as six colours (such because the flag of South Africa or the flag of South Sudan). Blue and yellow are a number of the frequent colours on flags. A number of nationwide and regional flags are solely made up of the 2 colours. Nonetheless, the colour shade could range from darkish to mild yellow/blue. Listed here are some well-known flags that characteristic blue and yellow:



In Europe, the most well-liked flags with blue and yellow are the Swedish and Ukrainian flags. The flag of Ukraine options two horizontal stripes; a light-weight blue on prime of the yellow strip. The 2 Ukrainian colours are derived from the heraldry of the town of Lviv.


The flag of Sweden contains a yellow Scandinavian cross on a blue background. The 2 colours on Sweden’s flag originated from the nation nationwide arms.

Other than the 2 nations, sure cities and areas in Europe even have the blue and yellow flag together with Opole metropolis in Poland with yellow and blue horizontal striped flag and Asturias in Spain with yellow Cruz de la Victoria on a blue background. Others embody the flags of East Lothian (Scotland), Cheshire, County Durham (all in England), and Central Macedonia in Greece.

The flag of Opole, Poland. 

The flag of Asturias, Spain. 



A number of states within the US even have blue and yellow flags. The flag of Alaska consists of eight yellow or gold stars organized to kind the Large Dipper with Polaris on a darkish blue background.


The flag of Indiana consists of a darkish blue background with gold or yellow torch surrounded by 13 outer stars and an internal semi-circle of 5 stars, and a star on prime of the torch topped with the phrase “Indiana”.


The flag of Kansas consists of a darkish blue background with the state seal consisting of components of various colours and sunflower over a bar of yellow and blue. The identify “KANSAS” is printed under the seal. Different states with blue and yellow flags embody Oregon and South Dakota.


Palau within the Pacific additionally has a yellow and blue flag. Palau has a easy flag that includes a light-weight blue background which symbolizes the waters of the ocean and a yellow globe on the heart of the flag representing the moon which is a crucial ingredient within the lives of the Islanders.

The flag of Kazakhstan consists of a sky blue background and a gold solar with 32 rays above a golden eagle on the heart. On the hoist aspect is a nationwide decorative sample often known as “Koshkar-muiz” in gold.

Blue and yellow flags will not be solely restricted to nations, cities or areas. In motor racing, with the yellow diagonal stripe is used to warn drivers of an approaching automobile able to overtake them.

Flags With Blue and Yellow

Rank International locations With Blue and Yellow
1 European Union
2 Kazakhstan
3 Palau
4 Sweden
5 Ukraine

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