Best 17 Fun & Meaningful 60th Birthday Gift Ideas

60th Birthday Gift Ideas

“When a man reaches the age of 60, his evil is in his head.”

Sorry, Washington Irving, we don’t have to agree with you. If the behavior of some of our favorite sixties is a hint, evil is just beginning. And we have it over with.

In this spirit, the best 60th birthday gifts should strike the perfect balance between sentimentality and fun. The determination of loved ones combined with boldness and independence. Adults, but with a touch of children.

But that is our view. So when we said goodbye to the best birthday gift ideas for someone (mom or dad) over the age of 60, we looked for it and thought we found some great things. Take a look and see if you can catch an important 60th Birthday Gift Ideas!

60th birthday gift ideas they will love

  1. 6 rings for 6 decade necklace
    lähde: ILoveHoneyWillow

6 rings on 6 decades necklace
This beautiful, attractive silver necklace is definitely one of her favorites of all time! Suitable for any occasion, it can be worn day and night. The six intertwined rings represent six unique decades full of love, humor and family. (And a burst of tears, like most of us.)

It is available in many lengths, so it can only be worn as a signature piece or lying with other chains.

  1. Memory Lane personalized birthday book
    lähde: From LucyGifts

Personalized Book Memory Lane Book
It’s a great idea for any age, but especially if you’ve been walking around the planet for 60 years. With so many years of storytelling, it should be full of fun, interesting things and hilarious things from the life of a birthday girl (or boy). This journey to the land of memory is full of world news, financial information and pop culture trends that took place when they were born. It also provides some interesting facts, such as how many times their hearts have beaten, the average number of hours they spent eating, how many hours they spent in the bathroom, and more!

Fully tailored to the last detail, it’s a great gift for someone who has existed for 60 amazing years!

  1. Toilet paper of the happy 60’s
    greeting party

60th birthday toilet paper gift
Great gag for employees as a best friend! Why buy a 60th birthday card when you can give her a new gift roll with toilet paper that expresses how you feel about the subject? It’s not funny.

  1. Congratulations to the 60s
    lähde: IfTheSockFitz

Congratulations to the 60s
We are fans of local special socks and we thought they were so cute! With a selection of 9 celebratory statements or your own personal message printed below, they are sure to make you laugh!

  1. Custom New York Times puzzles
    lähde: Uncommon Goods

Custom puzzles in the New York Times
What was on the front page of the Times on the day they were born? Order one of these great puzzles to remember and find an opportunity!

We recommend bringing a bottle of wine (with one of the cold labels from number 11), meeting at a table with close friends and family and putting together this 500-piece puzzle. You enjoy learning about the news of the day and maybe you’re joking about their age.

  1. Personalized labels for wine and beer for 60th birthday
    Personalized wine labels for 60th birthday
    lähde: IconicaDesign
    Personalized beer labels for 60th birthday
    lähde: PaprikaPaperie
    Whether you’re celebrating your 60th birthday or just want to give them a nice bottle of wine or six packs of their favorite beer, these labels are a nice addition. Order quantities, choose your favorite design and then stick bottle stickers for a truly personalized gift for a wine lover.
  2. Blank handwritten note
    lähde: FirandNeedle

Handwritten blanket
Take the manuscript and make it what it can hold on cold days. Old recipes are passed down from generation to generation, letters from young children or a meaningful letter you wrote yourself – when it’s on paper, it can be a social reminder that it’s expensive. 8. Photo Art
from Minted

Photo Art Photo
Minted’s independent artists make it easy to create a unique work of art that is sure to become a family heirloom. Just send her the best photos of family reunions, trips and other unforgettable moments and she can do her charms. And yes, it’s another wonderful gift that you can cry with, but it’s good, we promise.

Our gift for you: use the LOVEANDLAVENDER code on their website and get a 20% discount on your first purchase!

  1. Tribute Video

Tribute Video
This is the best gift. Who wouldn’t love a video in which family and friends pay tribute to how special it is? Gather a group of his favorite people, let them record a heartfelt message or tell a special story, and then watch the flow of water. It’s like the highest toast they can ever store.

  1. Burberry Scarf
    by Saks Fifth Avenue

Giant Check Gauze Scarf
She’ll want to wear this gorgeous scarf everywhere, which is great because it’s a bonafide multitasker! She can wear it as a neckerchief, a belt, a hair tie, or however she wants to show off her unique style. The perfect gift for the timelessly classic sixty-year-old.

  1. Railroad Date Nail Cufflinks
    by UncommonGoods

Railroad Date Nail Cufflinks
These cufflinks come with history, just like your gift recipient!

Railroad date nails were hammered into utility posts, railroad ties, and other railroad structures to represent the date of construction. The authentic nails are ground and hand-fashioned into round cufflinks with his birth year stamped into them. They are more interesting than your usual set of cufflinks, they are definitely the beginning of a conversation.

We recommend bringing a bottle of wine (with one of the cold labels from number 11), meeting at a table with close friends and family and putting together this 500-piece puzzle. You enjoy learning about the news of the day and maybe you’re joking about their age.

  1. Fresh flowers
    from Boukes

fresh flowers
Bouqs has a great selection of beautiful birthday flowers! A colorful bouquet of fresh flowers delivered to her door is a great way to wish her 60th birthday and illuminate her home. 13. Carved beer mugs or wine glasses
из Etsy: SignatureGlassware

vintage wine glasses
Instead of a coffee mug, we chose this beautiful pint as a 60th birthday present! Customize it with her name, date of birth and the message of the celebration. It’s time to collect the glass and pick it up for the birthday party (like a girl)! Not only is it special, it’s also a beautiful mug that they always want to use.

  1. Gift voucher for spa and wellness
    fia Spaweek

massaging couple
Give the gift of self-healing! A gift card that they can use for a massage, facial treatment, body treatment or anything that suits their preferences is always a welcome gift. And who knows? They can only decide to use it to get to the spa for the weekend. In this case, you have to make the decision to accompany them. These are the rules.

  1. Hamper gift basket
    birthday gift basket
    Birthday gift basket from Gourmet Gift Baskets
    Fortnum and Mason Hamper
    Glasses from Fortnum & Mason
    Biscuits and snacks and tea, oh my!

Here is your classic birthday gift basket with trinkets from cheese to biscuits to chocolate.

Or balancing this beautiful reed basket from the famous Fortnum & Mason is a transparent gift full of amazing things. Each basket contains classic Earl Gray tea, macadamia nuts or cream biscuits with pistachio clot, caramel truffles with sea salt and more. Yum!

Enjoy tea, breakfast or any hour your favorite 60-year-old wishes (um, with a birthday cake, please). We’re even fans of midnight snacks, but we know it’s not for everyone. 16. Gifts of experience
lähde: Virgin Experiences

screenshot with virgin experience
That’s a great idea! Choose a city and immerse yourself in one of the great experiences offered and organized by a local expert.

Whether it’s a gourmet food guide, helicopter lessons or a balloon flight, there are plenty of fun experiences in their own backyard. Bucket list: follow.

  1. Cameo
    from Cameo

Cameo celebrity
It must be one of the best birthday presents. Why not give him a very happy birthday present from his favorite actor, musician, writer, etc. Connect with their favorite celebrity and give them an inside insight and all the other details they need to know about them on your 60th special occasion. They will immediately receive a personal video message from them wishing you all the best. As a result, she may be confused and hit by the stars, so be sure to note her reaction!

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