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Antarctic Circle

The Antarctic (or Antarctica) Circle is among the 5 main circles or parallels of latitude that mark maps of the Earth.

Proven on the picture above with a dashed pink line, this parallel of latitude sits at roughly 66.33° south of the Equator. It marks the northern restrict of the realm inside which, for in the future or extra annually, the solar doesn’t set nor does it rise.

The size of steady day or evening will increase southward from the Antarctic Circle, mounting to 6 months on the South Pole.

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Antarctic Quick Info

  • Dimension: 13,209,000 sq km, 5,100,021 sq miles
    ( varies resulting from altering ice cabinets)
  • P.c of Earth’s Land: 8.9%
  • Standing Antarctica, virtually 98% strong ice, was lastly thought of a continent in 1840, and never only a group of remoted islands. Immediately it has lively territorial claims submitted by Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, New Zealand, Norway and the UK. (Many of those claims should not acknowledged by some nations and stay in a relentless disputed standing)
  • Capital Metropolis none
  • Local weather Antarctica is the coldest and windiest spot on the planet. In actual fact, the bottom temperature ever recorded on Earth was recorded in Antarctica (-129.3ºF) and the imply winter temperatures vary from -40º to -94ºF. Winds are generally measured at as much as 200 miles per hour.
  • Present Climate on the South Pole.
  • Highest Level Vinson Massif at 16,066 ft. (4,897 m) (map)
  • Lowest Level Bentley Subglacial Trench, -2,555 m)
  • Latitude/Longitude 90° S, 0.00° E
  • Official Language none
  • Official Foreign money none
  • Inhabitants Formally none, however governmental analysis stations are populated with small teams of scientists always. As well as, through the 2011/2012 season, practically 417,000 vacationers visited the continent.

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