4 Curly-Haired Cat Breeds (with Footage)

curly-haired selkirk rex cat

If you would like a very uncommon cat, then a curly-haired breed is perhaps precisely what you’re in search of. Curly-haired cat breeds are so uncommon, there are solely 4 varieties discovered worldwide! Let’s study extra about every one so you’ll find out which of those uncommon breeds may go well with you and your loved ones the most effective.


What makes a curly cat breed?

Many curly-haired cat breeds are known as “rex” cats. This acknowledges the genetic mutation that causes the wavy or curly hair seen in these cats. The gene for curly hair is present in many alternative species, together with horses, rats, rabbits, canines, and cats. The mutation alters the hair construction, making it curly quite than straight. All rexed cat breeds, or these with curly hair, are the results of a pure genetic mutation. This isn’t that widespread, which is why there are solely 4 rex cat breeds which might be formally acknowledged by the primary breed associations, just like the Cat Fancier’s Affiliation and The Worldwide Cat Affiliation.

The curly-haired cat breeds all have a distinct genetic mutation, which is the explanation that their curly coats are so completely different from one another when it comes to texture. Some curly-haired cat breeds, just like the Devon Rex, fully lack an undercoat, giving them a luxurious brief coat made up solely of guard hairs. Others, just like the Selkirk Rex, have a profuse and dense coat that may be brief or longhaired.

The 4 Curly Haired Cat Breeds

1. LaPerm

LaPerm tri-colored cat
Picture Credit score: Linn Currie, Shutterstock
Lifespan: 10 – 14 years
Temperament: Lively and affectionate
Coat Colours: Black, white, crimson, blue, chocolate, cream, fawn, cinnamon, and lavender, with completely different shadings and patterns
Weight: 5 – 10 kilos
Shedding: Low

The LaPerm is a pure breed that may be traced again to a litter of kittens born in 1982 at a farm in Dalles, Oregon. One of many kittens, which ended up being known as Curly, was born bald after which steadily developed smooth curly hair. This kitten then went on to have her personal curly-haired kittens. In 1992, a breeding program was developed, as up till that time, the curly-haired cats on the farm had been allowed to breed freely. The title LaPerm was impressed by the breed’s wavy coat, which seems prefer it’s been permed! There was an excessive amount of curiosity within the breed as soon as they grew to become higher identified.

LaPerm cats adore spending time with their people, and so they’re extraordinarily affectionate. They’re additionally a lot attuned to their house owners, so whereas they do love being energetic, they’re fairly glad to take a seat down and loosen up with you. LaPerm kittens may be born bald or with hair, however they virtually all the time lose their coat, which then grows again steadily by the point they’re 6 months outdated. These clever cats love studying tips, with clicker coaching being an effective way to bond along with your cat whereas instructing them new tips on the identical time. So long as a LaPerm is getting consideration and affection from their house owners, they’ll be glad!

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2. Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex cat
Picture Credit score: athree23, Pixabay
Lifespan: 15 years
Temperament: Outgoing and assured
Coat Colours: Black, white, cream, crimson, lavender, and chocolate, with completely different shadings and patterns
Weight: 6 – 12 kilos
Shedding: Average

Generally nicknamed the “Poodle Cat,” the Selkirk Rex is a more moderen pure breed that was found by Jeri Newman in Montana in 1987. A curly-haired kitten with curly whiskers was found in a litter of normal kittens. The mom cat had barely wavy hair, and it’s thought that this gene might have mutated within the kitten, which was named Miss DePesto after a personality on the (on the time) in style TV present, “Moonlighting.” When bred to a Persian cat, DePesto had a litter of six kittens, three with curly hair and three with a standard coat. The breed was named the Selkirk Rex in honor of Jeri Newman’s stepfather. This makes the Selkirk Rex the one cat breed that takes its title from an individual!

Selkirk Rex cats can have brief or lengthy hair and may be born with a curly or a straight coat. The Selkirk Rex is outgoing, assured, and people-oriented. They love residing in a busy family and get alongside properly with different pets. They do shed fairly steadily, because of their thick coats, so that they want common brushing to maintain unfastened hairs below management. Selkirk Rex are stable and muscular cats. They’re playful and love loads of interplay with their households. They’re not overly vocal or demanding, however chances are you’ll discover them following you round the home. These clever cats want loads of psychological and bodily stimulation to maintain them in the most effective of well being.

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3. Cornish Rex

Bi-color Cornish Rex
Picture Credit score: Jenni Ferreira, Shutterstock
Lifespan: 9 – 13 years
Temperament: Sociable and athletic
Coat Colours: Black, white, crimson, blue, cream, lavender, chocolate, silver, tabby, and smoke, plus a variety of various shadings and patterns
Weight: 5 – 9 kilos
Shedding: Low

The Cornish Rex was found within the British county of Cornwall in 1950 by Nina Ennismore. As a breeder of Rex rabbits, she knew that the kitten from a barn cat mom was uncommon, so she adopted him and known as him Kallibunker. It’s thought that his curly coat was resulting from a spontaneous genetic mutation. Initially it was thought that the Cornish Rex and the Devon Rex could also be associated, however when these breeds have been crossed, all of the ensuing kittens had straight coats. The primary pair of Cornish Rex cats have been imported to the U.S. in 1957, and the breed was acknowledged in 1967. They’re now extra in style within the U.S. than of their native nation.

Cornish Rex are people-oriented and have to be surrounded by firm more often than not. They won’t do properly in a house the place their house owners are out at work all day. Cornish Rex don’t have any guard hairs, so their coat feels silky and fairly skinny. These cats have a svelte and athletic physique form. Their slim face and huge ears give them a particular look that’s unmistakably Cornish Rex. They like to climb, so it’s necessary to supply them loads of appropriate locations to take action. They get alongside properly with different pets, together with canines. They like to study tips and will likely be glad to go on a stroll as soon as harness educated.

4. Devon Rex

devon rex tabby cat is laying on a soft blanket
Picture Credit score: Veera, Shutterstock
Lifespan: 9 – 13 years
Temperament: Sociable and mischievous
Coat Colours: Black, blue, white, crimson, cream, lavender, chocolate, fawn, and cinnamon, plus a variety of various shadings and patterns
Weight: 5 – 10 kilos
Shedding: Low

Because the Cornish Rex grew to become extra well-known, one other curly-haired and naturally occurring cat breed was found within the neighboring county of Devon. In 1960, a feral cat with a curly coat sired a litter of kittens, one among which had a curly coat identical to her father. Beryl Cox, the proprietor of the curly-haired kitten, named her Kirlee. Initially, Kirlee was bought to the house owners of the primary Cornish Rex, Kallibunker, in an try and see if breeding the 2 would lead to extra curly-haired kittens. However not one of the kittens from Kallibunker and Kirlee have been curly-haired, indicating that the genotypes of the 2 cats have been completely different and that they have been really completely different breeds. Breeding Kirlee with different cat breeds did lead to curly-haired kittens, and the Devon Rex breed was formally established.

Devon Rex have coats with a decent curl, and their whiskers are brief or absent. Their enormous ears sit low on their heads and provides them a pixie-like expression that lovers of the breed discover irresistible. These sociable cats adore firm, and so they’re normally mischievous and like to play. Devon Rex want loads of interplay from their house owners and toys and enrichment to maintain them occupied. Devon Rex cats usually have the lovely behavior of wagging their tail after they’re glad. Their fur is delicate, and so they shouldn’t be groomed too usually, as this may trigger their hairs to interrupt off.


Are there another curly-haired cat breeds?

The 4 breeds we’ve checked out above are the one curly-haired cat breeds accepted by most breed associations. However there are different rexed or curly-haired breeds in improvement, together with:

  • German Rex
  • Tennessee Rex
  • Ural Rex
  • Tasman Rex
  • Skookum

As these grow to be formally accepted breeds, we’ll add them to our record! Some rexed cats have additionally been present in different cat breeds, together with Persians and Maine Coons, however this has by no means led to the event of a separate breed.

If in case you have a curly-haired cat, inform us all about them within the feedback!

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