15 Home Duck Breeds (with Photos)

Muscovy Duck on the grass

Home geese are primarily bred and raised for eggs, down, and meat. Some are additionally stored for present and as pets. Whereas there are a lot of forms of domesticated duck breeds, nearly all of them originated from the Mallard.

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The 15 Home Duck Breeds

1. Abacot Ranger

Often known as the Hooded Ranger and Streicherente, the Abacot Ranger is a utility breed primarily raised for its meat and eggs. It was first developed within the early 1900s by Oscar Grey of Abacot Duck Ranch in the UK.

2. American Pekin

American Pekin duck
Picture Credit score: Robert Woeger, Pixabay

The American Pekin, or White Pekin, is a white home duck breed raised for meat. Derived from birds delivered to America from China within the 1800s, the American Pekin has a big, stable physique and creamy white feathers. Greater than half of all geese bred for slaughter in America are Pekins.

3. Ancona Duck

Brown and White Ancona Duck
Picture Credit score: Hannah Inexperienced Pictures, Shutterstock

Characterised by its distinctive broken-colored plumage sample, the Ancona is a duck breed that hails from England. It was first launched to the U.S. within the early Seventies and first proven in 1983. This medium-sized chicken has a concave invoice, oval-shaped head, and is available in quite a lot of shade patterns, together with black and white, blue and white, white and chocolate, and lavender and white.

4. Australian Name Duck

The Name Duck is a beautiful white-colored chicken raised as pets. A smaller-sized duck, the Name Duck was initially utilized in searching to draw different birds towards the hunter’s gun.

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5. Black East Indie Duck

two black East Indies in the pond
Picture Credit score: oliverrees, Shutterstock

This bantam duck breed is primarily used for decorative functions. The Black East Indie, additionally referred to as the Buenos Airean and Brazilian, has lustrous, darkish inexperienced plumage and a black invoice. It sometimes weighs below 1kg and is utilized by duck fanciers for exhibition or ornaments in ponds and yards.

6. Blue Swedish Duck

Blue Swedish Duck
Picture Credit score: Alexandr Junek Imaging, Shutterstock

This home duck breed was initially developed within the former Swedish Pomerania, now northwest Poland and northwest Germany, within the 1800s. In Sweden, there are solely 148 breeding birds and in 2014 the Blue Swedish duck was listed as an “endangered-maintained” breed. The breed is characterised by its oval head, blue-slate plumage, and darkish lacing across the feathers.

7. Buff Duck

Additionally referred to as the Orpington, the Buff is a home duck breed used for egg manufacturing and meat. It could lay as much as 220 eggs yearly. The breed was created in the UK by William Prepare dinner. Buffs have lengthy necks and our bodies, oval heads, and seal-brown or fawn-buff plumage.

8. Campbell Duck

Campbell Duck
Picture Credit score: Mark Valencia, Pixabay

Developed in England in 1891, the Campbell duck breed comes from crossing Rouen, Runner, and Mallard geese. It has khaki-colored plumage, an olive-green head, and a brown invoice. The Campbell can produce as much as 300 eggs per 12 months.

9. Cayuga Duck

Cayuga Duck
Picture Credit score: Elsemargrie, Pixabay

The Cayuga is an American home duck breed that comes from the Finger Lakes area of New York. Initially developed for meat, the Cayuga is now used for decorative functions. It has beetle-green, iridescent feathers, black payments and toes, and darkish brown eyes.

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10. Crested Duck

Crested Duck
Picture Credit score: MabelAmber, Pixabay

The Crested duck is called for its crested cranium deformity, attributable to a genetic mutation. The breed is primarily stored as pets or for adornment.

11. Dutch Hook Invoice Duck

The Dutch Hook Invoice is a home duck breed characterised by its uniquely curved invoice, that slopes downward. It is among the oldest duck breeds, being documented because the 1600s. There are solely about 800 egg-laying feminine Dutch Hooks on this planet, making this an endangered breed.

12. Golden Cascade

The Golden Cascade is a breed of home duck that was first launched to the market within the mid-Eighties. It’s a fast-growing breed that’s auto-sexing and lays eggs nicely. The Golden Cascade has golden, buff, or fawn plumage, white underbodies, and yellow beaks.

13. Indian Runner

Indian Runner Duck
Picture Credit score: Anna Armbrust, Pixabay

Indian Runners originated on the islands of Indonesia. Like penguins, they stand erect and run as an alternative of waddle. They not often make nests and infrequently lay eggs wherever they occur to be. Indian Runners have grey plumage, curling tails, and lengthy necks.

14. Muscovy Duck

Muscovy Duck
Picture Credit score: MabelAmber, Pixabay

This massive home duck breed is native to Central and South America. They’re a well-liked breed in Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. Muscovy geese are sometimes black or white and have massive pink or pink wattles across the beak.

15. Silver Appleyard Duck

This British home duck breed is bred for meat and egg manufacturing. It was initially developed in Suffolk within the Nineteen Thirties and delivered to America within the Sixties. The Silver Appleyard has a deep, large chest, a silver-colored underside, bronze tail feathers, and a yellow invoice.

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Home Geese

Domesticated geese are available in a big selection of colours and sizes. Whereas used primarily for meat and eggs, geese could make nice pets for chicken lovers.

Featured Picture Credit score: D. Kell, Pixabay

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