13 Guinea Pig Breeds: A Full Checklist (With Footage)

brown and white silkie guinea pig breed

When most individuals consider guinea pigs, they consider… guinea pigs. They don’t know there are totally different sorts of those cute little rodents, however, in reality, there are 13 totally different guinea pig breeds in whole.

Not all 13 of those breeds are generally stored as pets, so you will have by no means seen among the animals talked about on this listing. Nonetheless, for those who’d prefer to be launched to each totally different kind of guinea pig there’s, the next listing will provide help to meet every member of this rodent household.


The 13 Forms of Guinea Pig Breeds

1. Abyssinian Guinea Pig

Abyssinian Guinea Pig
Picture Credit score: Kirill Kurashov, Shutterstock

The Abyssinian will get its title from…who is aware of, actually? You’d assume it could imply that the breed initially got here from Ethiopia, however that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Regardless of the cause for his or her title, these rodents are identified for having “rosettes,” or cowlicks, throughout their fur, giving them a perpetual case of bedhead. Protecting an Abyssinian could be extraordinarily rewarding for skilled homeowners, however the breed’s excitable nature makes them a poor match for first-time homeowners.

2. American Guinea Pig

American Guinea Pig
Picture Credit score: Mary Swift, Shutterstock

The American is essentially the most commonly-owned kind of guinea pig, they usually are available in 19 totally different colour classifications. Their coats are quick and silky (and far more manageable than the Abyssinian’s).

These guinea pigs are very candy and docile, which explains their reputation. For those who’re simply beginning out as an proprietor, the American is an efficient breed to study on.

3. Peruvian Guinea Pig

peruvian guinea pig
Picture Credit score: Pixabay

Peruvians have lengthy, wavy hair that makes them appear like they spend their spare time fronting a “Flock of Seagulls” cowl band. The hair can develop as much as 2 toes lengthy, so that you’ll want to spend so much of time grooming it and slicing it as vital.

These animals make alert and inquisitive pets, however they’ll grow to be fairly affectionate as soon as they study to belief you.

4. Sheltie/Silkie Guinea Pig


Like Peruvians, Shelties even have lengthy hair, besides theirs solely grows backward. They’re a ache to groom because of this, so that they’re not best for anybody wanting a low-maintenance pet.

Nevertheless, they’re additionally typically thought of essentially the most mild and easygoing of all of the guinea pig breeds, making them a wonderful choice for households with young children.

5. Sheba Guinea Pig

sheba guinea pig
Picture Credit score: MiffieHoneyPixs, Pixabay

Shebas take the crown for finest facial hair, as they’ve lengthy muttonchops that body their faces, giving them the looks of a Civil Struggle normal having a nasty hair day. Nevertheless, not like among the different long-haired breeds on this listing, their fur grows slowly and requires little upkeep.

This breed originated in Australia and is believed to be a mixture of the Abyssinian and Peruvian. Nevertheless, they’re typically not acknowledged by official boards just like the American Rabbit Breeders Affiliation.

6. Coronet Guinea Pig

grey and white coronet in field
Picture Credit score: Pernille Westh, Shuttershock

Coronets have lengthy, flowing manes that develop backward down their our bodies. These rodents are extraordinarily candy and lovable, and they’re going to continuously demand consideration from their homeowners (which provides you loads of alternatives to groom that fur).

7. Lunkarya Guinea Pig

Lunkarya Guinea Pig
Picture Credit score: stronytwoichmarzen, Pixabay

This Swedish breed boasts a protracted, curly coat that offers it a mop-like look (and you’ll set it unfastened in your wooden floors to have your very personal low-tech Roomba). Lunkaryas, or “Lunks,” have three totally different variations inside the breed: Lunkarya Peruvian, Lunkarya Sheltie, and Lunkarya Coronet.

These animals aren’t usually discovered outdoors of Sweden, they usually fare poorly in hotter climates on account of all that hair.

8. Rex Guinea Pig

rex guinea pig
Picture Credit score: Jolly-Sunshine, Pixabay

The Rex seems to be extra like a chinchilla than a guinea pig, because it has quick, wool-like fur that’s a lot simpler to handle than among the long-haired breeds proven right here.

This breed enjoys being dealt with, so for those who like being affectionate in the direction of your pets, it’s one of many higher guinea pig choices. Simply resist the urge to squeeze them too tightly.

9. Baldwin Guinea Pig

Baldwin Guinea Pig
Picture Credit score: LeeSensei, Shutterstock

The Baldwin is born with a full head of hair, however they regularly shed it over time till only a few whiskers on their face stay. That makes them very simple to groom, however it additionally offers them the looks of a tiny hippopotamus.

Their lack of hair means they have to be stored heat, as they don’t have a lot pure insulation, however they need to even be stored out of direct daylight. All in all, the Baldwin might be finest left to skilled guinea pig homeowners solely.

10. Alpaca Guinea Pig

Adult Alpaca Guinea Pig
Picture Credit score: stronytwoichmarzen, Pixabay

The Alpaca’s fur isn’t lengthy, however it’s extraordinarily dense and coarse. You’ll must brush it each day and de-tangle it repeatedly, so this breed requires nearly as a lot grooming as long-haired breeds just like the Peruvian.

These rodents can stay as much as 8 years, which provides you plenty of time along with your pet — but additionally means you’ll be spending a substantial quantity of your life brushing a guinea pig.

11. Texel Guinea Pig

texel guinea pig
Picture Credit score: joanna wnuk, Shutterstock

Texels are a combination between Shelties and Rexes, they usually have dense, matted fur that may be a beast to keep up. Tangles are widespread, so anticipate to carve out a while each day to brush out their coats.

This British breed is understood for its dominance as a present guinea pig, however they’re much less generally stored as pets.

12. Teddy Guinea Pig

Teddy guinea pig
Picture Credit score: Chorch, Shutterstock

The Teddy will get its title as a result of reality it resembles a teddy bear, and these plush guinea pigs are extraordinarily loving and playful. They’ve quick coats that solely require periodic upkeep, they usually are usually social in the direction of different guinea pigs.

13. Skinny Guinea Pig

One other hairless selection, the Skinny has a number of tufts of fur on its again and face. All that uncovered pores and skin wants plenty of TLC, as they’ll’t deal with excessive temperatures, they usually’re very vulnerable to cuts and pores and skin infections.

You’ll save time on grooming, in fact, however a few of that can have to be spent discovering them an appropriate blanket.


Which Guinea Pig Breed is Proper for You?

For those who’re out there for a brand new pet, a guinea pig makes a wonderful selection — however which of the 13 breeds must you select? They’re all improbable animals, and plenty of have distinctive seems to be and behaviors, so finally, it’s a matter of private desire.

Nonetheless, it’s laborious to withstand bringing dwelling a Baldwin and telling your children you acquire them a child hippo, isn’t it?

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