10 Smallest Rabbit Breeds within the World (With Footage) (With Footage)

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Rabbits have already got fairly a little bit of cuteness, however after they’re sufficiently small to suit into the palm of your hand, it solely ups that stage of attraction. It’s laborious to withstand these large, vast eyes paired with their little spherical furry our bodies.

We’ve listed the ten smallest rabbit breeds on this planet. All of them weigh all below 6 kilos. Whereas these cute little bundles appear related, they arrive in quite a lot of completely different colorings, coat varieties, and temperaments. A lot of the rabbits on our checklist make fantastic pets and are common as present rabbits, acknowledged by ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Affiliation).


The ten Smallest Rabbit Breeds within the World:

1. Columbia Basin Pygmy

Weighing lower than a pound in maturity, the smallest rabbit breed on this planet is the Columbia Basin Pygmy. Solely present in a small area in Washington State, it’s additionally one of many rarest rabbit breeds on this planet. After being declared extinct within the wild within the Nineties, biologists had been capable of seize 16 of the previous few dozen rabbits in existence. At this time, the Columbia Basin Pygmy rabbit breed now numbers within the a whole bunch. Whereas this rabbit breed isn’t obtainable as a pet, they’re stored in captivity on the Oregon Zoo, which was the primary zoo to efficiently breed Columbia Basin Pygmy rabbits.

2. English Angora

white angora rabbit
Picture Credit score: Rita_Kochmarjova, Shutterstock

The English Angora rabbit breed weighs between 5 to six kilos and resembles a bit, spherical ball of fur. Their wooly, silky coat, which covers each little bit of their compact our bodies from their ears to their ft, is available in all kinds of various colours and is usually wanted for spinning. One of many oldest home rabbit breeds, the English Angora rabbit originated in a area of Turkey. With a lifespan of seven to 12 years and a docile, sociable temperament, the English Angora rabbit breed is nice as a present rabbit or as a pet. It’s one among 4 breeds of Angora acknowledged by the ARBA.

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3. Netherland Dwarf

Netherland Dwarf
Picture Credit score: Regan Hill, Pixabay

One of many smallest rabbit breeds on this planet, the Netherland Dwarf matures to a weight of between 1 pound to 2½ kilos. These compact, little rabbits have a brief neck with heads as large as their our bodies, large eyes, and tiny upright ears. They’ve a thick, shiny, brief coat that is available in quite a lot of colours. The Netherland Dwarf has develop into probably the most common rabbit breeds on this planet and is acknowledged by ARBA as a present rabbit. Though they’re candy natured, the Netherland Dwarf isn’t well-suited for younger youngsters. They’ve a skittish, shy temperament and have a tendency to nip.

4. Polish

polish rabbit
Picture Credit score: Jne Valokuvaus, Shutterstock

Regardless of its identify, the Polish rabbit breed traces its origins to Britain and to not Poland. This small rabbit breed, weighing between 2.5-3.5 kilos, has a spherical physique coated briefly, gentle, flyback fur, giant eyes, and small, upright ears. In style as a present rabbit, the Polish rabbit breed is acknowledged by ARBA in six shade varieties. Polish rabbits make fantastic pets that like to be picked up and stay affectionate all through their 5 to six-year lifespan. This calm and pleasant rabbit breed can dwell longer, eight to 10 years, in the event that they’re spayed or neutered.

5. Dwarf Hotot

dwarf hotot rabbit
Picture Credit score: WBes, Shutterstock

The Dwarf Hotot rabbit breed is simple to establish by its pure white coat in distinction to its black eye markings that resemble eyeliner. Weighing solely 2.5-3.5 kilos, Dwarf Hotots have brief ears and a dense, shiny rollback coat. Dwarf Hotots had been developed in Germany by combining the Blanc de Hotot with a dwarfed breed. In style as a present rabbit, this breed has been acknowledged by the ARBA since 1983. Dwarf Hotots have a candy, playful, and energetic nature. As a pet, as soon as they’re accustomed to being dealt with, they’re affectionate and pleasant.

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6. Lionhead

Lionhead Rabbit
Picture Credit score: Glenn Cannell, Pixabay

Originating in Belgium, the Lionhead rabbit breed gained their well-suited identify from their lion-like mane of wool fur that encircles their excessive mounted head and neck space. With brief, furry ears and compact, upright our bodies, this small rabbit breed weighs just below 4 kilos. The Lionhead has thick fur that is available in quite a lot of colours. One of the crucial common pet rabbit breeds, the Lionhead has an outgoing persona, an lively disposition, and a pleasant nature that’s tolerant to youngsters. As a present rabbit, in 2018, a Lionhead was awarded Finest in Present on the ARBA Conference.

7. American Fuzzy Lop

At 3-4 kilos, The American Fuzzy Lop is a small rabbit with a flat “bulldog” face and ears that lop to both aspect. They’ve a stout physique with a broad chest. Often known as “The Head of Fancy,” the American Fuzzy Lop has a wool coat that is available in numerous colours and could be collected and spun into yarn. This sweet-tempered, playful, lively rabbit is properly suited as a pet if given the right care. In style as a present rabbit, this breed is acknowledged breed by ARBA.

8. Jersey Wooly

Ranging in weight from 1 pound to over 3 kilos, the Jersey Wooly is among the smallest rabbits on this planet. This rabbit breed was developed by Bonnie Seeley, who crossbred to create a small rabbit with a wooly coat. The Jersey Wooly has a compact construct, upright ears, and a sq. head described typically and lovingly as a “Mug Head.” Their brief hair is available in quite a lot of colours. Acknowledged by ARBA, this rabbit breed is common as a present rabbit or as a pet. Jersey Wooly rabbits have a delicate nature in that they’re not recognized to kick or chew their handler.

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9. Holland Lop

Holland Lop Rabbit
Picture Credit score: Katie Henthorn, Pixabay

Developed within the Netherlands because the smallest out of all of the lop-eared breeds, the Holland Lop weighs solely 2 to 4 kilos. They’ve a stocky physique form, a big head, and lengthy, furry lopped ears that widen on the backside. Their fluffy rollback coat is available in quite a lot of colours and is dense, medium size, and gentle. One of the crucial distinctive traits is a “crown” of fur alongside the again of their head. Energetic, curious, and candy, the Holland Lop makes a beautiful pet that adores playful interplay. As a present rabbit, they’re one of many prime 5 hottest breeds within the ARBA.

10. Britannia Petite

With a full arch physique form, the Britannia Petite rabbit breed resembles a tiny hare, weighing solely a bit over 2 kilos. They’ve a slim head with giant eyes and pointed, upright ears. Their brief, gentle coats are available quite a lot of colours. As a present rabbit, the Britannia Petite is among the many smallest breeds of rabbits acknowledged by the ARBA. Nonetheless, this rabbit breed is finest suited in competitions involving leaping obstacles as a consequence of their lively and energetic temperaments. As a pet, Britannia Petites are likely to nip and could be high-strung. Not for inexperienced house owners, these rabbits want loads of out of doors time.

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