Do Capybaras Make Nice Pets? What You Must Know!


Capybaras, the world’s largest rodent, are usually not as easy to take care of as their smaller cousin the guinea pig. Actually, they want numerous room, desire to stay in teams, and require a big pool of water. In some states, you could want a license to personal one, and in different states, it will not be authorized to personal capybaras as pets in any respect, so you will want to test native legal guidelines.

They do like human contact, nevertheless, and revel in cuddling with folks in addition to nearly any animal. So long as you possibly can meet their housing and dietary necessities (and preserving one as a pet is authorized in your jurisdiction), they’ll make good pets.


Capybaras Within the Wild

The capybara is semi-aquatic and hails from South America. Regardless of weighing as a lot as 170 kilos, these critters are associated to the guinea pig. The world’s largest rodent has a pig-shaped physique and lives in forests close to massive our bodies of water. They’re very properly outfitted, with partially webbed toes and fast-drying brittle fur. They will maintain their breath underwater for as much as 5 minutes at a time—spectacular!

Within the wild, they eat aquatic crops and grasses. In addition they eat their very own protein-rich morning poo and, whereas they’ll stay a solitary existence, they like to stay in teams of as much as 40 or extra.

They’re predated by some massive animals together with jaguars on land and caimans within the water. Younger capybara should additionally survive boa constrictors and birds of prey.

Capybaras In the Wild
Picture credit score: Pixabay


Like its guinea pig cousin, the capybara could make a loving and affectionate companion however will normally be fairly shy initially. Younger capybaras are normally tame, and even in the event you get one as an grownup, it’ll heat to you, though this will likely take a while.

As with most animals, meals is an efficient technique to acquire belief out of your new pet, so provide your rodent a handful of applicable grass. Whereas they’re consuming, comb them. This may also assist kind a bond between the 2 of you.

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This species isn’t identified to be aggressive, however they do have sharp and doubtlessly harmful tooth, and they’ll use them in the event that they really feel threatened—so be ready.

As soon as the capybara has bonded with you, it’ll take pleasure in cuddles and can search for consideration. They could additionally cuddle different animals and can benefit from the firm of different capybaras inside their pen.


Whether or not within the wild or captivity, capybaras are vocal animals. They use a collection of grunts, whistles, and different noises to speak with different capybaras. They take pleasure in communication and they’ll try to speak with you, particularly if they’re stored alone. Ideally, in captivity, they are going to be stored with no less than one companion of the identical species, with whom they’ll talk freely.

The capybara isn’t a silent animal, nevertheless, and that is price taking into consideration when contemplating one as a pet.

Capybara Housing

A pair of capybaras will want no less than 250 sq. toes of house. This must be a fenced-in space and will incorporate a lined shelter to be used at night time. Capybaras can soar and climb, so make sure that the fence across the enclosure is no less than 4 toes excessive and frequently test for gaps that they may be capable to escape via.

You will want to supply a pool of water no less than 3 toes deep. Capybaras not solely take pleasure in spending time within the water, however they want this of their surroundings. Their pores and skin will dry out with out common hydration, and a part of the water needs to be sheltered from the solar.

Your large rodent will take pleasure in taking part in with gadgets and toys. Give them untreated picket toys. They may play with and chew on these things, which may also assist grind down their continuously rising tooth.

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Food regimen

Capybaras eating
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The breed has a boring weight loss plan within the wild, consisting of a small handful of plant species. They rely totally on grasses and aquatic crops. As a result of a few of these species are troublesome to digest, the capybara may also eat its personal poo within the morning. The grass has not been absolutely digested when it passes via the system, so by consuming it once more, they’re making certain that they get all the goodness earlier than it’s discarded. It might sound gross, however it’s an environment friendly method of utilizing meals and is a technique that’s practiced by many animals.

In captivity, you possibly can present Orchard or Timothy hay. These might be purchased from animal shops. Gnawing on the hay not solely offers the vitamin the animal wants nevertheless it wears down tooth too.

As a result of capybaras are vulnerable to scurvy and don’t produce sufficient vitamin C of their physique, you will want to supply a pellet meals that includes extra vitamin C. Feed guinea pig pellets and provides occasional fruit treats like carrots.

Well being Issues

Capybaras are fairly hardy animals. They’re considerably vulnerable to scurvy, however by feeding pellets excessive in vitamin C, it is best to be capable to assist keep away from this. If they don’t grind their tooth sufficient, capybaras may undergo from an overbite, which can ultimately result in facial disfigurement so you’ll have to be sure that the tooth are correctly floor down.

Care Necessities

capybara and baby pixabay outside
Picture Credit score: ictseahorse, Pixabay

The largest care requirement in your capybara is to make sure firm. Within the wild, a capybara could stay alone, however in captivity, it wants no less than one companion to speak to, swim with, and groom. Don’t preserve male pairs or male-exclusive teams, nevertheless, and keep in mind that you’ll want extra room for the extra animals you’ve got.


There’s a query of legality. The capybara could also be thought-about unlawful to personal as a pet in some states. Even in states the place they aren’t unlawful, they could be prohibited in some cities. In different areas, possession may require a license or allow, whereas some states don’t have any necessities in anyway and it’s completely authorized to personal one. Test along with your native authorities to find out the authorized necessities for proudly owning such a animal.

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Shopping for

Count on to pay between $1,000 and $3,000 for an grownup capybara. Females normally value extra and you actually ought to preserve no less than two of those animals collectively. Make sure that the enormous rodent you decide is alert and energetic, doesn’t present any indicators of stress, and that there are not any apparent indicators of parasites and an infection earlier than buying.

Are Capybaras Pleasant?

Capybaras might be very pleasant certainly. They may befriend each other, will typically befriend and revel in cuddling different animals, and a domesticated capybara is not going to simply tolerate human contact however will take pleasure in spending time with their human household. Wild capybaras, then again, are typically shy and are unlikely to strategy people.

Do They Wish to Cuddle?

The large rodent likes to cuddle. They may normally cuddle different capybaras, however when this isn’t attainable, they’ll cuddle nearly any animal. There are footage of capybaras cuddling rabbits, canines, and, after all, folks.


Do Capybaras Make Good Pets?

The capybara could make a superb pet, however they do want their very own enclosure, which will probably be substantial in measurement and can include a deep pool for them to swim in and to hydrate their pores and skin. This large rodent enjoys cuddles, might be domesticated, and enjoys the corporate of individuals, different capybaras, and can cuddle different animals. Earlier than shopping for a capybara pet, you will need to test native legal guidelines to make sure that preserving one is authorized.

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