30 Varieties of Leopard Gecko Morphs: Colour Record & Footage

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For a reptile fanatic, proudly owning a leopard morph gecko is actual deal with! Leopard gecko morphs are variations of the identical species however are bred to have completely different shade, sample, and eye-shape variations. Due to the variations in patterns and distinctive colours, leopard morph geckos are eye-catching—even for many who by no means thought reptiles may very well be cute pets.

If you’re excited by proudly owning a leopard morph gecko or simply need to study extra about this fascinating gecko, this text gives you with details about the most well-liked leopard gecko morphs you should purchase from respected breeders and sellers. Ready to be “wowed” by the colourful and complicated colours and patterns on these distinctive reptiles.

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What Does “Morph” Really Imply?

The time period “morph” basically refers back to the distinctive various options inside a species. For leopard geckos, “morph” is a necessary a part of their identify as a result of there are lots of bodily variations among the many completely different leopard geckos. Lots of these variations are the results of selective breeding.

Leopard gecko
Picture Credit score: Reinhold-Leitner, Shutterstock

How Many Varieties of Leopard Gecko Morphs Are There?

Sadly, relating to what number of varieties, there is no such thing as a agreed upon quantity. Why? Individuals can not universally agree on a stable definition of a leopard gecko morph. Many individuals categorize leopard gecko morphs by shade, patterns, eyes, and dimension. Nonetheless, some folks don’t agree with that approach of categorizing them. As a result of discrepancies, some folks will say there are 50 completely different leopard gecko morphs, whereas others will say there are over 150 variations.

However what everybody can agree on is how extremely distinctive the colours and patterns leopard gecko morphs possess. With that mentioned, you will see an inventory of those reptiles organized by shade and sample. The listing doesn’t cowl each sort of leopard gecko morph however gives data on a few of the hottest ones.

The 30 Varieties of Leopard Gecko Morphs:

Pink Leopard Geckos

1. Blood Leopard Geckos

As you’ll be able to inform primarily based on the identify, blood leopard geckos are vibrant to darkish purple or reddish-orange. Many blood leopard geckos have banding on their our bodies as nicely.

Orange Leopard Geckos

Carrot Tailed leopard gecko_Shutterstock_Alejandro MR
Picture Credit score: Alejandro MR, Shutterstock

2. Carrot Tail

The carrot tail leopard gecko is acknowledged for its patterned vibrant orange tail. The remainder of their physique is a special shade shade. This gecko should be a minimum of 15% orange to be formally thought of a carrot tail.

3. Carrot Head

This gecko has a vibrant orange head, ranging from the tip of its nostril to previous its eyes. Just like the carrot tail leopard gecko, the remainder of the physique is a special shade, normally a lighter orange or yellow.


Pink-Eyed Albino Patternless Tremper or Vary geckos have gentle orange pores and skin and purple eyes. Because the identify factors out, RAPTORS would not have patterns.


APTOR is an acronym that stands for Albino Patternless Tremper Orange. They’re bred from the identical mixture of morphs as a RAPTOR and are fairly comparable in look. They’ve plain orange our bodies, however not like the RAPTOR morph, APTORs don’t have purple eyes.

6. Sunglow

The sunglow leopard gecko will remind its house owners of a sundown, having a darkish orange to intense yellow shade. Some sunglow geckos are merchandise of being bred with albino leopard geckos, making their physique shade much less intense.

Yellow Leopard Geckos

high yellow leopard gecko
Picture Credit score: Eric Isselee, Shutterstock

7. Excessive Yellow

This is among the most typical morphs and was additionally the primary morph out there. They’ve a yellow base shade and some spots. Usually, they’ve a white tail with black spots, although the remainder of the physique should be yellow.

8. Baldy

Baldy geckos are orange or yellow in shade with darker shades. They’re tremendous hypo melanistic geckos with no spots on their heads.

9. Lemon Frost

This morph encompasses a yellow base shade. In addition they have whitened eyes that generally even seem blue. This can be a very new morph that was first created in 2012. The primary time one was bought was in 2015.

10. Tremper Albino

This gecko was bred in 1996 by Ron Tremper and was the unique albino gecko, tremendously impacting the leopard gecko business. Tremper albino colours vary from gentle pinks, yellows, and oranges to darkish brown, usually with refined hints of white.

11. Banana blizzard

Banana blizzards are basically patternless morphs, although they’ve a yellow base shade, whereas a real patternless is mostly lavender, grey, or white. A banana blizzard might be stable yellow throughout with no patterns or spots.

Purple Leopard Geckos

12. Lavender

A tough morph to supply, lavender morphs are typically the product of a number of generations of breeding selective variations of various morphs. They’ve a lightweight purple base shade that may seem in patches, stripes, or with a majority of their physique displaying the purple coloration. Usually, they’ve further patterns as nicely. Sadly, some specimens with this coloring lose it as they age.

13. Bell Albino

The Bell albino is probably the most not too long ago produced albino gecko. What units this albino gecko aside is Bell albinos normally have gentle pink coloured eyes. The standard coloration of the Bell albino is a lavender base with yellow and brown spots.

Pink/White Leopard Geckos

Blazing Blizzard leopard gecko
Picture Credit score: bulinko, Shutterstock

14. Rainwater Albino

Rainwater albinos usually have a glowing pinkish-white to cream-colored base with brown and yellow spots or patches. They could have yellow or pink markings and may even show yellow bands or pink spots on their legs and tails.

15. Blazing blizzard

Blazing blizzard geckos have each albino and blizzard phenotypes and are created by crossing a blizzard and an albino gecko. They seem pink on their entire our bodies and lack any sort of patterning, although they usually have blue over the eyelids.

16. Blazing banana blizzard

As you’ll be able to inform from the identify, the blazing banana blizzard morph is a mixture of a blazing blizzard and a banana blizzard gecko. They’ve a mixture of blizzard, Murphy patternless, and albino traits.

Brown Leopard Geckos

17. Chocolate Albino

A chocolate albino gecko is simply an albino gecko that was incubated at a cooler temperature. This leads to a darker-colored lizard when it hatches. Other than this distinction in coloration, they’ll share the identical traits as different albinos.

Black Leopard Geckos

Black Night Leopard Gecko
Picture Credit score: worenpets, Shutterstock

18. Black Night time

This uncommon gecko was the results of 15 years of breeding work by Ferry Zuurmond. Generally they’re noticed, although they’re usually simply stable black. These lizards are melanistic and a few of the costliest leopard geckos as a consequence of their rarity.

19. Black Pearl

This gecko is typically referred to as the black velvet. They’re recognizable by the pearl-like markings on their physique, versus being a stable black shade. This can be a pretty new breed of gecko and will be difficult to seek out.

Striped Leopard Geckos

Lavender Stripe Gecko_shutterstock_aguspurnama47
Picture Credit score By: aguspurnama47, shutterstock

20. Daring Stripe

Frequent geckos have black stripes working throughout their our bodies. However daring stripe morphs have completely different sorts of stripes. As a substitute of stripes on their again, these geckos characteristic stripes that run down the perimeters of their physique. And these stripes don’t go throughout their our bodies; as an alternative, they run down their physique’s size.

21. Pink Stripe

This variation of gecko has a darkish orange or purple physique with two purple stripes working down the perimeters of the backbone, making a dorsal stripe.

22. Reverse Stripe

Any striped morph generally is a reverse stripe. What separates a reverse stripe variation from another striped variation is that they’ve a single stripe down the middle of the again whereas different morphs have two or extra. The gene for a reverse stripe is usually linked to the gene for eclipsed eyes, which ends up in a reverse striped morph with black eyes.

23. Lavender Stripe

These are fairly distinctive and uncommon morphs that characteristic a yellow base shade on their physique with lavender stripes that run down their sides. They have been created by crossing a purple stripe and a lavender morph.

Snow Leopards

super mack snow leopard gecko
Picture Credit score By: NTW, Pixabay

24. Mack Snow

This gecko has black spots or bands over the principle white or pale-yellow shade that will get darker with age.

25. Tremendous Mack Snow

An excellent mack snow is a mack snow with both two recessive or two dominant snow genes. They’re lighter in shade than the usual mack snow and have extra specks. Usually, in addition they have the eclipsed gene for all-black eyes.

26. Gem Snow

Gem snows are born with a white physique and black bands, however the bands break up because the lizard ages. As adults, they’ve our bodies which might be lavender, gentle yellow, or white, with a sample that’s yellow, pink, or white, with black spots.

Patterned Leopard Geckos

26. Halloween Masks

This variation options outstanding markings over the face and physique, resembling circles, bands, stripes, traces, and extra. These markings are sometimes darkish in shade, set in opposition to a lightweight background shade of yellow or white. Most morphs don’t have spots on their heads, however Halloween masks morphs do.

28. Aberrant

Such a morph has a sample, however the sample is damaged in some unspecified time in the future and is usually offset with bands of one other shade. The sample will be damaged on the physique or the tail, however not each. There are different morph species that characteristic aberrant patterns.

29. Jungle

The jungle variation is a kind of aberrant morph the place the sample is damaged. In contrast to a normal aberrant morph, although, a jungle gecko may have damaged patterns on the physique and tail, whereas an aberrant may have a damaged sample on just one a part of the physique.

30. Wild

Wild leopard geckos are naturally colourful with yellow our bodies and black spots. In any case, they’re referred to as leopard geckos for his or her similarity in shade and sample to a selected wildcat.

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How Did We Get So Many Leopard Gecko Morphs?

Now that you’ve got regarded over the partial listing of leopard gecko morphs, you might need puzzled how all these variations got here to be? Principally, it began with breeders mating widespread leopard geckos with particular genetic traits to create a brand new morph. A number of the genes carrying the traits are dominant, whereas some are recessive. Reptile breeders have been producing completely different variations for a couple of many years.

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Although all these variations are technically the identical species, they’ve some wildly completely different appearances. None of those is best than another morph; all of it comes down to private choice. These geckos have nice personalities and make glorious pets, no matter which morph you select. So, discover a look that’s interesting to you, get a habitat arrange, then prepare for years of enjoyment out of your new leopard gecko.

Featured Picture Credit score: Dean Pennala, Shutterstock

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