10 Miniature Cattle Breeds for Small Farms (With Footage)

Texas longhorn cattle eating grass

Apart from their cute appearances, miniature cattle breeds have an enormous objective for individuals with small farms. These bulls and cows are simpler to are inclined to and safer for the people who increase them. A mini cow can simply present meat for a household of as much as 6 individuals. The milk they produce is natural and hormone-free, making it nice for households preferring contemporary cow’s milk to goat’s milk. Let’s check out 10 miniature cattle breeds which can be good for all times on small farms.

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What Is Thought of a Miniature Cattle Breed?

Earlier than we talk about the totally different breeds of mini cows and bulls, let’s be taught what is taken into account a miniature breed. A miniature cattle breed stands at 48 inches or much less at 3 years of age. Usually, they vary from 32 inches to 48 inches. This makes them roughly one-third the dimensions of ordinary cows, which implies they solely require 2 to three acres of grazing land.

1. Belted Galloway

The Belted Galloway is among the oldest cattle breeds on this planet. Having originated in Scotland, these cows had been bred resulting from their hardiness, temperament, and double-layered hair that makes them simpler to adapt to local weather modifications. They arrive in a number of colours and have a white belt. For small farms, they’re simple to take care of, are nice milk producers, and may simply be stored with sheep.

2. Dexter

Originating in Eire, the Dexter is roughly half the dimensions of the normal Herefords you generally see. They make very best milk cows resulting from their means to provide as much as 2½ gallons of milk in someday. Lots of the small cattle breeds have been created by crossing this breed with others. A mature Dexter cow can weigh between 600 and 700 kilos. Mature bulls weigh round 1000 kilos.

3. Zebu

Zebu cow near a wire fence
Picture Credit score: ArtTower, Pixabay

These small cows date again to six,000 B.C. Initially from South Asia, this breed of cattle matures slowly however is illness resistant and hardy. Thought of a tropical breed, if residing in colder climates, this cattle breed will need to have entry to a barn to maintain them protected from the climate. Cows vary from 300 to 500 kilos when mature. Bulls attain between 400 and 600 kilos.

4. Jersey

These little cows are nice for milking. Capable of produce as much as 3 gallons of milk in a day and should be milked at the very least twice a day. These cows have good inclinations, adapt nicely to hotter climates, and have a excessive content material of butterfat of their milk.

5. Panda

Miniature Pandas are thought of a really uncommon breed. They’ve black ovals round their eyes and a face and belt of white. That is the place the panda’s identify comes from. Because of their rarity, this cattle breed can simply usher in a whopping $30,000.

6. Hereford

This cattle breed is simple to are inclined to as they solely eat half of what different normal-sized cows want however present as much as 75% of meat. Weighing in at 500 to 700 kilos these cows are created by selecting the smallest livestock potential.

7. Lowline Angus

Lowline angus cows grazing
Picture Credit score: pen_ash, Pixabay

This docile breed originated in Australia and is good for beef manufacturing. Cows weigh between 650 and 950 kilos. The bulls weigh 950 to 1350 kilos. Just like the Hereford, they’re created by breeding solely the smallest livestock obtainable.

8. Texas Longhorn

A producer of fine, lean beef, the Texas Longhorn is significantly smaller than their full-sized counterparts. Capable of thrive in dry climate, these cows are mild and straightforward to take care of.

9. Scottish Highland

Scottish highland cow grazing
Picture Credit score: Stelogic, Pixabay

Bred for chilly climates and life within the mountains, the Scottish Highland is an historical breed. They’re used for each beef and dairy. This hardy breed has an extended coat and is stocky in construct. They are perfect for life on smaller farms in climates they’re fitted to.

10. Holstein

These mini cows are good for small farms or households who need contemporary milk. Bred as milking cows, the Holstein originated within the Netherlands. Their milk is taken into account of the identical high quality as their greater counterparts.

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These 10 breeds of cattle are sized ideally for farmers and households with smaller areas for grazing. If you’re desirous about elevating your beef or just need contemporary milk for you and your loved ones, selecting considered one of these breeds could also be your finest reply.

Featured Picture Credit score: Ray_Shrewberry, Pixabay

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