8 Monkey Breeds That Are Saved As Pets (With Footage)

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It’s laborious to disclaim the attract of maintaining a monkey as a pet. In tv reveals and flicks, it all the time seems so cool! However the actuality of maintaining a primate as a pet is in stark distinction to the way in which you most likely think about it. These creatures require outrageous quantities of care and house and plenty of species can turn out to be aggressive or violent, even after years of peaceable cohabitation.

Nonetheless, many individuals preserve monkeys and different primates as pets. In reality, within the US alone, it’s estimated that there are roughly 15,000 primates at present being saved as pets. In fact, with greater than 330 completely different monkey species to select from, there are sure to be some that make higher pets than others. For those who received’t be talked out of a pet primate, then these eight breeds are those that you ought to be contemplating.


Do Monkeys Make Good Pets?

Relating to maintaining pets, sure animals reign supreme. Canine, cats, birds, and goldfish are typically the commonest pets for a wide range of causes. These animals are simple to take care of, typically docile, and have been domesticated for lengthy sufficient to current traits that make them good companion pets.

Monkeys, alternatively, show none of those traits. To begin, they’re extremely troublesome to take care of. In comparison with different pets, monkeys want an unimaginable quantity of house, and that’s to not even point out the absurd quantity of consideration {that a} monkey requires. Even the neediest canines pale compared to the quantity of interplay your monkey would require.

You even have to contemplate a primate’s conduct. There have been primates that have been saved as pets for a few years with out incident who all of a sudden had a change of coronary heart and have become violent. One girl even had her face and palms ripped off by a chimp that had lengthy been saved as a pet by her shut buddy.

Even feeding a monkey is usually a time-consuming and costly endeavor. Primates want numerous diets stuffed with vitamins, so if you happen to preserve a monkey as a pet, anticipate to spend so much of time making ready meals for it. And if you happen to suppose you’ll get to cuddle your monkey after an extended day, suppose once more. These aren’t cuddly creatures, even when they appear to be it. If you would like a pet you may cuddle up with, you’ll be much better off sticking to canines and cats.

tamarin inside cage
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How A lot Do Monkeys Price?

One other deterrent to maintaining a monkey as a pet is the outrageous price related to buying and maintaining a primate. Some monkeys aren’t too dear, comparable to capuchins, which could be bought for lower than $10,000. Not low-cost by any means, however some show-quality canines can price as a lot. Begin larger primates although and the worth climbs exponentially. A chimpanzee, for instance, will set you again about $70,000, which is a reasonably hefty funding for a pet.

Don’t neglect about the price of housing and maintenance. Your monkey will want a large enclosure with excessive ceilings and issues to climb. That’s going to price a reasonably penny to place collectively. As soon as it’s full, you’ll additionally need to pay for all of the meals your pet wants, which can be about the identical quantity of meals as you eat every day.

Moreover, you’ll have to pay for veterinary care, which could be fairly costly for an unique pet. And with a monkey’s large consideration necessities, you’ll have to take lots of time without work from work, so don’t rely on having a full-time revenue if you wish to preserve a pet primate.

Is it Authorized to Preserve a Monkey as a Pet?

On prime of all of the care and price necessities of monkeys, you’ll even have to contemplate the legality of proudly owning a pet primate the place you’re positioned. Many legal guidelines govern the captivity, transport, and sale of unique creatures comparable to monkeys. Many states have outright banned such unique pets, although some states do permit them. Even these states have strict guidelines concerning the maintaining of monkeys as pets, so ensure you do some thorough analysis earlier than deciding to buy a pet primate. At present, at the least 15 states will permit some sorts of primates to be saved as pets, although the precise legal guidelines surrounding such actions differ in every state.


The 8 Monkey Breeds Which can be Saved as Pets Are:

Now that you just perceive a bit of what goes into maintaining a monkey as a pet, let’s discuss various kinds of primates which are candidates for pethood. No primate makes a great pet, however some are downright terrible. The next eight primates, nevertheless, are the perfect of the bunch with regards to domestication. For those who’re dead-set on maintaining a monkey as a pet, you’ll wish to decide considered one of these eight breeds.

1. Chimpanzee

Picture Credit score: Pixabay

Chimpanzees are primates, however they’re not monkeys, they’re really apes. Chimps can stand practically 5 toes tall and weigh over 150 kilos. By the age of 5, a chimp is already stronger than a grown man. For those who’ve by no means seen a shaved chimp, then try this video so that you get an understanding of simply how insanely muscled these primates are.

In captivity, chimps can dwell for as much as 60 years, so if you happen to get a pet chimp, you’ll have it for the remainder of your life. Sadly, these primates are extremely harmful and have maimed and killed individuals prior to now. Most chimps which are saved as pets are fated to wind up in a analysis lab.

2. Capuchin

capuchin monkey
Picture Credit score: Pixabay

Capuchin monkeys are a lot smaller than chimps, making them simpler to take care of and much much less harmful. Standing lower than 2 toes in peak and weighing beneath 10 kilos, these monkeys aren’t sufficiently big to tear off your face like a chimp may. Capuchins have a mean lifespan of 25 years, so that you’ll nonetheless have it for a very long time, however it’s not the six-decade funding you’ll be placing right into a chimpanzee.

3. Squirrel Monkey

squirrel monkey
Picture Credit score: Pixabay

Squirrel monkeys are on the smaller aspect of the spectrum, typically reaching lengths of simply 10-14 inches with out the tail. This cute monkey breed normally weigh simply 1-3 kilos, however they’re extremely lively and acrobatic creatures that want lots of house. They love to hold by their tails and swing throughout tree branches, so that you’ll want a large enclosure with numerous timber to fulfill a squirrel monkey. They’re identified to be choosy eaters although, so although a squirrel monkey doesn’t eat as a lot as a chimp, you’re nonetheless prone to expertise dietary difficulties.

4. Spider Monkey

cute spider monkey swinging from tree
Picture Credit score: Photograph Spirit, Shutterstock

Spider monkeys are one of many few sorts of monkeys that most individuals can identify. Sadly, although they’re saved as pets, they’re extremely messy! Whereas most monkeys could be saved in diapers, spider monkeys generally rip their diapers off and throw them round. Moreover, spider monkeys are extraordinarily social and wish much more consideration and interplay than a lot of the different monkey breeds. With out ample consideration, spider monkeys are prone to turn out to be aggressive.

5. Marmoset

Picture Credit score: Pixabay

Monkeys are by no means quiet pets, however marmosets is perhaps the loudest of them. When a marmoset feels uncared for, it can yell and scream, making certain that you just don’t miss its displeasure. These primates have a shorter lifespan than many, topping out at about 20 years. There are a number of sorts of marmosets, and on common, they’re simply 8 inches lengthy, making them one of many extra manageably-sized monkeys on this checklist.

6. Guenon

guenon feeding baby monkey
Picture Credit score: Pixabay

Guenons are medium-sized monkeys which are about 16-22 inches tall and weigh 5-15 kilos on common. They’re stunning monkeys that show a variety of colours, together with crimson, inexperienced, and yellow. Curiously, guenons have hairs which are every two colours. There are greater than 20 various kinds of guenons, with the vervet, grivet, and inexperienced monkey being the most well-liked pets.

7. Tamarin

tamarin monkey
Picture Credit score: Pixabay

Tamarins are a few of the smallest monkeys that you just would possibly preserve as pets. They weigh lower than a pound and dwell for about 15 years. You’ll solely want about 7 sq. toes of residing house for a tamarin, although they nonetheless require ample investments of time and power.

8. Macaque

macaque monkey
Picture Credit score: Pixabay

Macaques are moderately-sized primates that may weigh as much as 40 kilos on the largest, although the smallest feminine macaques can weigh as little as 5 kilos. They require big enclosures of 30 sq. toes or bigger for a single monkey and might want to put on diapers for his or her whole lives.



Whereas the thought of maintaining a pet monkey would possibly look like a novel one, it’s most likely not an amazing concept. You’ll have to have ample assets and time to dedicate to your pet monkey, and with lifespans that always attain 30 or 40 years, it’s an funding that you just’ll be persevering with to make for many of your life.

Earlier than buying a monkey, ensure you perceive what you’re entering into. It’s a troublesome path to stroll, although it may very well be rewarding for the precise sort of particular person. Do you have to determine that monkey possession is best for you, the eight breeds we’ve mentioned on this checklist are those that you ought to be contemplating.

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