20 Forms of Parrots to Maintain as Pets (With Footage)

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When most individuals consider maintaining birds as pets, the primary birds that come to thoughts are parrots. Many individuals envision their parrot talking with them, copying their phrases. Nonetheless, just a few out of the 350 identified species of parrot may even be taught to speak!

Parrot is a really obscure time period, provided that there are large variations between breeds. A few of the largest and smallest parrots might not appear like they’re even from the identical household!

So, which of those colourful winged creatures make one of the best companions? Because it seems, fairly a couple of of them! That will help you slim down the alternatives to those that can greatest match what you’re in search of, we’re going to record the 20 greatest forms of parrots to maintain as pets, with sufficient details about every that can assist you get a really feel for the completely different breeds.


The 20 Forms of Parrots to Maintain as Pets

1. African Gray Parrots

African Grey Parrots Eat Walnuts side view
Picture Credit score: Dompr, Shutterstock

These are a number of the most iconic and clever parrots round, identified for his or her skill to be taught many various phrases, utilizing them to work together with their beloved proprietor. However that interplay isn’t only for present. These parrots want interplay to maintain them joyful and so they don’t need to be left alone.

One superb factor about African Greys is that they will dwell as much as 60 years in captivity! For those who get one while you’re younger, you’ll probably have a lifelong companion. Must you resolve to get an African Gray while you’re already later in years, your pet will most likely survive you.

All in all, we predict that this is among the greatest parrots to maintain as a pet.

2. Cockatoos

White Cockatoos
Picture by Vicki Nunn from Pixabay

Cockatoos are demanding birds that develop into virtually obsessive about their individuals. Due to this, they’ve earned the nickname of “Velcro” as a result of your Cockatoo will all the time be caught to your facet!

These are medium to large-sized parrots, with protruding crest feathers that make them straightforward to inform aside from different species. Due to their excessive ranges of intelligence and proclivity to throw tantrums when not getting sufficient consideration, many individuals say that Cockatoos are akin to two-year-old kids.

3. Macaws

two scarlet macaws
Picture Credit score: Angie Toh, Pixabay

Giant birds, lined in vibrant shades of purple, blue, and gold, the Macaw is the image that involves thoughts when most individuals consider parrots. They will span from 20 to 50 inches in peak, dwelling for 30 to 50 years. As such, getting a Macaw is a critical dedication of area and time.

One factor to bear in mind with Macaws is that they are often extraordinarily noisy. Their screech can wake relations or neighbors in close by residences, so that they’re greatest fitted to people who don’t have neighbors sharing a wall.

4. Parrotlet

Blue Parrotlet
Picture by klickblick from Pixabay

If you need the colourful companionship of a parrot with out having to sacrifice a complete room of your property to offer sufficient area, then you definately would possibly take into account a Parrotlet. These are the smallest parrots, so that they don’t want an excessive amount of area.

What they do want is quite a lot of consideration. They’re naturally pleasant birds, however they’ll develop into much less pleasant in a short time if left alone. For those who present loads of consideration from the beginning, your Parrotlet will bond carefully with you. However in case you give your Parrotlet a companion, they’ll bond with one another as a substitute of you.

5. Cockatiel

Cockatiels Eat Rice
Picture Credit score: Nipa Noymol, Shutterstock

Cockatiels are the smallest member of the Cockatoo household, and so they’re extraordinarily standard in america. They’re straightforward to look after and simply as straightforward to get together with, making them a wonderful selection for a primary parrot. Simply bear in mind, they will dwell as much as 25 years with excellent care, so your Cockatiel will probably be a part of the household for a very long time!

Cockatiels have an immediately identifiable crest on their head. What’s attention-grabbing is that you may inform your Cockatiels’ emotional state by listening to their crest.

6. Senegal Parrot

Senegal parrot
Picture Credit score: Ondrej Prosicky, Shutterstock

Many parrots might be very excitable, screeching and shrieking after they’re joyful or displeased. However the Senegal parrot, a a lot much less well-known parrot breed, is far calmer and quieter than different forms of parrots. This makes them a wonderful selection as pets.

Furthermore, these parrots are about 9 inches lengthy on common. This implies they don’t want a lot area to thrive. With minimal area wants and a relaxed disposition, that is the proper parrot for an condo.

7. Parakeets

Two Parakeets
Picture by Elsemargriet from Pixabay

Parakeets, additionally referred to as Budgerigars outdoors of america, are one of the vital standard birds for first-time parrot house owners. They’re small for parrots, averaging round seven inches lengthy, so their area wants are minimal. However their intense colorations make them fairly a spectacle.

These birds are identified for his or her curious nature, all the time wanting to seek out new areas for exploration. They’re additionally very social, always interacting with their individuals. However due to their sturdy flock mentality, Parakeets are greatest saved in pairs and even bigger teams.

8. Eclectus Parrots

Eclectus Parrot Side view_KenWongYL, shutterstock
Picture Credit score: KenWongYL, Shutterstock

Medium-sized parrots with a lifespan of as much as 30 years, Eclectus parrots make for glorious companions. One very attention-grabbing trait displayed by this breed is the colour distinction between men and women. Males are an nearly neon inexperienced with accents of purple and blue and a beak that resembles sweet corn. Females are a shiny purple shade, with blue accents and black beaks.

9. Amazon Parrots

Double yellow headed amazon parrot
Picture Credit score: J.A. Dunbar, Shutterstock

Wildly colourful and extremely smart, Amazon parrots are very talked-about as pets, although you’ll want to have the ability to present excessive ranges of look after them. They want quite a lot of social interplay, almost on a regular basis. Count on to spend a great deal of your time every day maintaining your Amazon parrot happy.

There are numerous species of Amazon parrots, although their numbers within the wild are falling on account of over trapping. Most of those parrots are inexperienced with quite a few accent colours, usually reaching heights of 13-18 inches.

10. Pionus Parrot

Pionus parrots put on their emotions on their sleeves…er, feathers. They are going to develop into quiet and guarded round strangers, however demanding drama queens who need to be the focal point with their household.

Small for parrots, they high out at about 10 inches in size and may dwell for 30 years with correct care. They’re very colourful, each bodily and personality-wise!

11. Conure Parrot

Sun Conure Parrot
Picture by Gary Chambers from Pixabay

Although they’re a medium-sized parrot that averages about 20 inches in size, the Conure parrot may be very lively and would require more room than different parrots of an identical measurement.

These birds are very social and really loud. They’re not shy about making their emotions identified, tending to vocalize all of their feelings. Colourful birds, they usually break free from the frequent greens and reds of most parrots, and may usually be seen in varied shades of orange and yellow.

12. Burrowing Parrot

Way more docile than different parrot species, the Burrowing parrot is a superb selection for bird-keepers who don’t need all of the noise and pleasure generally related to parrots. However don’t fear, you’ll nonetheless get to kind that shut bond along with your Burrowing parrot since they’re very affectionate.

In actual fact, one factor that separates these parrots from others is that they will bond with a complete household, not only a single individual. Equally, they’re identified to be monogamous birds, staying very loyal to their companions.

13. Caique Parrot

Caique Parrot
Picture by Hannah M. from Pixabay

Quick and stocky, the Caique parrot has sturdy legs, although they’re not one of the best flyers. As an alternative, they usually bounce and climb to succeed in their vacation spot, maintaining flights to a brief distance.

These parrots can mimic speaking, although they’re not essentially the most adept at it. Nonetheless, they’re very sociable, and may even be taught to do tips. If you need a smaller parrot that you may actually have enjoyable taking part in with, the Caique parrot is a superb choice.

14. Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot

Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot on a Playgym
Picture Credit score: Jill Lang, Shutterstock

These are a number of the hottest Amazon parrots to maintain as pets. It’s because they’re quite common and have a knack for studying many phrases. These are a number of the best-speaking parrots, so if you wish to have a dialog along with your chook, take into account a Yellow-Naped Amazon parrot.

Although usually inexpensive, there are some uncommon shade variations of this parrot that command high-dollar costs. In actual fact, a really uncommon mutation with blue coloring and a white spot goes for as a lot as $30,000!

15. Meyer’s Parrot

Although they’re usually social and bond carefully with all members of their household, the Meyer’s parrot doesn’t wish to be the focal point. They need to be concerned with the household, however they like to hold again and watch from a distance. In contrast to many forms of parrots, these birds received’t demand your consideration, although they nonetheless have to be dealt with lots.

These are small, brown and inexperienced parrots, from the identical household because the Senegal parrot. They’re standard as pets, although not almost as standard because the Senegal, who’s the show-stealer of the household.

16. Ring-Necked Parakeet

indian ring necked parakeet
Picture Credit score: Ditney, Pixabay

These birds are very clearly named for the colourful ring round their necks. They’re medium-sized parrots with an outgoing character. One of many causes they’re so standard is that they are often fairly talkative. They’re not one of the best at mimicking human language, however they’re very vocal and are glorious at sharing their feelings by sound.

17. Kakariki Parrots

Small and colourful with a goofy character, these parrots are glorious companions. They’re very sensible, capable of be taught tips and phrases with out a lot problem.

Kakariki parrots are small, reaching a mean size of 11 inches. However about half that size is simply tail! They’re not very noisy for parrots, however they do make quite a lot of completely different sounds to show how they’re feeling.

18. Timneh Greys

Nearly each chook fanatic is aware of about African Gray parrots. However what’s unknown to many is the truth that there are literally two distinct species of African Greys. The extra frequent and well-known species is the Congo African Gray, however the Timneh Gray is simply as fascinating, albeit for various causes.

Nonetheless extremely smart and capable of be taught simply as a lot human speech, the Timneh Gray parrot is extra docile than their extra standard cousins. They often start to imitate phrases even sooner than the Congo African Gray, although they don’t mimic voices like their cousin parrots do.

19. Quaker Parakeet

For those who’re in search of a smaller parrot that may speak with one of the best of them, then you definately would possibly check out the Quaker Parakeet. Additionally referred to as the Monk Parakeet, these birds are about 11 inches lengthy and are well-known for his or her word-copying talents.

When caring to your Quaker Parakeet, you must attempt to discuss all the pieces you’re doing. With time and repetition, this chook can choose up many various phrases and develop into fairly vocal.

20. Lovebirds

Two Fischer's lovebirds hanging out
Picture Credit score: Josef_Svoboda, Shutterstock

Lovebirds are so named for the shut bonds they kind with a single companion. Although legend has it that they should be saved in pairs to be joyful, or that they’ll die if separated from their mate, neither of those is true.

These are a number of the smallest parrots that make nice pets, starting from 5 inches to about six and a half inches in peak. In contrast to many different parrots, Lovebirds have brief tail feathers, a attribute that makes them straightforward to distinguish.

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For those who’re in search of a colourful companion with a bubbly character, then there isn’t any scarcity of parrots so that you can select from. Although the long-lasting Macaw or African Gray could be the primary picture that pops into your head while you consider parrots, there are nonetheless a great deal of different cute varieties to select from.

It doesn’t matter what kind of parrot you finally select, make sure that you’re nicely ready earlier than bringing it house. Do your analysis on the kind of parrot you’re choosing so that you could be well-equipped to cowl all of their wants. Some birds want quite a lot of interplay, some want quite a lot of area, however all want quite a lot of love.

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