Sekiro Gourd Seed places – the place to seek out Gourd Seeds in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro Gourd Seeds defined – how do Gourd Seeds and the Medicinal Gourd work?

As you progress your self by means of the treacherous world of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you may discover a sure merchandise that can make your complete journey rather a lot simpler. Gourd Seeds let you improve the quantity of makes use of you have got of your Gourd, which replenish your well being. As you initially begin the sport with only a single one, you’ll positively be wanting to hunt out these important gadgets, which aren’t truly too troublesome to seek out, typically.

If you happen to’re making your method by means of the sport it is possible that you’ve got already upgraded your Gourd a couple of instances already, however we have trawled throughout your complete world of Sekiro: Shadows Die twice to hunt out these seeds, providing you with one of the best probability to win.

After you have picked up a Gourd Seed, you may wish to deliver it over to Emma, who normally resides within the Dilapidated Temple (in a while within the sport she is going to transfer over to Kuro’s Quarters). After bringing them over to Emma, she is going to burn up the merchandise and improve your flask for you, and also you’re all set to crack on once more.

Sekiro Gourd Seed Places

Gourd Seed 1 Location: Ashina Outskirts – Gate Path Shrine

This Gourd Seed shall be dropped by the primary miniboss that you’ll encounter within the sport, Normal Naomori Kawarada. However first, you may have to get previous him. Preserve deflecting his assaults and be careful for his deathblows. If you happen to’re cautious, you will get one in all his healthbars down with a Deathblow.

Gourd Seed 2 Location: Ashina Outskirts – Outskirts Gateway

Whereas your first Gourd Seed might need been a stroll within the park, this second one requires you to have defeated the Chained Ogre miniboss. Dispatch of the enemies close to him, after which whereas he is making an attempt to flee. Wail on him and deal a deathblow. Then, stagger him with the Flame Vent Prosthetic. After they’re down, Grapple as much as the opening within the constructing the place you initially discovered the miniboss, and instantly to the left would be the subsequent Gourd Seed.

Gourd Seed 3 Location: Ashina Outskirts – Fortress Gate

After you have got defeated Gyoubu Oniwa, you may first wish to go up the steps reverse the shrine that unlocks after you beat him. There, there shall be a constructing, to the appropriate going through the constructing’s entrance would be the Memorial Mob, this service provider will inventory yet one more Gourd Seed for 1000 sen. Easy!

Gourd Seed 4 Location: Ashina Fortress

Proper after you have got defeated the Blazing Bull and gained entry to Ashina Fortress, undergo the gates and as much as the appropriate. There, head up in the direction of the place you’ll find the following miniboss, nevertheless, if you happen to drop down earlier than you need to face them, you may encounter Fujioka the Data Dealer. He’ll ask you to take down the Samurai within the space. Rigorously dispatch of them and return to speak to him, he’ll thanks in your assist and seem on the Dilapidated Temple. There, he’ll inventory a Gourd Seed for 2000 Sen.

Gourd Seed 5 Location: Ashina Fortress

After you have got headed alongside the rooftops to the appropriate of the primary miniboss of the realm, you may should hook across the perimeter of the realm within the air, taking out the difficult, new “Crow” mobs, ultimately, you’ll head again round and see a grapple level as much as a big constructing forward. Head in and you will find a brand new shrine, and a chest. Inside this chest is the following Gourd Seed. Neato!

Gourd Seed 6 Location: Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo

Head in the direction of the massive constructing within the space and up straight to the highest, there, you’ll find a gap over on the left. Head down the steps and you will notice an idol with an merchandise subsequent to it swamped by enemies. Good luck, as this encounter may be powerful, however proper on the foot of the idol is your subsequent Gourd Seed.

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Gourd Seed 7 Location: Sunken Valley

Proper within the first space of the Sunken Valley at its Underneath Shrine Valley Idol, you’ll find an extended grapple level that you will want to traverse throughout. Kill the rifleman and head inward, then lookup and grapple to the second department, one other riflemen. Kill them then head up in the direction of the ledge on the left. Head inwards, grapple over and take out the rifleman, then there’s one other if you happen to grapple additional throughout. Head instantly up from right here to seek out an merchandise, that is your subsequent Gourd Seed!

Gourd Seed 8 Location: Ashina Depths

Close to the Mibu Village Idol, head into the center of the realm subsequent to the enormous tree. Amongst its base is a litter of things, amongst them is the following Gourd Seed. Watch out of the littany of mobs amongst them, nevertheless!

Be aware that there is a ninth Gourd Seed, accessible late within the one of many sport’s alternate endings, that we’re nonetheless simply confirming – we’ll replace this web page as soon as we now have it!

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