Monster Hunter World – Rathalos technique, Rathalos weak spot and the right way to get Rathalos Shell, Scale, Tail, Marrow and Webbing

Rathalos is an encounter in Monster Hunter World, and the hardest monster you will face within the starter Historic Forest space in Low Rank.

Whether or not you are tackling it within the wild or as a part of the important thing quests, there are a variety of Rathalos methods and weaknesses to study, and while you’re prepared, the numerous methods to get Rathalos Shell, Scale, Tail, Marrow and Rathalos Webbing.

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The way to put together for Rathalos the primary time

In case you’ve taken on Odogaron as a part of the Assigned quests (Rathalos and Diablos are the encounters after that) then you need to be prepared when it comes to armour and offence. That stated, upgrading your armour – whether or not by means of utilizing Armour Spheres for what you could have, or farming a brand new set from one of many latest monsters – will not harm.

Rathalos may give you poison, so make sure you have a full praise of Antidotes. Mega Potions are additionally important. We would additionally suggest unlocking the Space 17 campsite, which you will encounter on the best way to finishing the world’s Grimalkynes quest, since Rathalos spawns and returns to Space 16 recurrently.

There are additionally a Tailrider camp very shut by (once more, you will discover this a part of the Grimalkynes quest) so you may begin your hunt to recruit a kind of, giving Rathalos one other goal to be distracted by.

Rathalos location

You must hunt a Rathalos as a part of the Assigned (most important story) quests, after you search the assistance of a First Wyverian. In case you bear in mind again to that quest, the Rathalos will spawn in precisely the identical spot – in space 16 – simply south of the Space 17 camp.

If you have not already, unlock that camp (you will achieve this as a part of the Grimalkynes quest), permitting you to start out combating Rathalos inside 30 seconds of beginning the hunt.

Rathalos weak spot and technique

Rathalos weaknesses:

  • Hearth – Null
  • Water – Low
  • Thunder – Medium
  • Ice – Low
  • Dragon – Excessive
  • Poison – Low
  • Sleep – Medium
  • Paralysis – Medium
  • Blast – Low
  • Stun – Medium

It is best to strategy Rathalos like each flying beast you’ve got encountered to this point. When it is in flight, maintain transferring at a distance and circling spherical. In contrast to Anjanath the place its fireplace assaults had been lethal, when Rathalos breathes fireplace its nicely telegraphed and both instantly forward or round it, making it straightforward to keep away from.

The issue is its swoops. It’s going to very all of the sudden dive in direction of you, and in case you are caught by its talons, you will be poisoned. You will wish to use an Antidote as quickly as you possibly can, so hopefully your Palico and a Tailrider will distract it lengthy sufficient.

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In case you’re crafting, then studying the place to seek out uncommon supplies resembling Purecrystal and Monster Slogbone is beneficial.

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After sure swoops it’s going to hover momentarily, with its tail simply above the bottom, supplying you with sufficient to get a melee strike in in case you are shut sufficient. In any other case, we might play a conflict of attrition right here. Neglect all notion of assaults when its in flight, and wait till it settles on the bottom.

In case you’re struggling right here, watch its head. If it seems to be at you, put together for it to swoop in, and maintain your stamina up so you possibly can maintain transferring at tempo.

(The additional benefit of that is in case your Palico has the Vigorwasp potential outfitted, it’s going to lay one down when you evade its assaults, prepared so that you can use simply in case.)

When Rathalos lands, here is once we suggest you assault. Once more, watch its head; if seems to be at you, it is about to show round with a tail swipe, so roll away. Probably the most irritating assault is a bit hover; if it strikes you with its talons, you will get poisoned.

As with every monster, the important thing right here is endurance, and attacking on the finish of its personal assault, then ducking out of the best way and repeating.

Rathalos has the annoying behavior of flying far-off out of your location after a brief battle. Use your numerous camps to your benefit (once more, unlocking the world 17 camp will assist right here) to quick journey to its nearest location, and recruit Tailriders alongside the best way if its straightforward to take action.

The way to get Rathalos Shell, Scale, Tail, Marrow and Rathalos Webbing

The next supplies can be found from Rathalos relying on what you break off, carve or obtain as a reward:

Rathalos Low Rank supplies checklist:

  • Rathalos Shell (Dropped materials; additionally carved, reward)
  • Rathalos Scale (Head damaged; additionally carved, reward)
  • Rathalos Tail (Tail carved; additionally reward)
  • Rathalos Marrow (Again damaged; additionally carved)
  • Rathalos Webbing (Wings damaged; additionally carved, reward)
  • Different quest rewards: Rath Wingtalon, Monster Bone Plus, Flame Sac

If you wish to improve your supplies good points, then think about studying the right way to seize monsters to get much more on your efforts.

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