Misplaced Ark Dalian Orchard Secret space location, quest rewards

Dalian Orchard Secret is a hidden quest in Misplaced Ark. Finishing it should aid you get extra expertise and a few good quest rewards.

In Misplaced Ark, there are numerous quests that can solely begin after dropping the correct merchandise. A few of these quests take gamers to hidden locations to seek out treasures.

Dalian Orchard Secret is a kind of, and is an exercise you are able to do by your self. It is simple to overlook this quest, since not solely do you might want to discover the correct merchandise to start with, but additionally requires discovering a hidden place that isn’t marked in your map.

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Methods to begin the Rambutan Orchard Secret space quest

You may get the hunt ‘Dalian Orchard’s secret’ that can ask you to seek out the key place in Flowering Orchard. That is an space within the East Luterra area. The closest teleport is the Sien Inn tripod.

The precondition to begin the hunt is to first discover the merchandise Connie’s Orchard Storage Key. You possibly can drop it by killing Orchard Weevils, beetle-like creatures you will discover at west Sien Inn. You may must kill multiple of those because it takes a while till the important thing drops.

Connie’s Orchard Storage Secret’s a consumable merchandise that, as soon as used, provides the hunt ‘Dalian Orchard’s Secret’ to your journal. Nevertheless, you continue to want to seek out the place it’s essential to go subsequent!

Misplaced Ark Rambutan Orchard Secret space location

From there, the Rambutan Orchard Secret space location is in Flowering Orchard.

To seek out it extra simply, you possibly can teleport to the Sien Inn tripod and go west till you discover a small decline. Descending it should take you to a small cabin with a glowing circle on the bottom.

Open the door and you’ll find Moonshiner Marco with whom it’s essential to speak to finish the hunt.

Rambuntan Orchard Secret rewards

By finishing ‘Dalian Orchard’s secret’ quest, you earn expertise, roster expertise, silver, and an Epic Battle Merchandise Choice Chest. This comprises quite a lot of battle gadgets from which it’s essential to select just one.

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