Far Cry 6 Liquid Braveness: The place to seek out the proprietor and clear up the Liquid Braveness quest in Far Cry 6

Unsure of the place to seek out the proprietor? Here is each him and the stash to resolve the Liquid Braveness quest in Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6’s Liquid Braveness is without doubt one of the treasure hunts within the sport.

This duties you infiltrate a brewery in Yara with a reasonably suspicious set up. With a purpose to make your means by way of it, you may should activate 4 valves throughout the primary room.

This web page explains the place to seek out the proprietor and his stash in Far Cry 6 and full Liquid Braveness quick.

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Far Cry 6 Liquid Braveness location

Treasure hunts in Far Cry 6 are optionally available actions that always contain fixing environmental puzzles and placing your grapple to good use with some acrobatics inside caves or navy bases. On the finish of every you’ll obtain distinctive rewards, from distinctive weapons to weapon charms.

Here is the place you can begin the Liquid Braveness treasure hunt:

  • Liquid Braveness location: Present in Star Rocket Brewery at Noventa Armas in Valle de Oro.

Now, let’s bounce to the steps to finish the search.

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How one can full Liquid Braveness and discover the proprietor location defined

You can begin Liquid Braveness by grabbing a word inside Star Rocket Brewery, which is situated northwest of Del Toro Port. This may process you to seek out the proprietor.

For this, use both of the 2 doorways in entrance of you to entry the primary room. Right here, you may should activate a lot of valves to trigger an explosion – however the order is detached.

You could find one within the western aspect of the room (utilizing the map as reference) which is surrounded by packing containers.

There’s one other valve to the left aspect of the Star Rocket tank.

For the third valve, you may should do some gentle acrobatics. It is discovered on an higher stage, on the other aspect of the Star Rocket tank. For this one, climb the small beer cans on the left, climb the large tank that follows, after which bounce to the blue piece of material to seize your self from the ledge.

Now, go forward and work together with the valve.

Then, return to the Star Rocket tank and activate the final valve.

This may trigger an explosion that may go away Dani Rojas groggy with beer. Simply from the place you are standing, look above and use the grapple level to get above. As soon as there, detach your self and use the opened vent on the left aspect of the room. Transfer ahead till you discover a hole to fall right down to a room.

As soon as there, take the staircase as much as discover the proprietor.

The chest is on the desk to the proprietor’s proper. Loot it to seize the Into Orbit rocket launcher.

That is all for this treasure hunt!

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