Mini Lop Rabbit: Details, Lifespan, Habits & Care (with Photos) 

mini lop rabbit

The Mini Lop is a small breed, though not fairly a dwarf. Regardless of this, he’s fairly stocky and sturdy. He has lop ears, because the title suggests, and these cling over his face. Mini Lops are available in a variety of colours, in response to the American Rabbit Breeders Affiliation.

Like all prey animal, the Mini Lop will be delicate to noise and sudden motion and, whereas some homeowners declare the Mini Lop to be laid-back, it depends upon the person rabbit and never on the overall breed. The Mini Lop bunny makes an excellent household pet, though would require time and common contact to get essentially the most out of your little, long-eared companion.


Fast Details concerning the Mini Lop Rabbit

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Species Title: Oryctolagus Cuniculus
Care Degree: Medium
Temperament: Even mood, energetic, playful
Lifespan: 7 – 14 years
Dimension: Small
Weight-reduction plan: Hay, fruit, veg, herbs
Minimal Cage Dimension: 12 sq. ft
Cage Set-Up: Cage, bottle, bowl, bedding, toys
Compatibility: Choose to dwell in pairs

Mini Lop Rabbit Overview

The Mini Lop breed of rabbits was established in Germany, within the Fifties, when a number of breeds, together with the Chinchilla, English Lop, French Lop, and Dwarf Lop, have been mixed to create a breed that was initially referred to as the Klein Widder.

It was acknowledged in Germany in 1973, and by the American Rabbit Breeders Affiliation in 1980 after it modified its title to the Mini Lop. Since then, the Mini Lop has develop into one of the well-liked home breeds within the US. It’s well-liked as a result of it’s comparatively small, with out being too fragile. It’s hardy and wholesome, has an extended lifespan, and since it shares the Lop title.

Lop breeds are famend for being laid-back, though the person rabbit in the end determines how pleasant, energetic, and brilliant the rabbit is. Nonetheless, the Mini Lop actually can develop into a loving and well-integrated member of the household. He’s no tougher to take care of than different breeds and has related well being considerations. The breed will not be solely well-liked with its homeowners, however an growing variety of movies and even social media accounts belonging to those energetic, pleasant, and engaging little animals, will be discovered on-line.

How A lot Do Mini Lops Price?

As with most pets, the value you pay is set by a number of elements. Chief amongst these elements is whether or not you need a Mini Lop as a pet or for exhibitions and exhibits. Pet rabbits can be found between $30 and $100, whereas present high quality rabbits can price as much as $500. Do attempt to meet the rabbit’s mom, if doable, as a result of this can provide some indication of the seemingly measurement and even temperament of your rabbit.

In addition to the price of the rabbit itself, count on to pay as much as $150 for the cage and different prices. Additionally, you will pay round $20 monthly ongoing prices.


Typical Habits & Temperament

As a Lop breed, the Mini Lop has a fame for being very calm. Nonetheless, this isn’t at all times the case. Others have described the Mini Lop as being energetic.

Spend as a lot time as doable together with your rabbit when it’s younger. This may guarantee they’re snug round you.

Look & Varieties

There are a number of accepted shade variations of Mini Lop rabbits, in response to the American Rabbit Breeders Affiliation. The out there shade teams are:

  • Agouti
  • Damaged
  • Pointed White
  • Self
  • Shaded
  • Ticked
  • Large Band

The Mini Lop will weigh not more than 6.5 kilos. Does are smaller than bucks and all are thought-about to be small, fuzzy, balls of power. Regardless of their measurement, the Mini Lop will likely be muscular and have a brief and stocky neck. The rounded ears fall over the rabbit’s face and the rollback fur has a tender underlayer. Mini Lops are bigger than Holland Lops, which is how the 2 breeds can often be discerned.


Learn how to Take Care of Mini Lop Rabbits


The Mini Lop Rabbit is a home breed and it doesn’t exist within the wild. As such, there aren’t any pure circumstances for this exact breed. Nonetheless, there are specific circumstances it’s best to meet to make sure that your Mini Lop has the whole lot it requires to be match and wholesome.


Rabbit guides let you know to decide on a cage that’s at the very least 4 occasions the size of the rabbit, however this doesn’t enable a lot room to run round. The perfect cage for a Mini Lop is 12 sq. ft, however they may profit from having more room. When you’ve got a bonded pair of rabbits, you have to a bigger cage.

In addition to cages, you should purchase train pens to increase the room that they’ve, or you possibly can present a rabbit-proof room to your furry pal. In case you do present a room, rabbit-proof it first. Your Lop will eat absolutely anything that appears tasty, which may embody any picket or tender merchandise. It could additionally embody wires, so it’s a must to shield them from the potential risks {of electrical} wires.


Indoor rabbits want tender bedding. This may want altering each week and spot cleansing every single day.

In case your rabbit will likely be residing exterior, they need to have a house that’s off the bottom however has a ramp down the grass the place they will stretch their legs and train whereas chewing on their meals.

Different Care Issues

No matter kind of enclosure, you have to to spend loads of time together with your Mini Lop. This time allows you to kind an in depth bond with the rabbit, they usually with you. It’s going to allow them to belief you and will stop them from biting or making an attempt to flee. The Mini Lop will kind an in depth bond with all their human household, so long as you spend sufficient time collectively.

Do Mini Lops Get Together with Different Pets?

Mini Lops desire to dwell as a part of a bonded pair. You need to give two rabbits time to get to know each other earlier than placing them in the identical enclosure, however as soon as they have acquainted, they may show firm for each other.

Rabbits are prey animals, and even Mini Lops, which have by no means lived within the wild, have a pure response. In the event that they understand hazard, they may attempt to dart away. Potential hazard can embody loud noises and brilliant lights, in addition to different pets together with cats and canine, so they could not combine properly with different animals.


What to Feed Your Mini Lop Rabbits

Mini Lops needs to be fed a food regimen that’s 70% hay. This needs to be good high quality, for instance, Orchard or Timothy hay, however you possibly can feed different grasses as an occasional snack. The rest of their food regimen needs to be made up of fruits, greens, and pellets. Pellets are particularly vital as a result of they assist present the nutritional vitamins and minerals that they don’t get from their on a regular basis meals.

Holding Your Mini Lop Wholesome

Not vulnerable to any specific illness, Mini Lops are vulnerable to many of the identical diseases as different rabbit breeds. In addition to making certain that they’ve sufficient housing and an excellent food regimen, additionally, you will want to supply common grooming. Like cats, rabbits clear themselves and take away useless fur by licking, however they’re unable to vomit, which implies that any fur they ingest could cause a blockage within the abdomen. Brush them commonly, and feed loads of roughage to make sure that they will higher go any ingested fur.

Be careful for indicators of overgrown tooth. Their tooth develop all through their lives, are often worn down by chewing on hay, however can pierce their cheeks if left unchecked to develop too lengthy.


It is strongly recommended that you simply depart the breeding of Mini Lop rabbits to skilled breeders. Profitable breeding can result in very massive litters, and this requires numerous house to maintain them comfortably and safely. Rabbits additionally develop into sexually energetic at a really younger age, which implies that, until you will have properties for them earlier than they’re born, the issue is self-replicating and might get out of hand in a short time certainly.


Are Mini Lop Rabbits Appropriate For You?

If you’re searching for a pleasant and small to medium-sized rabbit, that’s prone to be energetic and pleasant, and can also be laid-back and really simple to get together with, then the Mini Lop is an efficient selection of rabbit. They’re known as fuzzy, pleasant balls, and this completely sums up the temperament of most of those rabbits.

Mini Lop rabbits aren’t any tougher to take care of than any rabbit, aren’t particularly vulnerable to any particular illnesses or diseases, and are comparatively simple to take care of. Though, you do want to make sure that they’ve loads of room, an honest food regimen, and that you simply spend plenty of time with them to socialize and acclimate them to human contact.

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