How is Muslims Celebrate Eid al-Fitr around the world?

Eid ul Fitr This year, however, the festivities look completely different. Eid marks the end of the month of fasting from morning to sun, as well as spiritual meditations and prayers.
Normally the day begins with prayers and the main activity is usually a big dinner, but there are also many ways to celebrate with people.
Young people celebrating Eid
People around the world will celebrate Eid al-Fitr this week. Maswood Ahmed, a member of the British Muslim Council, says: “Eid is a time of celebration for one of the most important religious duties: fasting during the month of Ramadan.” Many people celebrate by taking the time to exchange gifts and visit friends and family.
He added that you should not be surprised to see a lot of people embracing on the street during the Eid celebrations. Men surround other men as a sign of friendship, and women do the same with their partners: All feelings of hatred will be rejected, at least for one day! “

While there are many things everyone can do about Eid, with an estimated 2 billion Muslims worldwide, it is no wonder that people have different ways to celebrate this holy holiday. Sweets and other meals
Eid al-Fitr is sometimes referred to as Sugar Feast, which is a nod to the fact that much of the food consumed at the festival is desserts.
But different countries around the world have different favorites:

Classic Turkish sweets such as Baklava and Turkish delicacies are given by friends, family and neighbors as gifts during the Eid holiday, such as Seker Bayrami, as is commonly known in the country. Iraq and Saudi Arabia
Date food is an important part of Ramadan and Eid because it is a popular snack that is eaten before breakfast (called Suhoor). But in these two countries, it’s especially important – many people bake Kleichas, which are pink-flavored cookies with nuts and dates. In Iraq and Saudi Arabia, they are considered their national biscuits. Yemen
Bint al sahn is Yemen’s favorite sweet. It is sometimes called honeycomb in English and is full of nigella seeds. As for the delicious menu, in Russia (which has a long-standing love for all dumplings), Manti is Eid’s favorite food. They are usually packaged in some flavored meat. In China, You Xiang (flour, water and yeast fried in oil) is given as a gift or meal as part of Eid. In Bangladesh, Korma traditionally eats, as do various delicious pitty shared by family and friends.
How nice does this Baklava look? Happy Eid!
During Eid, one of the most common things people say to each other is, “Eid Mubarak!” It literally means “happy oath” and it’s a way of expressing celebration. You may also hear “Eid sa’id,” which means “happy Eid.”
However, other countries have different greetings. In Nigeria, people tend to say “Balla da Sallah”, which is Hausa for a happy Eid. In Malaysia, Eid is called Hari Raya, so when you greet someone with a happy Eid, you say “Selamat Hari Raya”.
Other traditions
There are some aspects of Eid al-Fitr that are recognized around the world. For example, one of the five pillars of Islam is the giving of charity. There is a specific type of charity for Eid called Zakat al-Fitr, which can take place at the end of Ramadan. However, it is advisable to give it in advance so that even those who need it can attend the Eid celebrations.
In addition to universal traditions, there are those that are still unique in different countries. One of them is in Afghanistan, where Eid’s favorite activity is painting sea eggs and fighting for food, in the so-called Tokhm-Jangi. Everyone is involved and the goal is to break your opponent’s eggs while keeping your eggs.

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