Holland Lop Rabbit: Information, Lifespan, Traits & Care (with Photos)


These miniature rabbits solely weigh just a few kilos, making them among the world’s smallest rabbits. If you need a rabbit that is still a child eternally, that is it. Their most weight is just 4 kilos, although many weigh as little as 2.

Regardless of their tiny stature, their lopped ears are in all probability a few of their most distinctive options. They’re some of the fashionable rabbits in america and the UK.


Fast Information in regards to the Holland Lop Rabbit

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Species Title: Holland Lop Rabbit
Household: Leporids
Care Degree: Average
Temperature: Adaptable
Temperament: Pleasant
Colour: Any
Lifespan: 7-10 years
Measurement: 2-4 kilos
Weight-reduction plan: Hay, pellets, veggies, fruit
Minimal Tank Measurement: 24 x 24 inches
Tank Set-Up: Litter field, toys, hiding space, contemporary water
Compatibility: Different Holland Lops

Holland Lop Rabbit Overview

The Holland Lop is without doubt one of the most typical rabbits within the US and UK. That is doubtless due to their small dimension. These rabbits have a most weight of 4 kilos, with many weighing as little as 2 kilos. Due to their exceedingly small dimension, many individuals discover them simpler to maintain than greater rabbits. They don’t want as a lot meals or as giant of an space to remain in.

They’ve a muscular however compact statue regardless of their small dimension. They’re fairly sturdy and may face up to much more than you’ll anticipate. This doesn’t imply they don’t want some particular care due to their smaller dimension, although. They’re extra delicate than loads of different breeds.

How A lot Do Holland Lop Rabbit Price?

Like most rabbits, the Holland Lop Rabbit is often fairly cheap. They’ll value as little as $40. Most will vary between $20 to $400. These from champion traces and breeders will value probably the most. Nonetheless, the additional value could also be value it.

Costlier rabbits are usually more healthy, as they’re bred by a extra skilled breeder. In fact, don’t assume a rabbit is wholesome simply due to its worth. Ask in regards to the dad and mom and ask to see the place the kits and mom are staying.

There is no such thing as a well being testing that’s required or really useful for these rabbits, so that isn’t a problem that you must carry as much as the breeder.

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Typical Habits & Temperament

As a breed, these rabbits are thought-about to be very calm. They like to spend time with their homeowners and aren’t significantly skittish, making them good for households with youngsters. They wish to spend time each taking part in and stress-free.

They do wish to chew on issues fairly a bit, even past the extent that rabbits often chew. They require loads of chew toys to stop the chewing up of your furnishings and private belongings. This additionally helps them maintain their enamel at an affordable size, although they may nonetheless doubtless have to be floor down on the vet workplace.

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General, these are thought-about to be pleasant, family-oriented rabbits. Males are thought-about a bit much less nippy than females, which are usually a bit shyer. Nonetheless, females are a lot much less messy than males and are much less prone to chew up your stuff. Ultimately, it largely is dependent upon your preferences.

Look & Varieties

As we beforehand talked about, these rabbits are comparatively small. They’ll weigh wherever from 2-4 kilos and are among the smallest rabbits round. They’ve reasonably dense fur that is available in quite a lot of colours.

The most well-liked colour is gentle orange, which is often known as “fawn.” Blue and grey are additionally commonplace. There are numerous shades of grey potential, however all of the rabbits are known as “grey” or “blue” irrespective of their tone. Darkish brown is a bit much less frequent however nonetheless potential, as is a lighter brown. Some rabbits are white, however that is significantly rarer and tends to drive up the rabbit worth. Many individuals need pure white rabbits, so they have a tendency to get snatched up in a short time.

If you breed two totally different colorations collectively, you will get a singular coloration. Technically, something is feasible. Nonetheless, most breeders select to maintain colours separate, so there appears to be such a big distinction between the totally different colours.

There are a number of totally different ft varieties, although the distinction isn’t significantly vital for the typical proprietor. The ft sort does give breeders some indication of the rabbit’s ultimate dimension, although this isn’t all the time fool-proof. It’s simply as straightforward to depend on the dad and mom’ dimension when predicting the dimensions of the infant rabbits.

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Take Care of a Holland Lop Rabbit

Habitat, Tank Circumstances & Setup

Regardless of their small dimension, these rabbits do want a good quantity of house. Many homeowners select to maintain their rabbit in a cage after they can’t be straight supervised. Nonetheless, with correct coaching, you possibly can let your rabbit hop round your home with solely occasional supervision. It will require rabbit-proofing your home.

This contains choosing up something your rabbit could chew on, together with wires and different unsafe gadgets. That is similar to puppy-proofing.

Rabbits can use litterboxes and must be educated to take action. Many rabbit dad and mom maintain their rabbit of their cage and clear the liner. Nonetheless, this isn’t as clear as coaching your bunny to make use of a litterbox like a cat.

Your rabbit’s cage must be no less than giant sufficient on your rabbit to stretch out comfortably, in addition to sufficiently big to carry their litter. In case your rabbit spends a lot time within the cage, select a bigger cage. Even when you have a really ample time, you have to to supply your rabbit with loads of train time. Outside rabbit hutches are additionally really useful to permit your bunny to spend a while exterior hopping round.

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Do Holland Lop Rabbits Get Together with Different Pets?

As rabbits, these pets are usually seen as prey animals by different pets. Each cats and canine can doubtlessly injure these bunnies, as they’re tiny. It isn’t that the rabbit received’t get together with these different frequent pets, however they may typically be seen as a prey animal.

With that stated, Holland Lop Rabbits get alongside positive with different rabbits and non-aggressive animals. For instance, you can wager that they’d be okay with rats and different rodents. They aren’t going to trouble fish or something of that kind both. These rabbits are quite common and never aggressive.

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What to Feed Your Holland Lop Rabbit

Holland rabbits want comparable care to different rabbits. Nonetheless, they sometimes want much less and smaller stuff since they’re much tinier than most different breeds on the market.

They want entry to contemporary water steadily, in addition to hay. They want a daily food regimen of contemporary veggies and rabbit pellets. Their food regimen is mainly the identical as each different rabbit on the market however in smaller quantities. You’ll doubtless discover that your rabbit prefers sure meals to others, however it’s important to feed them a diversified food regimen – not simply their favourite meals on a regular basis.

They are often educated identical to another animals, primarily should you use their favourite meals as treats. They are often litter educated and even taught to do easy tips, like heeling or hopping.

Maintaining Your Holland Lop Rabbit Wholesome

Holland Lop Rabbits are typically wholesome. They don’t seem to be vulnerable to many issues and wish minimal care to thrive. They solely require fundamental grooming in most circumstances. Whereas they aren’t genetically vulnerable to many points, they’ll nonetheless be affected by frequent rabbit illnesses. As an energetic breed, they require loads of playtime and aren’t appropriate to be stored in a cage for prolonged intervals.

Relating to grooming, these rabbits have to be brushed weekly. They do self-groom, however ingesting an excessive amount of hair may cause blockages. It’s within the rabbit’s finest curiosity should you take away a lot of the hair. They might want further brushing whereas they’re molting, which generally happens for just a few weeks yearly. Their nails additionally have to be checked and trimmed repeatedly.

Like all rabbits, the Holland Lop will want their enamel checked repeatedly. Overgrown enamel may be very painful and trigger vital issues, like infections. An accurate food regimen must be sufficient to maintain the enamel worn down, although a visit to the vet can trim down their enamel as properly.

Wire-bottom cages must be prevented. These are dangerous for his or her ft and may trigger sores.

Youthful rabbits are significantly vulnerable to enteritis, intestine stasis, and bloat. All of those points can presumably be lethal. Due to their lop ears, they’re additionally vulnerable to ear infections. Maintain their ears clear and well-groomed. Parasites are potential, particularly mites. They have a tendency to get these from different rabbits or exterior areas.

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Parasites are simply treatable with a spot-treatment or injection. They don’t seem to be sometimes lethal or critical, however they are often extraordinarily annoying for the rabbit.

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Holland Lops should be six months outdated or older earlier than they’ll breed. If a doe reaches the age of two earlier than breeding, it’s typically really useful not to breed her. The rabbits’ hips proceed to fuse as they age, and her hips could also be too fused to stop problems.

Rabbits can breed at any time. Nonetheless, spring and autumn are finest, because the climate is decently delicate. You will want to make sure which you can be current in the course of the labor and will probably be house for no less than the primary two months after the kits are born.

Earlier than breeding, each the doe and the buck ought to endure a well being verify. That is significantly vital with the feminine, however you don’t need the male transmitting any illnesses.

Holland Lops shouldn’t have a warmth cycle like different animals, to allow them to technically breed at any time. Nonetheless, they are often reasonably choosy and can solely do it when they’re within the temper. This will change from each day. It’s important that you’re there when the buck is launched, as fights aren’t unusual.

To seek out out if a rabbit is pregnant, you possibly can palpitate her abdomen. This may be carried out round day 10-14 after the breeding. You can even inform by weight, assuming you knew how a lot the rabbit weighed earlier than getting pregnant. By day 14, the doe ought to have gained a number of ounces if she is pregnant.

Habits adjustments can happen as properly. Some does turn into territorial or “imply” after they turn into pregnant.

Holland lop
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Are Holland Lop Rabbits Appropriate for You?

Holland Lop rabbits are in all probability among the best to deal with. They’re typically easy-going and pleasant, making them good for households. In addition they aren’t vulnerable to many well being issues, and plenty of of them stay wholesome all through most of their lives.

Nonetheless, these rabbits do require specialised cages and meals. It is best to have sufficient time to allow them to train exterior of their cage and supply them with the correct food regimen. They don’t seem to be a breed you possibly can go away sitting of their cage for days at a time. Their exercise degree requires that they get loads of train.

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