22 White Cat Breeds: Full Record with Data & Footage

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Have you ever been dreaming about welcoming a stupendous white cat into your house? Snow-white cats are superbly eye-catching, and the excellent news is that there are many cat breeds with white coats, they’re simply not as widespread as a few of the different colours. In fact, this makes your white kitty much more particular!

The rationale that you simply don’t see many white kittens is that the gene that codes for white fur is kind of uncommon. The genetic combos that lead to white kittens are additionally sophisticated!

One of many genes that codes for white hair acts by masking some other coat colour chance that the cat inherited. Others create white “spots” that may both masks some or all the cat’s different coat colours.

For those who’re decided to have a white kitten, then it’s a good suggestion to specify your desire with any breeders you’ve been speaking to. As with all uncommon colour, the white kittens could get reserved sight unseen.

One other factor to notice about white cats is that cats with white coats and blue eyes can usually be born deaf. That is an inherited genetic situation, and there’s no manner of understanding whether or not a kitten will probably be affected till they develop a bit older. Deaf cats can, after all, lead lengthy and wholesome lives, with only a few diversifications to maintain them secure.

Now, are you prepared to fulfill 22 totally different white cat breeds? Let’s go!


The 22 White Cat Breeds

1. Persian Cat

persian cat near window
Picture Credit score: choosangyeon, Shutterstock

The mushy and opulent long-coated Persian is a basic white cat breed. These candy and mild cats choose a quiet and constant dwelling the place they’re assured loads of consideration from their people. Their lengthy coats want each day brushing to remain clean and tangle-free.

2. Siamese Cat

White Siamese Cat
Picture: Needpix

In fact, most of us consider the Siamese as a breed with coloured factors on their legs, tail, and face, however they will additionally are available in a placing pure white coat colour. Each Siamese kitten is born white, so it could possibly be an anxious wait to see in the event that they develop colour! Siamese cats are vocal and love consideration!

3. Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex
Picture Credit score: Grigorita Ko, Shutterstock

Put together to fulfill a breed with a novel character and look! Their quick coat has a particular wave that extends to their barely wrinkly whiskers! These outgoing cats are clever and love exhibiting off to anybody who pays them consideration.

4. Scottish Fold

white scottish fold
Picture Credit score: Pexels

Scottish Fold cats have a genetic mutation that ends in the cartilage of their ears not forming appropriately. This implies their ears fold over, therefore their title! These calm and quiet cats make nice household cats and are fairly completely happy being left dwelling alone in the course of the day.

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5. American Curl

White American Curl Kitten
Picture by Chicsweet from Pixabay

One other breed with distinctive ears, the American Curl is a comparatively fashionable breed. They’re intelligent and love individuals, however they’re not overly talkative or attention-seeking. You’re extra prone to discover an American Curl quietly observing you, ready so that you can discover them!

6. Devon Rex

The Devon Rex has a brief and barely wavy coat. Their massive eyes and dramatic cheekbones make them a breed unmistakable for some other! These cats like to spend time with their people, and their playful nature makes them an ideal selection for households with younger youngsters.

7. Siberian Cat

White Siberian Cat
Picture: Pickpik

The chunky and muscular Siberian cat has a thick coat made up of a formidable three layers! These adventurous cats get pleasure from loads of alternatives to discover and play. It is a breed that can love to come back on walks and adventures with their people!

8. Norwegian Forest Cat

White Norwegian Forest
Picture: PxHere

Norwegian Forest Cats are one of many bigger cat breeds and may develop as much as 16 kilos in weight. Their thick coats are designed to assist defend them from the chilly winters of Northern Europe. Also called “wegies,” this breed is unbiased but loves consideration while you’re dwelling.

9. American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is the purebred number of home shorthair. This adaptable and pleasant breed as easy-going, and whereas they get pleasure from spending time with their households, they’re additionally unbiased and completely happy to spend time on their very own.

10. Sphynx

sphynx cat_Kekyalyaynen_Shutterstock
Picture Credit score: Kekyalyaynen, Shutterstock

The hairless Sphynx can’t precisely be described as having lengthy white fur, however the pale pores and skin of those candy cats is definitely coated with a high-quality masking of fuzzy hair. These energetic cats get pleasure from spending time with their people and have loads of character!

11. British Shorthair

white british shorthair cat
Picture Credit score: Katerina_Aro, Shutterstock

The British Shorthair has a chunky physique and vast head that provides them a troublesome look, however the reality is, these cats are affectionate and make nice household pets. They’re additionally clever, so you may simply educate them a couple of methods.

12. British Longhair

White British Longhair
Picture: PxHere

The lengthy hair of those cats wants loads of common brushing to remain tangle-free. Whereas British Longhairs do have an unbiased streak, in addition they love spending time with their people and received’t get pleasure from being left dwelling alone on daily basis.

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13. Himalayan Cat

Picture Credit score: Nattapong Pongpiyapan, Shutterstock

The Himalayan Cat is solely gorgeous, particularly with a white coat! Their eyes are sometimes blue, which makes for a surprising distinction towards a pure white coat. This affectionate and pleasant breed is adaptable to vary and has a relaxing affect on everybody they meet!

14. Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail is a particular breed with a silky coat and candy little bobbed tail. Little statues of this breed are thought of a superb luck appeal of their native Japan and have additionally made their strategy to the U.S., because the “waving cat” figurine.

15. Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora lying on the carpet
Picture Credit score: AntMak, Shutterstock

Turkish Angoras are an historical pure breed that has loads of power and character. Their thick coat wants loads of grooming to remain in good situation, and these cats may be present in many various colours, together with white.

16. Maine Coon

white maine coon lying
Picture Credit score: Piqsels

Maine Coons are massive cats, and whereas white is a potential coat colour, it’s uncommon on this breed. Their lengthy and fluffy coats want fairly a little bit of grooming. The playful and pleasant nature of the Maine Coon means they make nice household cats who get pleasure from loads of consideration.

17. Oriental Shorthair

White Oriental Shorthair Kitten
Picture: PixNio

With their smooth physique form, massive ears, and angular-shaped heads, the Oriental is a placing trying breed. They bond extraordinarily strongly with their people and can do finest dwelling in a house the place they aren’t left alone for lengthy intervals of the day. This breed is vocal and loves to speak!

18. Turkish Van

White Turkish Van
Picture: Pixabay

Turkish Van cats often have a largely white coat, however they might have patches of various colours on their tail and head. These lively cats get pleasure from loads of time exterior and should not get pleasure from life as an indoor cat. Not like most cat breeds, these guys really love water and swimming!

19. Russian White

Russian White Cat
Picture: Needpix

Because the title suggests, this breed has been bred to have a stupendous, snow-white coat, though they can be present in different colours! Their streamlined our bodies are elegant and delicate. Whereas Russian Whites love their households, they received’t simply make buddies with strangers.

20. Ragdoll

White Ragdoll Cat
Picture: Needpix

You may usually consider Ragdolls with that basic pointed coat, however they can be present in white. These mild cats have a form nature, and whereas they want common grooming, they’re a low-maintenance breed in most different respects.

21. Snow Bengal

white bengal cat

Picture Credit score: darko m, ShutterstockThese received’t be pure white, however fairly have a pale white or cream base coat with barely darker markings. Bengals require loads of consideration and may be thought of a high-maintenance breed. In case your cat doesn’t get sufficient interplay, they will trigger hassle!

22. Balinese

The Balinese is a longhaired number of the Siamese. Whereas all kittens will probably be born cream or white, some Balinese cats will keep pure white and by no means develop the basic pointed coat sample. Balinese cats are loyal, vocal, and affectionate.


We hope you loved discovering out extra about these 22 gorgeous cat breeds, all with the potential of a stupendous pure white coat!

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