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The cockatiel appears to be like cute, small, and timid, however they’re mighty parrots that love consideration and luxuriate in indulging their curiosities. These birds are sensible, interactive, and simple to coach to an extent. They could or could not speak or whistle for you. Preserve studying to be taught every part there may be to know concerning the persona and care wants of the cockatiel.


Species Overview

  • Widespread Names: Cockatiel, quarrion, weiro
  • Scientific Title: Nymphicus hollandicus
  • Grownup Measurement: 12-13 inches in size, 75-125 grams in weight
  • Life Expectancy: 16-25 years

Origin and Historical past

Clear Pied Cockatiel
Picture: Pxfuel

Cockatiels are native to Australia, the place they’re generally known as weiros or quarrions. They have been found within the 1700s because the smallest subfamily species of cockatoo. These small to medium-sized parrots could be discovered residing free within the Australian Outback, however they dwell in captivity as pets everywhere in the world.

Cockatiels are thought of straightforward to breed, so there isn’t any scarcity of them on the pet market. These birds received their genus title from the primary Europeans to look at them of their pure environment. The Europeans named the birds after legendary nymphs as a result of their magnificence and seemingly mysterious behaviors, therefore their genus title Nymphicus hallandicus.


The cockatiel is curious but mild, impartial but affectionate. They don’t thoughts conserving themselves busy for hours on finish by speaking in a mirror and enjoying with toys. Nevertheless, in addition they get pleasure from being held and petted usually by their human members of the family. They like to perch on a shoulder or finger slightly than being cuddled, which might make them too finicky for normal dealing with by younger kids.

With out correct socialization, these birds can turn out to be “nippy” and can chew anybody they assume is getting too shut or changing into too threatening to them. Cockatiels are sensible they usually like to please their members of the family, making them straightforward to coach from a younger age. They will be taught to wave, whistle, and even ring a bell on command.

These little parrots thrive relating to overcoming challenges, so that they want new actions and toys to work together with usually.

  • They’re sensible, making them enjoyable to coach and play with
  • They’re small and require little area to fortunately dwell
  • They intently bond with their human members of the family
  • They are often needy once they spend an excessive amount of time alone
  • They can’t be fully house-trained like cats or canines
  • They dwell a very long time – as much as 25 years – which requires a critical long-term dedication

Speech & Vocalizations

Whereas some cockatiels take to speaking and whistling like it’s second nature, some take a while to heat as much as these expertise. And nonetheless, others simply won’t budge relating to saying a phrase or whistling a word. You’ll not know whether or not your new pet cockatiel will speak or whistle till you get residence and begin working with them.

Some consultants consider that with time and endurance, most cockatiels will ultimately begin speaking or whistling – however not each. Some additionally consider that males are extra like to speak or whistle than females. In case your pet cockatiel talks to you, there can be no drawback understanding what they’re saying. But when they solely make sounds and whistle, you might not know what they’re attempting to speak to you. Listed below are the sound and vocalization patterns you need to learn about:

  • The Scream Whistle – That is when a cockatiel makes a noise that seems like a cross between a screech and a whistle. Most homeowners don’t discover this name amusing or fulfilling, however it is a vital communication instrument that’s utilized by the cockatiel when they’re feeling excited, lonely, or scared. Attending to know your fowl will let you perceive precisely why they’re “scream-whistling” at any given time.
  • The Unaverage Whistle – Cockatiels who like to whistle will be taught numerous various things to imitate, from the catcall to tv present theme songs. Cockatiels that whistle are usually attempting to imitate the human sounds they hear to speak with their human members of the family. Paying shut consideration to their inflection and the scenario by which they’re whistling might help you perceive what your cockatiel is attempting to say.
  • The Hissing Sound – When some cockatiels turn out to be afraid or really feel threatened for some purpose, they might produce a hissing sound that warns these round them that they’re able to strike with a chew or nip. Folks and different animals ought to keep an arm’s size distance away till the hissing subsides.
Picture Credit score: Joshua_Willson, Pixabay

Cockatiel Colours and Markings

Cockatiels could have pigmentation mutations which give them a unique coloration and marking variation. Pigment mutations could be handed down between generations, so many breeders know precisely which colours and marking varieties their birds are prone to show as they turn out to be adults. These are the essential coloration and marking variations to pay attention to:

  • Gray: That is the most typical kind of cockatiel that has not pigmentation mutations. They characteristic gray our bodies, orange cheeks, and yellow head hair
  • Pearl: These birds show numerous spots on their our bodies that appear to be little pearls
  • Pied: Pied cockatiels characteristic white patches randomly positioned on their our bodies
  • Blue: These parrots are white throughout however have black markings on their wings and blue coloring on their tails
  • Lutino: These birds produce no melanin and are fully white, apart from attainable light-yellow coloring on the wings


Caring for the Cockatiel

The cockatiel enjoys spending time on perches outdoors and indoors, however they want a devoted enclosed area to spend a few of their time in whereas alone or when quite a lot of commotion is happening in the home. Their cage needs to be giant sufficient to accommodate a number of perches, a number of hanging toys, meals and water bowls, and plenty of wing flapping.

A cage that options an outsized door is right in order that the fowl could make its personal approach again into its habitat when the time comes. These birds wish to forage, so they need to be supplied with newspaper and hay on the underside of their cage for foraging causes. Crumbled millet or a sprinkle of seeds could be poured over the bottom cowl to make foraging enjoyable.

They need to be allowed out of their cage usually to work together with different family members. They are often supplied with a number of resting areas all through the home the place they’ll hang around with out ruining furnishings. A shoulder to sit down on at the least often is a should as effectively.

Relating to grooming, cockatiels are straightforward to cope with. Their nails needs to be trimmed usually to maintain scratching to a minimal. Their cage habitat needs to be cleaned a number of instances every week to assist preserve their feathers clear. They need to even be supplied with a washing bowl to wash themselves in. If these birds get soiled, they are often gently cleaned underneath working water or “sponge bathed” with the assistance of a moist material.

Parakeet Cockatiel
Picture Credit score: ariesa66, Pixabay

Widespread Well being Issues

There are a number of frequent well being issues that the cockatiel can develop at any age corresponding to dietary deficiencies. For instance, birds fed a seed-heavy food regimen can turn out to be poor in vitamin A. On this case, fruit, vegetable, and industrial pellet consumption needs to be elevated. Different frequent issues embody:

  • Fatty Liver Illness – Cockatiels can turn out to be susceptible to fatty liver illness when they’re overweight, or they turn out to be uncovered to supplies corresponding to cleansing options and pesticides which can be poisonous to them. Fatty liver illness may end up in issues corresponding to weak beak development charges, irregular feather coloring, and the event of black spots anyplace on the physique.
  • Psittacosis – Attributable to a buildup of micro organism known as Chlamydia psittaci, the Psittacosis illness could be current with out displaying any signs. Cockatiels are extremely susceptible to psittacosis and may simply go it alongside to different birds. If signs do happen, they usually come within the type of runny eyes, ear and sinus infections, dehydration, and lethargy.
  • Respiratory Illness – There are a number of kinds of respiratory issues that cockatiels are susceptible to. House owners could discover their birds coughing, sneezing, and wheezing earlier than they find yourself creating a critical concern corresponding to pneumonia. Tiny items of meals inhaled whereas consuming can contribute to respiratory issues, and due to this fact their meals ought to by no means be floor.

Weight-reduction plan and Vitamin

Cockatiels needs to be fed industrial diets manufactured from seeds, grains, and actual vegetables and fruit. They need to additionally get pellets which can be made up primarily of grains. Their meals needs to be made particularly for his or her species. Synthetic elements needs to be averted each time attainable. House owners can feed their cockatiels contemporary fruits like cantaloupe, pineapple, and oranges in addition to veggies like carrots and beets at snack time to assist spherical their food regimen out.


These birds require loads of train all through the day, however the quantity of wanted train will depend on the particular fowl’s persona and temperament. Some cockatiels are content material to perch of their cage close to a mirror the place they’ll take a look at themselves. Others like to discover and appear to not keep in anybody place for lengthy intervals.

Both approach, cockatiels needs to be supplied with a number of toys to work together with whereas spending time of their cages. They need to even be allowed to roam freely in an enclosed porch or room within the residence usually. A harness could be bought for out of doors experiences, whether or not it’s a stroll across the block or a visit to the native farmer’s market.

Picture Credit score: BeckyTregear, Pixabay

The place to Undertake or Purchase a Cockatiel

Cockatiels are so standard and are really easy to breed that they are often bought from most pet outlets, massive and small. Breeders additionally promote these parrots on to shoppers. As effectively, these birds can typically be discovered at animal shelters the place they’re desperately on the lookout for a brand new place to name residence.



The cockatiel is a energetic, enjoyable fowl to work together and dwell with. They’re straightforward to look after, they usually can adapt to many several types of environments in the event that they get the eye, interplay, and affection that they crave. They love different birds whether or not parrots or word, making them an ideal alternative for households that already personal different birds. Are you contemplating adopting a cockatiel to name your personal? What most do you like about these adorably feathered companions? We wish to know what you concentrate on this superb fowl! Tell us by leaving a remark down under.

Featured Picture: SimonaR, Pixabay

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