13 Fluffiest Rooster Breeds (with Footage)

American Dominique chicken in the snow

There are greater than 50 breeds of hen acknowledged by the American Poultry Affiliation, and if you’re searching for the fluffiest breeds, we’ve received the right lineup. Be a part of us whereas we go over every chook, give you just a few information about it, and supply footage so you may see how they differ in look.

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The 13 Fluffiest Rooster Breeds

1. Silkie Rooster

Silkie chicken
Picture Credit score: furbymama, Pixabay

The Silkie is the primary hen on our listing. This breed has extraordinarily fluffy feathers and another distinctive traits. The pores and skin beneath the feathers is black, as are its bones. This chook additionally has blue earlobes, which stand out it doesn’t matter what shade it’s. It additionally has 5 toes on every foot, which is another than most different breeds. It’s naturally inclined to incubate eggs, so many farmers use it to assist incubate the eggs of various hen breeds.

Measurement: 2 – 3 kilos

2. Cochin Bantam Chickens

Cochin Bantam Chicken
Picture Credit score: Kassia Marie Ott. Shutterstock

Cochin Bantams are one other small and fluffy hen. This breed is brightly coloured, and there are feathers on its legs. One other distinctive trait about this hen is that its pores and skin is yellow. House owners often bread the smaller Bantam Cochins in addition to the usual measurement Cochins for exhibition.

Measurement:  1 – 2 kilos

3. Sultan Bantam Chickens

Sultan Chicken
Picture Credit score: Consolvo Pictures, Shutterstock

The Sultan Bantam is one other small hen that can also be fairly uncommon. It has fluffy plumage, particularly over the pinnacle and tail. This chook solely lays just a few eggs every year, so house owners often use them as exhibition birds to enter contests. These birds are often white with slate blue legs.

Measurement: 1 – 2 kilos

4. Frizzle Rooster

Frizzle Chicken
Picture Credit score: minka2507, Pixabay

The Frizzle breed has curled, fluffy plumage. The historical past of this chook is unknown, however many specialists consider they got here from the Far East within the 1800s. Whereas this chook is an efficient egg layer, house owners primarily hold them to enter into award reveals.

Measurement: 7 – 8 kilos

5. Polish Rooster

Crested golden laced polish chicken
Picture Credit score: Andi111, Shutterstock

The Polish hen is straightforward to determine with its massive crest of feathers over its head. There are a number of completely different sorts of Polish chickens, together with the Golden Polish and the Laced Polish.

Measurement: 6 – 7 kilos

6. Ameraucana Rooster

Ameraucana Chicken
Picture Credit score: Flensshot, Pixabay

The Ameraucana hen is very distinctive as a result of not solely is it fluffy, it additionally lays blue eggs and is one among just a few hen breeds to take action, collectively referred to as Easter Eggers. There are eight completely different colours obtainable on this breed, together with black, blue, brown, and white.

Measurement: 5 – 7 kilos

7. Crevecoeur Chickens

Crevecoeur Chicken
Picture Credit score: Pukhov Ok, Shutterstock

The Crevecoeur is a fluffy however extraordinarily uncommon breed that the majority house owners use for exhibition, although it does a good job of laying eggs. It may additionally get fairly massive and offers loads of meat when you use it for that function. It’s a relaxed and pleasant chook that’s excellent for newbie chook house owners.

Measurement: 6.6 – 7.5 kilos

8. Dominique Rooster

Dominique chicken
Picture Credit score: Pixabay

The Dominique hen is a fluffy hen that can also be an skilled egg layer. It’s a hardy survivor that not often will get aggressive towards different animals or folks, however it would require more room than many different breeds. It has a sexy hawk-like plumage, and its feathers have been standard for stuffing pillows and mattresses in Colonial America.

Measurement: 5-7 kilos

9. Dorking

dorking chicken
Picture Credit score: Alicia Cooper, shutterstock

The Dorking hen is a plump and fluffy hen that many house owners use for meat manufacturing, however you can too discover them at award reveals. It requires plenty of house to roam free, but it surely not often will get aggressive towards different birds. Dorking chickens take pleasure in incubating eggs and can typically want sitting on them to laying them.

Measurement: 8 – 15 kilos

10. Langshan

Picture Credit score: Snezana Vasilijevic, Shutterstock

The Langshan hen is one other plump and fluffy hen that’s fairly energetic and would require ample house to run. It’s calm and pleasant towards different folks and animals, and many house owners comment on its excessive degree of intelligence. It has feathered legs and toes and might develop to almost 3 toes tall.

Measurement: 5 – 8 kilos

11. Russian Orloff

Russian Orloff chicken
Picture Credit score: Maksim Shchur, Shutterstock

The Russian Orloff hen is a big meat-producing hen that you may additionally use to put eggs. It has thick fluffy feathers and might face up to chilly temperatures. Nonetheless, it would require a cool space in the course of the sizzling summer time to flee the warmth.

Measurement: 7 – 9 kilos

12. Sultan

Sultan Chicken
Picture Credit score: Consolvo Pictures, Shutterstock

The Sultan hen is likely one of the extra distinctive hen breeds with feathers protecting its toes. The Sultan is, the truth is, the bigger model of the Sultan Bantam. It should lay eggs, however house owners primarily hold them as present birds to win award reveals. It’s very calm, simple to look after, and you may even hold them as a pet.

Measurement: 5 – 6 kilos

13. Yokohama

Yokohama chicken
Picture Credit score: Minakryn Rusian, Shutterstock

Its lengthy feathers simply determine the Yokohama hen. House owners often elevate this breed as trophy birds, however they require ample house to run and will also be fairly aggressive towards different animals and even folks. This breed is finest for skilled chook keepers.

Measurement: 4 – 5.5 kilos



As you may see, there are fairly just a few fuzzy hen breeds. We suggest the Silkie, Sultan Bantam, or the full-sized Sultan in order for you one thing actually fuzzy, however the different choices are additionally good. The one hen breed we might suggest new house owners keep away from is the Yokohama breed as a result of it requires a big space and might get aggressive towards folks. It’s higher to have some expertise earlier than proudly owning this hen.

We hope you’ve loved this information and located a hen appropriate on your dwelling or farm. You probably have found a breed that you haven’t heard of, please share this information to the 13 fluffiest hen breeds on Fb and Twitter.

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