22 Rooster Breeds & Tips on how to Choose the Greatest (w/ Pics)

Buff Orpington cockerel

On account of current world occasions, individuals are beginning to consider sustainability greater than ever. Self-sufficiency is on the rise, and lots of are contemplating methods to begin supplying their very own meals. One wonderful means to offer your loved ones with meals is by elevating chickens. A wholesome hen can provide a number of eggs each week for a few years. Moreover, you may harvest the chickens for meat, retaining your loved ones well-fed, no matter what occasions transpire sooner or later.

Should you’re new to chickens, you is likely to be shocked to understand that there are dozens of various breeds of chickens to select from. Every of those birds has its personal distinctive traits that make them roughly appropriate for any given scenario. Some are nice egg layers. Others develop rapidly to provide numerous meat. No matter you’re on the lookout for in a flock, you’re positive to seek out it in one in every of these kinds of hen breeds.

There are lots of of hen breeds to select from, and every has its personal advantages. From the friendliness of the Sussex to the egg-laying prowess of the Australorp, you’ll not wrestle to discover a breed that’s best for you in our listing of the highest 22 hen breeds beneath.

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The Prime 22 Rooster Breeds

1. Araucana Rooster

Araucana chicken breed
Picture Credit score: MelaniMarfeld, Pixabay

Weight (lb): 4 – 5 lbs

Look: The Araucana has no tail, no beard, and no muff however might have ear tufts. Accessible in varied colours, they’ve puffed out cheeks.

Temperament: Some declare the Araucana to be the friendliest breed. Others say the other. Guarantee common dealing with as a chick for one of the best temperament.

Egg Manufacturing: The Araucana lays stunning blue eggs and produces between 150 and 200 eggs a yr. She gained’t normally lay in winter.

2. Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens

Barred Plymouth Rock Chicken standing on dry leaves
Picture Credit score: JEHigg, Pixabay

Weight (lb): 7 – 10 lbs

Look: The Barred Plymouth Rock is a big hen with a triangular physique. Coloration can fluctuate, however the Barred Rock has black and white barred feathers.

Temperament: Generally described as being calm and mellow birds, Barred Rock chickens get together with all people.

Egg Manufacturing: The Barred Rock lays as much as 280 giant eggs a yr, together with throughout winter.

3. Rhode Island Purple Rooster

rhode island red chicken
Picture Credit score: tshatzel, Pixabay

Weight (lb): 6 – 9 lbs

Look: With an extended rectangular physique, the Rhode Island Purple has orange eyes, yellow ft, and darkish purple our bodies.

Temperament: Hardy animals, the Rhode Island Purple is an efficient chook for inexperienced breeders as a result of they’ll deal with questionable situations and an imperfect eating regimen.

Egg Manufacturing: Anticipate between 200 and 250 eggs a yr, with fewer in winter.

4. ISA Brown Rooster

Weight (lb): 4 – 7 lbs

Look: This medium sized hen has a brown, rectangular physique with some white feathers within the tail. They are often fairly plump.

Temperament: Docile, pleasant, and candy mannered: a superb all-round alternative.

Egg Manufacturing: Prolific layers, yielding as much as 300 or extra eggs a yr.

5. Australorp Rooster

Black australorp chickens_Shutterstock_Ton Bangkeaw
Picture Credit score: Ton Bangkeaw, Shutterstock

Weight (lb): 6 – 11 lbs

Look: This medium to giant breed has black feathers, though blue and white varieties exist. It must be upright with a tall tail.

Temperament: Shy initially, the Australorp will observe you across the yard and can respect edible treats.

Egg Manufacturing: The breed lays as much as 250 eggs a yr. The eggs are gentle brown in colour and medium in dimension.

6. Maran Chickens

Black Marans chicken in the grass
Picture Credit score: cynoclub, Shutterstock

Weight (lb): 6 – 10 lbs

Look: Many sorts exist together with the black-tailed purple and the Rooster, each of that are named in response to their bodily look.

Temperament: Hardy animals that may thrive in any situations, the Maran is a docile and comparatively quiet breed.

Egg Manufacturing: 150 Darkish brown eggs a yr, with some varieties laying chocolate colour eggs.

7. Buff Orpington Rooster

Buff Orpington Chickens
Picture Credit score: Racheal Carpenter, Shutterstock

Weight (lb): 7 – 10 lbs

Look: Fluffy feathers, low stance, and a broad physique, the Buff Orpington is the commonest colour of the Orpington breed.

Temperament: They’re mild giants and revel in a little bit consideration from their people. Appropriate for colleges and households, too.

Egg Manufacturing: Orpingtons lay as much as 280 giant, brown eggs, yearly.

8. Barnevelder Chickens

barnevelder chickens
Picture Credit score: Jolanda de Jong-Jansen, Shutterstock

Weight (lb): 6 – 9 lbs

Look: The Barnevelder seems to be slim and agile. It has yellow legs and ft. Hens have a novel brown feather with double lacing that provides an arrowhead.

Temperament: Docile and pleasant, the Barnevelder is taken into account a superb breed for kids to boost.

Egg Manufacturing: The Barnevelder will lay as much as 200 eggs a yr. The eggs are darkish chocolate and might be speckled.

9. Leghorn Chickens

Leghorn Chicken
Picture Credit score: Ivdonata, Shutterstock

Weight (lb): 5 – 8 lbs

Look: The aerodynamic Leghorn has yellow pores and skin and legs. Completely different varieties come in several colours, together with the favored White Leghorn and Cream Leghorn variants.

Temperament: The clever Leghorn can discover most of its personal meals if left to free-range. They are going to stay lively and busy and are good at flying.

Egg Manufacturing: The Leghorn produces round 280 eggs a yr. Eggs get larger annually, are white and might be extra-large throughout her remaining years of laying.

10. Easter Egger Chickens

Easter Egger chicken
Picture Credit score: happy2be, Pixabay

Weight (lb): 3 – 6 lbs

Look: The Easter Egger is a hybrid breed, however hybrids could make one of the best pets. Normally small, the Easter Egger will tackle the looks of its dad and mom.

Temperament: The Easter Egger is normally pleasant and candy. They like treats and may sit in your lap. They’re a sensible choice for household houses.

Egg Manufacturing: Producing roughly 200 a yr, the Easter Egger can lay eggs in any one in every of a rainbow of colours, which is one more reason for his or her reputation.

11. Silkies

Silkie Chicken
Picture Credit score: eloneo, Pixabay

Weight (lb): 2 – 4 lbs

Look: Silkies are very small chickens which might be lined from head to toe in delicate feathers. Normally white, some Silkies have a beard whereas others don’t. They’ve 5, reasonably than 4, toes on every foot.

Temperament: Described as calm and docile, even the roosters are identified for being pleasant little animals. They will make a fantastic addition to a house coop.

Egg Manufacturing: The Silkie just isn’t a prolific layer, producing round 100 eggs a yr. The eggs are a cream colour and are thought of small in dimension.

12. Welsummer Rooster

Welsummer chickens stepping out in the snow
Picture Credit score: Lonny Garris, Shutterstock

Weight (lb): 5 – 7 lbs

Look: The stocky Welsummer has a big tail and is normally brown in colour with a gold trying neck and higher physique.

Temperament: The Welsummer is pleasant and straightforward to deal with. He likes being free-range and is taken into account an honest hen for household coops.

Egg Manufacturing: The breed is wanted for its giant, darkish brown eggs, and you may anticipate as much as 200 a yr from this breed.

13. Wyandotte Chickens

Golden Laced Wyandotte and Sicilian Buttercup Chickens
Picture Credit score: Merrimon Crawford, Shutterstock

Weight (lb): 6 – 10 lbs

Look: The Wyandotte is a big chook that is available in completely different colour varieties. It’s a fashionable present breed, and whereas it’s simple to seek out this breed, it could actually show tougher if you would like present high quality birds.

Temperament: Described as docile and pleasant, the Wyandotte is an efficient alternative of yard chook.

Egg Manufacturing: You must get round 200, giant brown eggs, a yr, out of your Wyandotte.

14. Speckled Sussex Rooster

Weight (lb): 6 – 10 lbs

Look: One other giant breed, the Sussex is a swish hen with vast shoulders. Colours embody purple, speckled, brown, and silver.

Temperament: These are docile however pleased and pleasant birds. They are going to observe you round, normally I the hope of betting some treats.

Egg Manufacturing: You must get between 200 and 250 eggs a yr, together with throughout winter. Eggs are giant and brown.

15. Cochin

cochin chicken
Picture Credit score: Dewi Cahyaningrum, Shutterstock

Weight (lb): 8 – 11 lbs

Look:  The Cochin is a big breed and it seems to be even bigger because of fluffy feathers from prime to backside. The size of their feathers means ft and legs must be hidden.

Temperament: Calm and pleasant, the Cochin is a well-rounded chook that may do effectively in a yard coop.

Egg Manufacturing: Though this breed unusually prefers to put throughout winter, they aren’t prolific layers, giving round 180 small to medium brown eggs a yr.

16. Polish Rooster

Crested golden laced polish chicken
Picture Credit score: Andi111, Shutterstock

Weight (lb): 4 – 7 lbs

Look: The Polish is a small hen, fashionable for its distinctive look. It has a outstanding head crest of feathers that make it stand out from every other breed.

Temperament: Thought-about a peaceful hen, the Polish might be inquisitive. They are often nervous, so it is best to whistle or speak to alert them to your approaching presence.

Egg Manufacturing: The Polish hen will lay round 180 white eggs yearly so are usually not thought of a prolific layer.

17. Brahma Chickens

Brahma rooster
Picture Credit score: Yasser Al-Mulqi, Pixabay

Weight (lb): 7 – 12 lbs

Look: All Brahma chickens have purple eyes and a single pea comb, although they arrive in a wide range of colours. You’ll typically hear Brahmas known as the king of chickens as a result of their large dimension. Hens typically attain weights of as much as 9 kilos whereas roosters are hardly ever lower than 10 kilos and generally as heavy as 12 kilos!

Temperament: The roosters are reasonably mild, making them simple to deal with, which is why these chickens may even make good pets. The additional weight they carry prevents them from flying, so a 2-foot fence is all that’s wanted to deal with these chickens.

Egg Manufacturing: Due to their large dimension, Brahma chickens are normally raised for his or her meat, although Brahma hens are nonetheless proficient egg layers at roughly 150 eggs per yr.

18. Jersey Large Rooster

Jersey Giant Chicken
Picture Credit score: Anna Hoychuk, Shutterstock

Weight (lb): 9 – 15 lbs

Look: The Jersey Large undoubtedly earned its identify via its large dimension. Even bigger than the Brahma breed, which is named the king of chickens, Jersey Giants can attain weights of as much as 15 kilos! The truth is, they is likely to be the biggest breed of chickens on this planet.

Temperament: First created within the US, Jersey Giants can provide greater than only a gargantuan dimension. They’re additionally very mild and straightforward to maintain, which is a serious cause for his or her reputation, which has grown to match their giant stature.

Egg Manufacturing: They lay fairly just a few eggs yearly, averaging about 150 – 200 per yr. Sadly, if hens go broody, they have a tendency to interrupt a lot of their eggs as a result of their giant dimension.

19. Ameraucana Rooster

Ameraucana Chicken
Picture Credit score: Flensshot, Pixabay

Weight (lb): 5.5 – 6.5 lbs

Look: Ameraucana chickens are sometimes confused with Easter Eggers. They do look reasonably related, however Ameraucanas are a pure breed with some distinctive traits. You will get Ameraucanas in eight completely different colours, together with wheaten, white, blue, and silver. Don’t anticipate them to get very giant, although. Males common about 6.5 kilos and females simply 5.5 kilos.

Temperament: These birds are thought of to be predator savvy, so should you let your chickens free-range, Ameraucanas are most likely a sensible choice. They’re reasonably tolerant of the chilly however don’t do very effectively within the warmth.

Egg Manufacturing: They lay blue eggs! Their eggs are medium-sized, however you’ll get about 150 eggs per yr. Nevertheless, they’re gradual to mature, so don’t anticipate your Ameraucana hens to begin laying instantly.

20. Turken (Bare Neck)

Picture Credit score: MLARANDA, Pixabay

Weight (lb): 5 – 7 lbs

Look: Should you’re on the lookout for chickens which might be as stunning as they’re productive, you would possibly need to skip over the Turken. Also referred to as the bare neck hen, these are a few of the most original trying chickens round. Typically talking, lacking feathers is an indication of sickness. However Turkens have about half as many feathers as different chickens, which makes it appear to be they’re ailing. Additionally they have bare necks, with naked, wrinkled pores and skin uncovered. It’s an odd look. However nothing is unsuitable with this chook; that’s the best way they’re bred!

Temperament:  They’re appropriate in each cold and warm climate situations and have a tendency to have calm and pleasant personalities.

Egg Manufacturing: Roughly 100 giant brown eggs per yr.

21. Frizzle Rooster

Frizzle Chicken
Picture Credit score: minka2507, Pixabay

Weight (lb): 6 – 8 lbs

Look: Should you’ve by no means seen or heard of a Frizzle hen earlier than, you’ll most likely be shocked to seek out out that they’ve been round because the 1600s! These birds are so-named for his or her frizzled look, with delicate feathers that jut out in each path. They’re considerably just like Silkies in look. However what’s actually humorous is that should you cross the 2 breeds, the ensuing offspring is named a Sizzle!

Temperament: These birds are hardy however candy. Due to their attention-grabbing feathering, Frizzles can’t fly. Should you enable yours to free-range, you’ll want to offer ample safety from predators. They’re additionally not essentially the most weather-averse chickens for a similar cause, in order that they’re finest fitted to average climates.

Egg Manufacturing: The Frizzle hens lay round 180 – 200 eggs per yr.

22. New Hampshire Purple Chickens

New Hampshire Red chickens
Picture Credit score: CClarkPhoto, Shutterstock

Weight (lb): 7 – 9 lbs

Look: New Hampshire Purple chickens had been first created as an off-shoot of the very fashionable Rhode Island Purple breed. At the moment, they’re thought of to be a completely separate breed with a number of fascinating traits. As an illustration, the New Hampshire Purple gives significantly extra meat than a Rhode Island Purple, although the latter is a extra prolific layer.

Temperament: These birds are likely to have different personalities, whereas some is usually a bit aggressive, others are extremely calm and pleasant.

Egg Manufacturing: Hens can nonetheless produce about 200 eggs per yr. Although they’re thought of a dual-purpose breed, New Hampshire Reds are typically raised primarily for his or her meat.

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Advantages of Housing Chickens in Your Yard

  • Protecting chickens in your yard offers you entry to a daily provide of contemporary chickens. Anticipate a median of 150 to 200 eggs a yr, however you may get as many as 300 or as few as 100.
  • Chickens make wonderful fertilizer. Their manure is an efficient mixture of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium that may profit your vegetation and prevent cash.
  • Some chickens are very affectionate and candy and may even be educated to eat out of your hand. They make surprisingly good pets with distinctive and particular person characters.
  • They are going to eat leftover salad, greens, fruit, rice, and nuts, making them nice waste disposal. They may also clear your yard of bugs and bugs like slugs and snails.

For the entire advantages, although, retaining chickens does have some drawbacks:

  • They are often noisy. They chatter and make a collection of noises. Some individuals love the noise, others much less so.
  • They poo so much. The fertilizer is nice, however it has to come back from someplace, and it’s seemingly that your chickens will produce extra poop than you should use.
  • They do require care. Many homesteaders love chickens as a result of they’re simpler to take care of than different types of livestock, however they do require every day upkeep and ongoing care.

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How A lot Room Do Chickens Want?

As a common rule, the extra room you can provide your chickens the higher, however it is best to present roughly 3 sq. ft of indoor area and 10 sq. ft of out of doors area, per hen. This ensures that your flock has sufficient room. In case your birds wouldn’t have sufficient area, they are going to be vulnerable to attacking each other and so they might undergo stress, cannibalism, and pecking. The precise quantity of area will depend on the varieties of hen breeds you increase. Smaller chickens do require much less area, whereas those who favor to free-range will favor higher out of doors area and can take pleasure in being allowed to roam across the yard.

Contemplating Your Local weather

Completely different chickens had been bred in several international locations and climates, and so they normally favor the kind of local weather they’re accustomed to. Wyandottes do effectively in chilly situations, for instance, whereas different birds favor the warmth. Many hens is not going to lay eggs through the winter months, however your local weather must be one of many first and most essential, deciding components when selecting a hen breed.

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Selecting the best varieties of hen breeds to your yard coop means discovering one which matches your necessities and need to get a hen. It also needs to be appropriate to your local weather and situations, and since it’ll stay in your yard, you’ll seemingly need a hen that’s pleasant and docile.

There are a lot of varieties of chickens so that you can select from. The 22 hen breeds we’ve simply lined are a few of the most typical and fashionable. Every of them gives some traits that make them fascinating for sure keepers or conditions. Whether or not you’re elevating chickens for eggs, meat, or simply to maintain as pets, you’ll discover a breed to fit your wants someplace on this listing.

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