11 Largest Horse Breeds (with Photos)

Majestic Clydesdale

There are a whole bunch of horse breeds all over the world. Horses have been domesticated for a whole bunch if not hundreds of years, resulting in loads of variation between completely different breeds. A few of these breeds are very small, however others are substantial.

Most massive horses are draft horses. In different phrases, they’re bred to tug heavy gear and provides. Most of them should not driving horses — they’re too massive. Many of those breeds are nonetheless used for pulling issues even right now.


The 11 Largest Horse Breeds

1. Shire Horse

Shire Horse_Alexas_Fotos, Pixabay
Picture Credit score: Alexas_Fotos, Pixabay

The Shire horse is definitely the biggest horse on the earth. This stuff make different horses appear to be dwarfs. They vary from 17 to 19 palms tall and may weigh as much as 2,400 kilos. They have been selectively bred to be massive for farm and industrial work. This led to the large dimension they’re right now.

Prior to now, this breed towed barges, pulled carts, and dealt with heavy plows. They’re used for each farm and industrial work.

Nevertheless, as a result of most farms are mechanized today, these horses are nearing extinction. Their numbers proceed to decrease, as many don’t need to hold massive horses except they’ve a sensible want for them.

A number of teams wish to revive this breed, although. Their numbers have slowly recovered, although they’re nonetheless thought-about endangered right now.

2. Clydesdale Horse

Clydesdale horse_ OlesyaNickolaeva, Shutterstock
Picture Credit score: OlesyaNickolaeva, Shutterstock

This horse is a bit higher recognized than the Shire Horse. Nevertheless, they’re a bit smaller. They’re someplace between 16 to 18 palms excessive and weigh between 1,800 to 2,000 kilos. They are often bigger, although.

The well-known Budweiser Clydesdale horses are normally no less than 18 palms excessive and weigh as much as 2,300 kilos. King LeGear is maybe the most important Clydesdale round, standing at a excessive 20.5 palms excessive. He weighed 2,950 kilos, which is greater than a Shire Horse.

These horses are recognized for his or her energetic nature. They are often fairly light, however they’re additionally relatively excitable. They’re used for agriculture, industrial, and forestry functions that require energy.

They’re additionally thought-about magnificent horses. They’ve white, feathered hooves that make them extremely popular. They’re generally in parades and as present horses on account of their magnificence. Whereas they’re prevalent, they’re nonetheless susceptible to extinction in some nations. That is principally on account of their massive dimension, which makes them considerably difficult to maintain.

That is an historic breed. There isn’t any document of when the Clydesdale horse started. We all know they existed within the mid-18th century, as there are data of them being imported to Scotland. Their particular ancestors embody a Lampits mare and a Thomson’s stallion. Nevertheless, there are possible different ancestors as effectively.

3. Percheron Horse

Percheron horse
Picture Credit score: StratoArt, Pixabay

The Percheron is one other colossal horse. It originates from France, notably the Huisne river valley. This area was as soon as recognized in Perche, which is the place the breed will get its identify from.

This horse varies in dimension fairly a bit. They are often anyplace from 15 to 19 palms excessive, which is a large number of sizes.

Whereas they have been recognized in France, their precise historical past and growth are unknown. They might be as outdated as 496 A.D.

This breed is in contrast to different draft horses as a result of Arabian and oriental horses closely affect them. This goes again to the 8th century. The affect remained closely till the 19th century. Due to this affect, this horse has a lighter neck than another breeds. Nevertheless, it’s nonetheless completely able to pulling heavy masses.

Again within the 19th century, this was a well-known coach horse. At the moment, since coaches are hardly used, they’re principally utilized in horse reveals, parades, and driving. They’re nonetheless capable of carry out forestry and farm work as mandatory.

Not like most draft horses, these additionally make good driving horses.

4. Belgian Draft Horse

The Belgian Draft didn’t develop as its personal breed till after World Warfare II. The Belgian Draft is taller than most horses, however additionally it is lighter. This implies it may possibly’t carry as heavy of a load as different draft horses on this record, although it’s nonetheless thought-about a heavy horse.

They normally weigh round 2,000 kilos and stand round 16.5 palms excessive. With their heavyweight, these horses are additionally able to pulling heavy masses. Two Belgian Drafts have been recorded to tug 17,000 kilos.

At the moment, these horses are most typical in heavy farm work and forestry. Nevertheless, they’re nonetheless helpful as driving horses. This is among the few draft breeds that aren’t on the sting of extinction.

They’re usually shorter than most different draft breeds, however this breed nonetheless has some fairly large horses. Essentially the most well-known Belgian Draft was named Brooklyn Supreme. This horse stood 19.2 palms tall and weighed over 3,000 kilos.

5. Suffolk Punch

Suffolk Punch horse trotting up
Picture Credit score: nigel baker images, Shutterstock

This horse breed is kind of outdated and comparatively tall. They’re the tallest horse in Britain, standing between 16.1 and 17.2 palms excessive. They weigh round 2,000 kilos typically, although larger horses are doable. These are nonetheless common right now for forestry and farm work. Additionally they do lots within the promoting trade, thanks principally to their placing determine.

We don’t precisely know when this breed first took place. Nevertheless, we’ve got mentions that date again to 1586, so we all know the breed has modified little since that point. This horse possible has shut genetic ties with some pony breeds, regardless of being huge.

This is among the rarer horse breeds on this record. They’re historic and have reached a genetic bottleneck because of the huge losses through the World Wars. There are only a few left in Britain right now.

In America, the breed is a bit higher off. Nevertheless, crossbreeding with Belgian Drafts is allowed in the USA, whereas the British nonetheless don’t enable this. Because of this, the British additionally don’t enable crossbreeding with American Suffolk Punches.

6. Dutch Draft Horse

braided dutch draft horse
Picture Credit score: navatu, Shutterstock

The Dutch Draft is a more moderen breed of horse. They didn’t seem till after World Warfare I, wherein Ardennes and Belgian Draft horses have been generally bred collectively. This led to a complete new breed of horse – the Dutch Draft.

This breed is kind of heavyset. It grew to become common in Zeeland and Groningen, principally for farm work and related heavy pulling jobs. Nevertheless, it didn’t have a lot time to turn out to be common till World Warfare II, the place it suffered heavy losses and have become a rarer breed.

That is possible one of many strongest horse breeds. They typically compete in horse-drawn plowing occasions, the place they typically win. Regardless of this, they’re much smaller than a number of the different draft horses. Mares are normally round 15 palms excessive and stallions are round 17 palms excessive.

Nonetheless, they’re much bigger than most different breeds on the market. They aren’t small horses by any means.

7. Australian Draught Horse

This horse breed is a big conglomeration of different horse breeds on this record. They’re principally a hybrid, with the genetics of Clydesdales, Percherons, Shires, and Suffolk Punches all wrapped up on this one breed. They didn’t turn out to be their very own breed till 1976 after they began their studbook.

Because the identify suggests, this horse was bred for Australia. To make the horse appropriate for this nation, many massive horses have been used. It’s possible that many of those horses have been introduced over with settlers, after which crossbreeding started to occur. Ultimately, this led to a brand new breed.

This horse is legendary all through Australia, the place it’s the dominant draft breed. Many should not registered, so the precise variety of horses round right now is difficult to determine.

This horse is comparatively massive, although it’s smaller than a lot of its ancestors. It may stand between 16.2 and 17.2 palms excessive and weighs between 1,300 to 1,900 kilos. Greater horses are acceptable.

Regardless of their comparatively smaller dimension, they’re simply as robust as a number of the different horses on this record. They’re additionally very light and docile, which makes them simple to work with. Many individuals say they’re a pleasure to personal.

8. American Cream

american cream horse
Picture Credit score: Oleg Skladan, Shutterstock

The American Cream Draft is the one draft horse developed in the USA that’s nonetheless in existence. All of the others are actually extinct. Even this horse remains to be a uncommon breed right now.

They’re finest recognized for his or her gold champagne coloration, which is the place they get a part of their identify from. This coloration is produced by placing a champagne gene on prime of a chestnut coloration gene. Because of this, this breed is available in each champagne gold and chestnut, relying on whether or not or not the horse will get the champagne gene. This breed normally solely has amber eyes.

This breed first popped up in Iowa through the early 20th century.  They started with a mare named Previous Granny, who was a cream coloration. The breed struggled to get traction through the Nice Despair. Nevertheless, a number of breeders labored to enhance the breed, and the breed registry was created in 1944.

Since farming has turn out to be mechanized, this breed has fallen out of recognition. The registry grew to become inactive for a number of many years. Nevertheless, it was reactivated in 1982. The breed has been rising steadily since then, although they’re nonetheless thought-about to be crucial.

9. Russian Heavy Draft/Ardennes

The Russian Heavy Draft is a Russian horse breed. It was bred initially in Imperial Russia through the second half of the nineteenth century. After the Russian revolution, it was renamed the Russian Ardennes. It’s typically shortened to the “Ardennes.”

This breed is one among a number of draft breeds that have been being developed on the time. Nevertheless, it’s an older breed on the whole and is smaller than most different draft breeds round right now.

This little horse is kind of highly effective for its dimension. It additionally has a excessive milk manufacturing and is typically used within the manufacturing of kumis. In some nations, the horse can be raised for meat.

10. Lithuanian Heavy Draught

This draught horse was created through the 19th and 20th centuries. Because the identify suggests, they have been developed in Lithuania, the place you’ll nonetheless principally discover them right now. They’re used most for heavy draft work, as you can most likely guess. Nevertheless, they’re generally used for meat manufacturing as effectively.

At the moment, the breed is close to extinction. There have been just one,000 horses left lower than 20 years in the past.

This horse normally stands round 15 to 16 palms excessive. They aren’t as massive as another breeds on this record, although they’re nonetheless decently highly effective. They arrive in numerous colours as effectively, together with bay, chestnut, black, gray, and roan. They’ve robust, strong legs and are fairly muscular.

11. Soviet Heavy Draft

Because the identify suggests, this horse was developed through the Soviet period in Russia. This horse was initially derived from the Belgian Brabant and was developed for heavy labor and agricultural work within the Soviet Union. It was acknowledged as a breed in 1952.

That is one among a number of breeds that have been all developed concurrently, together with the Russian Heavy Draft, which is usually confused with this horse.

The Soviet Heavy Draft is understood to be huge with a free-moving gait. They will have a straight or convex profile. Their neck is comparatively quick, whereas their torso is broad and muscular.

They have been principally used for draft work in agriculture, although they’re generally seen in industrial work. They’re additionally dependable producers of milk and meat, which they’re used for in some nations. The females have a decrease fertility price of solely 65%, although the foals are simple to look after and develop shortly. They’ve an honest lactation price.

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