10 Largest Rabbit Breeds within the World (With Photos)

flemish giant rabbit

Whenever you consider rabbit breeds, it’s possible you’ll not image one greater than a medium-size canine. Ralph, the present Guinness World File holder for the biggest rabbit, has an official weight of 55 kilos and consumes $90 in meals every week. He’s a Continental Big, one of many largest breeds of rabbits on the earth.

Whether or not you agree greater is best, our record of the ten largest rabbit breeds on the earth might have you ever admiring their sturdy measurement and longing to wrap your arms round them. Whereas they’re all massive, these big rabbit breeds have a variety of temperaments and quite a lot of totally different options. As soon as bred for fur and meat, most of those rabbit breeds are actually extra fashionable as pets.

The ten Largest Rabbit Breeds In The World

1. Flemish Big

male brown Flemish giant rabbit
Picture Credit score: Veroja, Shutterstock

Weighing as much as and infrequently over 20 kilos, the Flemish Big is the biggest rabbit breed on the earth. This “light big” has a docile temperament and an eight- to 10-year life span. The Flemish Big rabbit breed is available in seven totally different colours. This breed dates way back to 16th-century Belgium and was initially bred for its fur and meat. Today, you’ll almost definitely discover the Flemish Big being bred for present or raised as a pet. Proudly owning such a big rabbit requires loads of house, an enormous meals finances, and ample time for care.

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2. Continental Big

giant continental rabbit
Picture Credit score: Shutterstock

The Continental Big rabbit breed can weigh as much as 16 kilos and extra. Considered descended from Flemish Giants, the physique of this rabbit breed is highly effective and lengthy. Their thick, shiny coat is available in quite a lot of colours. Continental Giants have been helpful as meat, fur, and present animals. As a pet, this rabbit breed has a mild, pleasant, and clever temperament, though they typically want to not be picked up. In case you’re pondering of proudly owning a Continental Big as a pet, remember that they’re higher with older youngsters and skilled homeowners who can present a big residing space.

3. Blanc de Bouscat

With their pure white fur, pink eyes, and stout stature, the Blanc de Bouscat has a shocking look. Full-grown bucks can attain 12 kilos, with mature does averaging round 14 kilos. You’ll be able to establish a Blanc de Bouscat not solely from their distinct white coat but in addition from their robust, muscular physique, their spherical head set into their shoulders, and their lengthy, upright ears. This rabbit breed has a French origin from the village of Bouscat in Gironde. A uncommon discover in different nations, they’re particularly fashionable as a pet in France attributable to their calm but playful nature.

4. Spanish Big

With a typical weight of round 15 kilos, the Spanish Big is a crossbreed between Flemish Giants and different massive Spanish rabbit breeds. They’ve lengthy, upright ears and dense, comfortable quick fur that is available in just a few colours. Earlier than Spain labored to convey again its numbers in 2009, the Spanish Big practically turned extinct after being overused as a meat producer. Immediately, its numbers are rising. After all, it helps that the Spanish Big tends to have litters of as much as 16 bunnies. This calm and docile rabbit breed makes good pets, though its lifespan is just 4 to 6 years.

5. Hungarian Big

The Hungarian Big rabbit breed weighs between 11 and 15 kilos. They got here into existence over 2 hundred years in the past by the intentional breeding of untamed rabbit breeds with quite a lot of continental rabbit breeds. The Hungarian Big was first often known as Hungarian Agouti till additional breeding expanded its coloration and sample range. This rabbit breed has comfortable, dense fur and upright ears. These rabbits have principally been used for his or her meat. Lately, they’ve develop into present rabbits and pets.

6. French Lop

French Lop Eared Rabbit
Picture Credit score: slowmotiongli, Shutterstock

A extensively fashionable rabbit breed, the French Lop can simply attain a weight of 15 kilos and past. This breed was created in France within the 19th century from a cross between an English Lop and a French Butterfly rabbit. Certainly one of their most distinguishing options is their lengthy, floppy ears that attain effectively under their jawline. In addition they have a broad brow and chubby cheeks. Their comfortable but dense rollback coat is available in a variety of colours, together with white, black, blue, brown, fawn, opal, chinchilla, and Siamese. This rabbit breed has a pleasant, social nature that makes them fantastic pets. In actual fact, they thrive with human interplay. They make an impression as present rabbits as effectively.

7. British Big

Derived from Flemish Giants, the British Big doesn’t develop fairly as massive as its relative however nonetheless weighs between 11 and 15 kilos. They’ve an extended, highly effective physique, a broad head with tall, upright ears, and a cottontail. This rabbit breed has a medium-length coat that’s comfortable and dense. British Giants are available quite a lot of colours. This rabbit breed is mostly hardy and sometimes bred for meat. The British Big additionally makes an exquisite pet with its easy-going and docile temperament. They’re comparatively inactive, preferring to chill out and stretch out.

8. Checkered Big

Credit score: Lukasz Pawel Szczepanski, Shutterstock

Weighing as much as 12 kilos, the Checkered Big rabbit breed has an opulent, quick white coat with black markings. Developed from the Flemish Giants, Noticed rabbits, and huge French lop-eared rabbits, this rabbit breed is also referred to as the Big Paillon in Europe. The Checkered Big has a trim construct with an arched physique resembling a hare, highly effective legs, and slender upright ears. They’re an lively, energetic breed that requires loads of train. Their inquisitive, pleasant nature makes them enjoyable pets. The Checkered Big rabbit breed has a lifespan of 5 to 6 years.

9. Silver Fox

silver fox rabbit
Picture Credit score: GLady, Pixabay

The Silver Fox can develop to a most weight of 12 kilos. Aptly named, the Silver Fox has a brief, dense coat with standing fur that has silver ideas resembling the Artic based mostly Silver Fox. Though it is available in blue, chocolate, and lilac, black is the one coloration acknowledged by ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Affiliation). The Silver Fox has a medium construct and quick, upright ears. This rabbit breed originated in America by Walter B. Garland and was initially named the American Heavyweight Silver. They’ve been raised for his or her fur and meat in addition to for present. As a pet, the Silver Fox rabbit breed has a mild temperament. This rabbit breed is named being the most effective moms to their younger.

10. Big Chinchilla

Listed by the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Affiliation) as having a most weight of 16 kilos, the Big Chinchilla rabbit breed was developed in the US in 1921 by Edward H. Stahl. The aim of this rabbit breed was to supply helpful chinchilla fur on a bigger animal. The result’s a rabbit breed with a comfortable, dense blue-grey fur coat and a comfortable white underbelly. They’ve a big physique with lengthy, upright ears. The Big Chinchilla rabbit breed can dwell as much as 10 years. They make beautiful pets and might be discovered proper beside their homeowners. Their temperament is relaxed, calm, and delicate but playful.

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