10 Flat-Confronted Cat Breeds (with Footage)


There’s one thing acutely engaging about flat-faced pets. It’s not simply felines both; consider fashionable pooches like Pugs and Boston Terriers. One thing in people is simply enamored with flat faces. As such, it’s no shock that most of the flat-faced cat breeds are a number of the hottest felines round. Individuals are drawn to these smushed, flat faces, it doesn’t matter what creature it’s on. Typically, it appears that evidently the flatter the face, the extra fashionable the cat!

Most cats don’t have flat faces, however we’ve discovered 10 breeds that do. These breeds all share the identical trait that causes their faces to seem smushed, however that may be all they’ve in frequent. Whereas these cats won’t be as iconic as “Grumpy Cat,” they’re every fashionable pets with brachycephalic mugs that earned them their place on this record.


The ten Cat Breeds with Flat Faces

1. Bombay Cat

Picture Credit score: Viktor Sergeevich, Shutterstock
Weight: 8-15 kilos
Size: 13-20 inches
Lifespan: 12-20 years

First developed in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1958, the Bombay cat seems to be like a miniature black panther, which is strictly what its maker, Nikki Horner, was going for. Mockingly, this breed was created across the similar time in each America and the UK. The American Bombay was created by crossing a black American Shorthair with a sable Burmese, whereas the British model was made by mixing a Burmese and a black home shorthair. Regardless of the distinction in genetics, the American and British Bombay cats look virtually equivalent and share related personalities.

2. British Shorthair

white british shorthair cat sitting
Picture Credit score: sitting_Real Second, Shutterstock
Weight: 7-17 kilos
Size: 22-25 inches
Lifespan: 15-20 years

British Shorthairs have been round for a very long time. It’s believed that they have been first to England with the Romans whereas they have been invading in 55 BC. It wasn’t till the late 1800s although that the breed was actually developed by one decided breeder named Harrison Weir. The breed was first displayed in 1871 at a cat present at London’s Crystal Palace. Quickly after, the breed was additional developed by including in further breeds, together with Persian, Russian Blue, and French Chartreux cats. A couple of hundred years later, the British Shorthair was globally acknowledged within the Seventies.

3. Burmese Cat

Burmese Cat
Picture Credit score: Ivanova N, Shutterstock
Weight: 6-14 kilos
Size: 15-18 inches
Lifespan: 12-18 years

Medium-sized cats that weigh greater than you’d anticipate given their dimension, Burmese cats are kittens that by no means develop up. These are animated cats which can be all the time exhibiting off with their antics supposed to impress you. They’re as playful as cats come and all the time like to entertain their household because the focal point. Although the looks of the Burmese cat has advanced through the years, all Burmese cats could be traced again to a single cat named Wong Mau, which got here to the US with Dr. Joseph Thompson from Rangoon, Burma; a area now known as Yangon, Myanmar.

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4. Burmilla Cat

burmilla cat
Picture Credit score: JE Jevgenija, Shutterstock
Weight: 8-12 kilos
Size: 10-12 inches
Lifespan: 7-12 years

New to the scene and infrequently seen, the Burmilla is a cat you will not be conversant in. It’s nonetheless thought of an experimental breed in Britain and it hasn’t been accepted to the main US registries, so the Burmilla is type of in a no cat’s land. This breed was created when a Lilac Burmese feminine and a Chinchilla Persian male unintentionally bred, creating 4 offspring with uncommon coloration. A breeding program was then created to breed the coloring of those offspring with the quick hair of a Burmese, and the Burmilla was created.

5. Unique Shorthair Cat

Exotic shorthair cat
Picture Credit score: Ewa Studio, Shutterstock
Weight: 10-15 kilos
Size: 10-12 inches
Lifespan: 8-15 years

Unique Shorthairs are usually relatively docile creatures that choose to not expend an excessive amount of power. They do like to play, although they spend loads of time sleeping to recuperate between quick bouts of play. Their quick coats make them straightforward to look after, and so they’re often called affectionate companions that need plenty of your consideration.

6. Himalayan Cat

Picture Credit score: Anne Richard, Shutterstock
Weight: 7-12 kilos
Size: 17-19 inches
Lifespan: 9-15 years

Himalayans are calm cats with distinctly flat faces. They’re similar to Persians and can be onerous to inform aside apart from the colorpoint markings that the Himalayan sports activities. The breed bought its begin within the Nineteen Thirties when Harvard researchers have been finding out to mix the traits of Persian and Siamese cats. Newton’s Debutante was the title given to their first profitable Himalayan.

7. Munchkin Cat

Picture Credit score: MDavidova, Shutterstock
Weight: 4-9 kilos
Size: 10-16 inches
Lifespan: 12-15 years

Tiny cats with stunted legs and smushed faces, Munchkins have a novel look that’s in contrast to some other feline. Affectionate and energetic, this dwarf breed makes an excellent companion pet. They’d really be regular dimension if it weren’t for his or her abnormally quick legs. In essence, Munchkins are the Dachshunds of the cat world. Their unusual look is the results of a genetic deformation, making the copy of Munchkins a sophisticated and troublesome course of in comparison with normal cat breeding.

8. Persian Cat

Picture Credit score: Eric Isselee, Shutterstock
Weight: 7-12 kilos
Size: 14-18 inches
Lifespan: 10-17 years

Persian cats are most likely the quintessential flat-faced feline breed. It’s one of many breed’s emblems; significantly current in present Persians. However Persians are identified for extra than simply their look. These cats are beloved for his or her affectionate temperaments, making them the best lap cats. They’re additionally fairly communicative, with comfortable and nice voices that everybody loves to listen to.

9. Scottish Fold

red scottish fold cat on a dark background
Picture Credit score: Alexander Sobol, Shutterstock
Weight: 6-13 kilos
Size: 14-16 inches
Lifespan: 11-14 years

Scottish Folds are probably the most immediately recognizable cat breeds of all time. Except for their flat faces, these cats additionally show ears that fold flat to their heads. That is attributable to a genetic abnormality that was found in a single cat from a litter of kittens that have been in any other case devoid of such deformations. That cat was named Susie, and all Scottish Folds immediately can hint their lineage again to her.

10. Selkirk Rex

curly-haired selkirk rex cat
Picture Credit score: mdmmikle, Shutterstock
Weight: 12-16 kilos
Size: 13-17 inches
Lifespan: 10-15 years

The Selkirk Rex is one other feline with an instantly recognizable look. These cats have curly locks masking their our bodies; a stark distinction from the straight coats donned by most cats. One other attention-grabbing truth about this breed is that they’re the one breed named after an individual. Jeri Newman is accountable for the breed’s creation, and Selkirk was the title of her stepfather. After six kittens have been born in an animal shelter, a novel curly-coated cat was dropped at Newman, who bred the cat with a black Persian, creating three curly-coated cats. The breed was later blended with a number of different breeds to create the Selkirk Rex we all know immediately.


Why Do Some Cat Breeds Have Flat Faces?

You may be shocked to search out out that these smushed face cat in your favourite feline breeds are literally a deformity of types. Cats with flat faces have a situation known as brachycephalic syndrome. How this situation impacts totally different breeds and people can differ, however flat-faced felines all have this syndrome.

So, what’s brachycephalic syndrome? Effectively, cephalic technique of or regarding the pinnacle, and brachy means quick. So, basically, brachycephalic cats have heads and faces with shorter bones than regular. This adjustments the connection between the bones of the face and different comfortable tissues.

Due to the altered bone construction that brachycephalic breeds face, bodily issues are frequent in these cats. Most frequently, these points will have an effect on the cat’s respiratory. Different frequent abnormalities attributable to brachycephalic syndrome embody everted laryngeal saccules, elongated comfortable palates, stenotic nares, and hypoplastic trachea. Affected cats might expertise none, one, or a number of of those points.

In fact, it’s utterly doable for cats of a brachycephalic breed to show no main well being issues associated to their situation. A few of these cats will reside lengthy, wholesome, completely satisfied lives with no adversarial results, regardless that you’ll be able to visually see the flat face that’s related to this situation.



Even if these breeds have flat faces as a consequence of a medical situation, flat-faced felines are in excessive demand. These fashionable pets are needed for his or her facial deformities, which many individuals view as engaging; even lovely. Fortunately, many smushed face cats don’t expertise too many adverse well being results because of their situation. Even nonetheless, if you happen to plan on including one among these flat-faced breeds to your loved ones, it’s best to do your analysis and take care to discover a competent and respected breeder to make sure that there aren’t any issues together with your cat.

Featured Picture Credit score: Nattapong Pongpiyapan, Shutterstock

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