Zelda: Skyward Sword – Gratitude Crystals aspect quests, places and rewards: What number of Gratitude Crystals are there?

Gratitude Crystals are a sort of collectible you’ll be able to collect in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword after you discover Kukiel and meet Batreaux for the primary time.

You discover these orange crystals by both finishing Gratitude Crystals aspect quests or discovering the Gratitude Crystals places.

Beneath you will uncover what number of Gratitude Crystals there are in Skyward Sword and how one can earn them.

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What number of Gratitude Crystals are there in Skyward Sword?

There are 80 Gratitude Crystals to gather in Skyward Sword – 65 of that are earned by finishing aspect quests, with the opposite 15 being scattered throughout the sky islands.


To unlock each the Gratitude Crystals aspect quests and the crystals hidden throughout Skyloft, you could first full the Discover Kukiel aspect quest, which is on the market as soon as you have accomplished the Skyview Temple and positioned the Ruby Pill inside the Goddess statue.

Throughout this aspect quest, you will meet Batreaux and he’ll ask you to assemble Gratitude Crystals, so he can rework right into a human. In return in your efforts, he’ll provide you with quite a lot of rewards.

You must accumulate all 80 Gratitude Crystals to fulfil Batreaux’s want and, as soon as you have achieved this objective, monsters will cease prowling Skyloft at evening and Remlits will not assault you.

Gratitude Crystals places in Zelda: Skyward Sword defined

You could find 15 Gratitude Crystals scattered throughout Skyloft and its surrounding island in Skyward Sword. These Gratitude Crystals solely seem at evening and may be discovered each inside and outdoors of buildings.

The primary 12 Gratitude Crystals may be discovered on Skyloft and three may be discovered inside the Knight’s Academy, starting with the room in Hyperlink’s bed room.

The second may be discovered subsequent to the door on the second flooring of the Knight’s Academy.

The ultimate Gratitude Crystal is hidden inside Zelda’s bed room within the Knight’s Academy.

In case you’ve already visited her room to gather the Coronary heart Piece, then you can enter just by utilizing the mattress. If you have not, then you definitely’ll want to attend till you earned the Clawshots by finishing the Silent Realm problem within the Lanayru Desert.

After you have this merchandise, head to the roof of the Knight’s Academy and use the Clawshots on the grappling spot inside the chimney. Now all it’s important to do is observe the crawl areas till you attain Zelda’s room.

For the fourth Gratitude Crystal, it’s good to go to the Sparring Corridor subsequent to the Knight’s Academy. As soon as there, deploy the Hook Beetle and retrieve the crystal from the constructing’s rafters.

One other Gratitude Crystal may be discovered by taking place the primary set of stairs which result in the Knight’s Academy on Skyloft after which instantly heading proper throughout the picket walkway.

After crossing this walkway, you can discover the Gratitude Crystal in a nook subsequent to the cliff face.

To search out the sixth Gratitude Crystal on Skyloft, it’s good to head to the windmill closest to the bazaar. To the proper of this windmill, you will discover a part of vines which is able to mean you can climb right down to the ledge beneath.

It is on this ledge that you’re going to discover the Gratitude Crystal.

After accumulating this Gratitude Crystal, head into the home immediately reverse the close by windmill to seek out the following crystal.

You will discover a Gratitude Crystal inside this home.

For the eighth Gratitude Crystal on Skyloft, head to the Gentle Tower at Skyloft Plaza and climb the primary ladder. Now all it’s important to do is stroll round this stage of the tower till you discover the Gratitude Crystal.

Subsequent, head to the pumpkin patch on the residential aspect of Skyloft the place you will discover a Gratitude Crystal subsequent to a tree.

To search out the tenth Gratitude Crystal on Skyloft, you could, once more, guarantee you’ve gotten the Clawshots. When you do, head to the doorway of Waterfall Cave the place you can discover a collection of vines you’ll be able to Clawshot to.

These will take you to the highest of the waterfall the place, alongside a Goddess Chest containing a Coronary heart Piece, you will discover the Gratitude Crystal inside the water. You retrieve it by both swimming within the water or utilizing the Hook Beetle.

For the ultimate two Gratitude Crystals on Skyloft, it’s good to head by way of Waterfall Cave to the place Groose hid Hyperlink’s Crimson Loftwing.

One Gratitude Crystal is situated near the Fowl Statue, whereas the opposite may be discovered within the cave the Loftwing was trapped in.

You must journey by way of Waterfall Cave to achieve these Gratitude Crystals.

Two unfastened Gratitude Crystals may be discovered on Pumpkin Touchdown, so journey there throughout the day after which sleep until evening in one of many beds within the Lumpy Pumpkin.

One Gratitude Crystal is situated on the balcony space of the Lumpy Pumpkin and the second may be discovered within the storage shed outdoors.

The Gratitude Crystals hidden on Pumpkin Touchdown.

For the ultimate unfastened Gratitude Crystal, you first have to sleep until evening in Beedle’s store. Leaving the store, you will now end up on Beedle island. Now all it’s important to do is use the Hook Beetle to gather the Gratitude Crystal from the highest of the store.

With the entire unfastened Gratitude Crystal collected, now you can earn the remaining 65 by finishing aspect quests.

Our Skyward Sword walkthrough will show you how to discover each Coronary heart Piece and Empty Bottle. We will additionally show you how to defeat Ghirahim, Scaldera, Moldarach, The Imprisoned, Koloktos, Tentalus, Bilocyte and Demise.

You can even uncover the place to seek out Kukiel to unlock the Gratitude Crystals and quite a lot of aspect quests, together with the bathroom paper quest, lacking sister location and get together wheel location.

Gratitude Crystals aspect quests in Zelda: Skyward Sword defined

There are 12 Gratitude Crystals aspect quests in Skyward Sword and, upon finishing one, you will earn 5 Gratitude Crystals.

All sides quest is began by speaking to a selected character on Skyloft and with most changing into obtainable after you have both discovered a selected merchandise, just like the Clawshots, or reached a sure level within the sport’s storyline.

Many of those aspect quests contain trying to find objects on the floor world and, you probably have the Grasp Sword, you can dowse for stated objects.

Beneath yow will discover the entire Gratitude Crystal aspect quests, together with their necessities and the way you begin every quest:

  • Discover Kukiel
    • Requires: Accomplished the Skyview Temple and positioned the Ruby Pill inside the Goddess Statue
    • Began by: Speaking to Wryna close to the Goddess Statue
  • Discover Orielle
    • Requires: Accomplished Discover Kukiel
    • Began by: Speaking to Parrow – the person strolling round Skyloft plaza throughout the day
  • Peatrice’s crush
    • Requires: Visiting the Merchandise Examine all through the sport and flirting with Peatrice
    • Began by: Speaking to Peatrice
  • Clear Mallara’s home
    • Requires: The Gust Bellows from the Lanayru Mining Facility
    • Began by: Speaking to Mallara, Pitt’s mom, in her home at evening

  • Discover the child’s rattle
    • Requires: The Gust Bellows and the Clawshots
    • Began by: Speaking to Bertie, the potion vendor’s husband, on the bazaar
  • Discover Beedle’s beetle
    • Requires: Defeat Bilocyte and play the Bug Heaven minigame within the Thunderhead at the least as soon as
    • Began by: Sleeping in Beedle’s store and speaking to him, at evening, on his island
  • Owlan wishes a uncommon plant
    • Requires: Faron’s a part of the Track of the Hero
    • Began by: Speaking to Teacher Owlan in his room at evening
  • A plowman for the Lumpy Pumpkin pumpkin patch
    • Requires: Full the Lumpy Pumpkin aspect quests and collect the Track of the Hero
    • Began by: Speaking to Kina

Gratitude Crystals rewards in Zelda: Skyward Sword defined

Accumulating Gratitude Crystals in Skyward Swords will earn you a wide range of rewards – from a Coronary heart Piece to pockets upgrades – which will likely be very useful in your journey.

To obtain these rewards, you could return to Batreaux, be it day or evening, and have a fast chat with him.

Listed below are the rewards on supply and the variety of Gratitude Crystals it’s good to earn every one:

Variety of Gratitude Crystals Reward
5 Medium Pockets
Will increase pockets measurement to 500 Rupees
10 Coronary heart Piece
30 Cursed Medal and Large Pockets
Will increase pockets measurement to 1000 Rupees
40 Gold (300) Rupee
50 Big Pockets
Will increase pockets measurement to 5000 Rupees
70 Two Gold (600) Rupees
80 Tycoon Pockets
Will increase pockets measurement to 9000 Rupees

Upon discovering all 80 Gratitude Crystals, Batreaux’s want will likely be granted and he’ll rework right into a human. This may also trigger all of the monsters on Skyloft to fade and Remlits will not assault you when evening falls.

Good luck accumulating Gratitude Crystals in Skyward Sword!

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