Zelda – Daka Tuss and Sunken Scoop trial answer in Breath of the Wild

Daka Tuss is among the many Shrines situated all through Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The problem inside, named the Sunken Scoop trial, is a puzzle that has you employ the Magnesis capability to scoop orbs out of water with a steel bowl. Get it proper, and you may stroll out a hit.

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The place to search out Daka Tuss

The Daka Tuss shrine is situated inside the Lanayru Tower area, particularly to the south-west of Lanayru Tower, in direction of the southern facet of the marshy Wetlands space. To get there, paraglide as far south-east as attainable from the Tower, after which traverse the various archipelago of the Wetlands.

You will see the Daka Tuss shrine on one of many medium-sized islands, accessible by small picket panel bridges.

There is not any puzzle to unravel right here with a view to entry the shrine, so merely dive in while you’re prepared.

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Daka Tuss and Sunken Scoop trial answer

Your job right here is to elevate up the steel bowl together with your Magnesis capability, and use it to scoop out an orb from the water, then place that orb within the cage that incorporates a socket to the appropriate.

It is a little bit awkward, however simply accomplished when you get the grasp of it – getting the ball out of the news may be accomplished with the usage of only a little bit of momentum… or whacking it in opposition to the wall.

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After you have accomplished that, it is time for room two. The identical precept applies right here, however this time there is a button on the backside of the water, and a lid on the cage for the orb. The button must be pressed down to ensure that the orb to fall within the cage.

To resolve the issue, first fastidiously place the orb on prime of the cage.

Then, you’ll be able to drop the bowl onto the button within the water, which is able to open the lid to the cage and drop the orb in, which is able to in flip fall into the socket and drain the 2 rooms of water, permitting you to go.

Earlier than you head to the exit although, head again to the primary room, which is able to now have an accessible doorway to a hidden chest, which incorporates a 22 energy Silver Longsword.

After that, you’ll be able to head again to the second room and exit by way of the door on the backside of the pit, and also you’re accomplished!

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