What is 2/5 of 60?

In this short article, we’ll show you precisely how to determine 2/5 of 60, so you can work out the portion of any number quickly and conveniently! Let’s reach the math!

So you intend to divide your portion 2/5 by your digit 60. You’re in the ideal location. This easy walkthrough guide will show you precisely what you need to do to separate any portion by a whole number (it’s effortless). Keep reviewing to find out!

If you’ve read any of our fraction walkthroughs before, you’ll understand we always kick the show off with a quick wrap-up for the youngsters. The number above the separating line is the numerator, and the number below the line is the common denominator. Easy things, yet sometimes we can all obtain a little forgetful!

To picture the question we are trying to solve, let’s put 2/5 as well as 60 side-by-side, so it’s much easier to see:



÷ 60

So right here is the incredibly, very easy means to identify what 2/5 separated by 60 is. All we require to do here is maintain the numerator precisely the same (2) and also several the by the whole number:


5 x 60






You’re done! You now know precisely just how to determine 2/5 separated by 60. Hopefully, you comprehended the process and can utilize the same techniques to divide other fractions by digits.

Another means of doing this will undoubtedly be:

You possibly know that the number over the portion line is called the numerator, and also the number below it is called the. To exercise the portion of any number, we also need to convert that whole number into a fraction.

Below’s a little idea for you. Any number can be converted to a portion if you use one as the denominator:



So now that we have converted 60 into a fraction, to exercise the answer, we put the fraction 2/5 side by side with our brand-new portion, 60/1, to make sure that we can multiply those two fractions.

That’s right, all you require to do is transform the whole number into a portion and after that multiply the numerators and also. Let’s take a look:

2 x 60

5 x 1




In this case, our new fraction can be simplified even more. We need to locate the most significant common factor of both numbers.

You can utilize our handy GCF calculator to work this out yourself if you intend to. We currently do that, and the GCF of 120 and 5 is 5.

We can currently separate both the brand-new numerator and the denominator by 5 to streamline this fraction to its most reasonable terms.

120/5 = 24

5/5 = 1

When we put that with each other, we can see that our honest answer is:



The complete and simplified response to the concern, which is 2/5 of 60, is:


Hopefully, this tutorial has helped you understand exactly how to discover the fraction of any digit. You can currently give it a go with more numbers to exercise your newfound fraction abilities.

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