What Do Lizards Eat within the Wild and as Pets?

Lizard Eating

Lizards are fascinating animals, and that extends to their consuming habits. Watching them deal with their prey, then go extremely nonetheless till…their tongue shoots out of their mouth, dragging that hapless animal to its doom.

Nonetheless, provided that these animals are so furtive, most individuals by no means see what it’s they’re consuming. Bugs? Worms? Jolly Ranchers?

No matter whether or not you’re interested by a lizard’s eating regimen out of sheer curiosity or since you’re considering of getting one as a pet, studying about how these unusual little animals eat is each enjoyable and academic, so strap in.


A Phrase Earlier than We Get Began

There are various completely different species of lizards, from the tiny Jaragua lizard to the mighty Komodo dragon. As you would possibly anticipate, they don’t all eat the identical factor, so take the knowledge that follows as a generalization solely.

Additionally, lizards stay in all kinds of various areas, together with deserts, rainforests, and fairly probably your individual yard. Their pure surroundings will go a good distance in the direction of dictating what they eat.

When you’re planning on getting a lizard as a pet, be sure you analysis what that particular species eats. A few of these animals have extremely specialised diets, and also you don’t need to feed your pet the unsuitable factor.

Lizard on rock eating
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What Lizards Eat within the Wild

As talked about above, a lizard’s eating regimen within the wild will probably be largely dictated by their pure habitat — that’s to say, they’ll eat what’s accessible to them.

As a rule, what’s accessible is bugs. Heaps and plenty of bugs. They’ll additionally steal eggs if given the possibility, as eggs require little effort to hunt, provided that they don’t run very quick.

The precise kind of insect that the lizard eats will depend upon their measurement. Most lizards eat crickets, grasshoppers, locusts, and comparable bugs, however some may also eat bigger prey like scorpions and spiders. Nonetheless, smaller lizards usually tend to be prey than predator to these bugs.

Bigger lizards have been recognized to eat injured birds and different lizards as properly. On the most excessive finish of the spectrum, you’ll discover Komodo dragons, which might eat water buffalo, pigs, and even people. These lizards typically eat 80% of their physique weight in a single sitting, and since they will weigh as a lot as 150 kilos, that’s plenty of meat to seek out.

Lizards don’t at all times eat meat, although. Some lizards additionally eat fruit and greens, with small berries being a specific favourite. Lizards that stay in aquatic habitats may also eat algae, though that is often solely finished in a pinch.

Lizard eating in the wild
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What Lizards Eat When Stored as Pets

We’re assuming that you just’re not planning on proudly owning a Komodo dragon, so there’s no want to trace down a water buffalo or an unruly youngster to feed your lizard. Most lizards which can be stored as pets are geckos, iguanas, or chameleons, so we’ll largely deal with them.

A lizard that’s stored as a pet will eat a lot of the similar issues they’d eat within the wild — or they need to, anyway. The most important distinction is that they gained’t should hunt very exhausting for his or her prey, as will probably be hand-delivered to them (thanks for that, by the best way).

One of many largest issues that can decide a captive lizard’s eating regimen is how straightforward their prey is to acquire. Crickets are bought at most pet meals shops, so that they’ll typically make up the majority of a pet lizard’s eating regimen. You’ll be able to at all times complement with bugs you catch your self, and this could add some much-needed selection to your lizard’s eating regimen, however test that no matter you caught is appropriate to your pet earlier than providing it to them.

Different choices embrace mealworms, Dubai roaches, and wingless fruit flies. Some bigger lizards additionally eat small mice, however many pet shops gained’t promote stay rodents as feeder animals, so that you’d should persuade your reptile to eat a frozen one as an alternative. It’s also possible to give your lizard fruits and crops, however these ought to be along with the protein sources listed above, fairly than instead of them.

If the considered feeding your lizard one other residing factor creeps you out, there are a number of species that eat crops and fruit nearly solely. These embrace inexperienced iguanas, Uromastyx, and Solomon Island skinks. These lizards eat leafy inexperienced greens, squash, peaches, bananas, and extra.

Lizard Feeding
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How one can Feed a Lizard

It might appear that feeding a lizard is so simple as dumping some bugs of their tank, and in some instances, that’s true. Nonetheless, it’s not really easy with different species.

Many lizards see their metabolism decelerate at evening, rendering them sluggish and unresponsive. If there are nonetheless uneaten bugs of their tank right now, these bugs may assault and injure them. In consequence, it’s typically really helpful to take away any stay bugs earlier than dusk and serve them once more the following day.

Alternatively, some species are nocturnal, through which case you need to do the precise reverse. Do particular analysis on whichever species you deliver dwelling in order that you recognize when to feed them.

When you’re feeding your lizard fruits or greens, you need to take away uneaten meals earlier than it goes unhealthy and begins to mildew. Additionally, be sure you maintain it in a bowl or comparable container in order that your lizard doesn’t eat a few of their substrate together with their salad.

House owners of bigger lizards like displays or tegus could need to give their pet mice to eat. In that case, your greatest wager is to purchase pre-killed frozen mice fairly than tossing stay creatures within the tank. Not solely is that this extra humane, however it additionally reduces the danger the mice will hurt your lizard. Merely defrost the mice in heat water earlier than providing them to your pet.


A Properly-Fed Lizard is a Glad Lizard

Most lizards aren’t too choosy about what they’ll eat, however for essentially the most half, you need to supply them a gentle stream of size-appropriate bugs. When you like, you may complement this with fruits and veggies, however giving them a number of protein is paramount.

Feeding a lizard is pretty straightforward, which is among the the reason why these low-maintenance pets are so widespread. Even higher, watching them eat is tons of enjoyable, and you’ll entertain your self for hours on finish watching them stalk and slurp down crickets and different annoying bugs.

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