United States to Announce New Sanctions on Russia Over Ukraine Killings war

Ukraine Killings war

The United States is expected to announce new sanctions on Russia on Wednesday, including a ban on new investment, a day after Ukraine’s president of the UN Security Council showed the UN Security Council polluted images of violence and accused Moscow of widespread violence.

The punishments come after the uprising due to the finding of dozens of bodies in civilian clothes in areas where Russian troops withdrew around the Ukrainian capital, including the city of Bucha.

Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday in an enthusiastic video in front of 15 members of the UN Security Council likened Russia’s actions to Nazi atrocities.

“They cut off their hands, cut their throats, women were raped and murdered for their children,” Zelensky said.

He called for stronger action by the Western powers and for the exclusion of Russia from the Council, which has the right to veto. Later in his overnight speech, the disappointed Zelensky said Russia was blocking the UN from “the functions for which it was created.”

“The UN Security Council exists and world security does not,” he said.

In an interview with the BBC, the US ambassador to the UN admitted that “no one can doubt [Zelenský] ‘s frustration with the Council and how the Council acts.”

But he insisted that the Council hold Russia accountable and that Moscow was isolated in it.

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