Undertale – Asriel true remaining boss battle technique

Asriel Dreemurr is the true remaining boss of Undertale, coming after you’ve got explored the bonus True Laboratory part.

The next boss comes on the finish of an entire Pacifist playthrough – in brief, going via your complete sport with out killing something to unlock a unique ending.

In the event you’re taking part in a Genocide run, nonetheless, you may be combating somebody completely different within the remaining encounter – the prior hyperlink explains who. However whichever manner you are taking part in, our wider Undertale information delves into different areas of the sport.

5 Secrets and techniques Hidden In The Music Of Undertale

Asgore boss battle

All you are able to do throughout the first part of the battle is choose Hope or Dream out of your Act menu.

Hope will scale back the harm you’re taking within the subsequent assault, and Dream will fill any empty stock slots with therapeutic gadgets, so choose them appropriately to maintain your self alive because the battle progresses – dying is not terminal on this battle and it is unimaginable to lose, but it surely’s over a lot faster when you can keep away from taking an excessive amount of harm.

Asriel has fairly a spread of assaults that you will have to endure for some time:

  • Star Blazing will rain down massive stars that may break up into smaller ones after they hit the field, and it is pretty straightforward to keep away from.
  • Chaos Blaster could be averted by shifting round whereas the weapons purpose at you, after which standing nonetheless when it fires. He could sometimes comply with this up with a fast Star Blazing assault.
  • Shocker Breaker could be very onerous to keep away from – bins with exclamation marks will seem on the backside of the fight space, and you will want to maneuver to the left or proper to get out of the best way shortly.
  • The field will sometimes shrink and he’ll unleash his swords. Simply transfer in the wrong way to him to keep away from them.
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After a number of rounds of this he’ll try and suck you right into a vortex – hold shifting all the way down to keep away from being consumed by it.

When the following part begins your solely possibility in your flip shall be Wrestle, and he’ll assault with some vibrant beams that curve in from both facet – these are finest averted by hugging the highest of the field and shifting left and proper to dodge them.

After a couple of rounds of this your Act menu will flip right into a Save menu, and from inside it you can summon a few of your allies.

  • Undyne will follow her arrow assaults, so simply block them as earlier than. Use any three of the Act choices to save lots of her.
  • Alphys fights in the same method to Mettaton – shoot the bombs to interrupt the blocks, and use any three Acts to save lots of her.
  • Papyrus and Sans come as a pair, and their assaults are the identical as your first battle with Papyrus. You should use 4 Acts to save lots of them.
  • Toriel and Asgore use quite a lot of flame assaults – these are the toughest to take care of as they will use some combos that go away you little room to dodge. Use 4 completely different Acts to save lots of them.

The battle is now primarily over – Asriel will proceed to assault, however regardless of how onerous he tries he can not kill you and can finally hand over.

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Taking part in Undertale? Our full Undertale walkthrough and Pacifist information will clarify the right way to end the sport whereas sparing everybody, protecting all areas together with the Ruins, Snowdin, Waterfall, Hotlands and The Core and extra. You too can find out about the right way to unlock each Undertale ending and all Undertale Trophies, entry onerous mode and play the sport in probably the most evil manner potential with a Genocide run.

After the Asgore boss battle

After the cutscene performs you are now free to depart the world, however earlier than you do we would strongly suggest speaking to everybody one final time and, with out spoiling specifics, strolling all the best way again to the place you began (!) to fill in the remainder of the story.

If you’re prepared, head via the barrier and watch the credit roll… till Asriel exhibits up. If now you can keep away from hitting all of the names within the credit it is possible for you to to entry the key space in Snowdin throughout a subsequent playthrough.

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