The Elite 4 and how you can beat Champion Cynthia in Pokémon Sensible Diamond and Shining Pearl

The Elite 4 and a showdown with Champion Cynthia is your subsequent and remaining primary story problem in Pokémon Sensible Diamond and Shining Pearl, following on from Victory Street in your journey.

Under we’ll take you thru all the important thing particulars for the situation, together with any Pokémon encounters, trainers, and objects that is likely to be out there, plus a walkthrough of your key goals and the rest you will have to know.

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The way to beat the Elite 4: Pokémon, weaknesses and counters

One very fast factor first: earlier than you step in the direction of the Ace Coach guarding the doorway to the Elite 4, be ready for a battle with another person – Barry! He’ll run as much as you and problem you one final time. Defeat him and he’ll say one thing about needing to do extra coaching earlier than taking over the Elite 4. Think about this a remaining check of your energy – you want to have the ability to simply defeat him as a way to beat the Elite 4!

Barry pre-Elite 4 battle:

Trainers Pokémon
Barry (should you selected Piplup) Staraptor
Barry (should you selected Turtwig) Staraptor
Barry (should you selected Chimchar) Staraptor

Proper, with Barry out of the best way (sorry Barry) it is time for the actual deal. The Elite 4! Listed here are their Pokémon and the forms of strikes which can be tremendous efficient towards them. We’ll speak about some primary methods just under. To get via the entire thing, you are going to want plenty of Hyper Potions, Full Restores, Revives, and a crew of Pokémon averaging Lv.62 at a minimal. The upper stage the higher, because the final battle particularly is famously tough!

Elite 4 Arron: Pokémon, weaknesses and counters

Pokémon Degree Strikes Weaknesses
Dustox Lv.53 Poisonous
Bug Buzz
Gentle Display screen
Hearth, Flying, Psychic, Rock
Heracross Lv.54 Earthquake
Rock Slide
Brick Break
Hearth, Flying x4, Psychic, Fairy
Vespiquen Lv.54 Acrobatics
Assault Order
Aerial Ace
Defend Order
Hearth, Electrical, Ice, Flying, Rock x4
Beautifly Lv.53 Bug Buzz
Shadow Ball
Quiver Dance
Hearth, Electrical, Ice, Flying, Rock x4
Drapion Lv.57 Cross Poison
Evening Slash

Aaron is the simplest of the Elite 4 and, given the poor typing matchups of the Bug-type and customary weaknesses to issues like Hearth and Flying, he ought to go down fairly simply. The one sticking level is Drapion, which is fairly cumbersome and solely has one weak spot in Floor. If in case you have a Pokémon that is aware of Earthquake, it is excellent for coping with that.

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Elite 4 Bertha: Pokémon, weaknesses and counters

Pokémon Degree Strikes Weaknesses
Quagsire Lv.55 Get better
Grass x4
Whiscash Lv.55 Bulldoze
Ice Beam
Hydro Pump
Grass x4
Sudowoodo Lv.56 Double-Edge
Head Smash
Sucker Punch
Low Kick
Water, Grass, Combating, Floor, Metal
Golem Lv.56 Rock Polish
Heavy Slam
Stone Edge
Water x4, Grass x4, Ice, Combating, Grond, Metal
Hippowdon Lv.59 Ice Fang
Water, Grass, Ice

Grass-type assaults are the very best for Bertha. All 5 of her Pokémon are weak to Grass, and three of them are 4x weak to it. Roserade is one nice, fairly simply obtainable Grass-type should you did not begin with Turtwig – however be careful for its weak spot to Ice, which may be exploited right here. Additionally be careful for Whiscash’s Windo Berry, which reduces harm from super-effective assaults as soon as, that means it will most likely survive an enormous Grass-type assault on the primary attempt, after which use Belch, a transfer that does large Poison-type harm if the consumer ate a berry the flip earlier than. Be careful for her weirdly quick Golem, too. It has max Pace stats and EVs, so can overtake extra Pokémon than you count on!

Elite 4 Flint: Pokémon, weaknesses and counters

Pokémon Degree Strikes Weaknesses
Rapidash Lv.58 Flame Cost
Iron Tail
Poison Jab
Water, Floor, Rock
Lopunny Lv.57 Mirror Coat
Excessive Soar Kick
Fast Assault
Hearth Punch
Steelix Lv.57 Thunder Fang
Hearth Fang
Iron Tail
Hearth, Water, Combating, Floor
Drifblim Lv.58 Energy Sap
Baton Move
Electrical, Ice, Rock, Ghost, Darkish
Infernape Lv.61 Hearth Punch
Thunder Punch
Shut Fight
Mach Punch
Water, Floor, Flying, Psychic

As a result of sheer lack of Hearth-type Pokémon in Sensible Diamond and Shining Pearl, Flint’s Pokémon haven’t got many frequent weaknesses, making his battle most likely the hardest of the core Elite 4. Flint’s Rapidash has Hypnosis, which is extraordinarily annoying if he will get fortunate and hits it a number of occasions, which it is extra prone to do due to it holding a Huge Lens (which boosts accuracy by 10 p.c). Be ready to rotate your Pokémon lots, and put together for plenty of Burns, too. Water, Rock, and Combating-type assaults will cowl you towards all 5 of his Pokémon.

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Elite 4 Lucian: Pokémon, weaknesses and counters

Pokémon Degree Strikes Weaknesses
Mr. Mime Lv.59 Gentle Display screen
Dazzling Gleam
Poison, Ghost, Metal
Medicham Lv.60 Zen Headbutt
Excessive Soar Kick
Thunder Punch
Ice Punch
Flying, Ghost, Fairy
Girafarig Lv.59 Gentle Display screen
Trick Room
Bug, Darkish
Alakazam Lv.60 Nasty Plot
Future Sight
Shock Wave
Bug, Ghost, Darkish
Bronzong Lv.63 Gyro Ball
Trick Room
Hearth, Ghost, Darkish

Lastly, Lucian makes use of Psychic-types and is a little more typical with them, with 4 of his 5 Pokémon weak to Ghost-type assaults. However be careful for Mr. Mime’s Dazzling Gleam which is robust towards Darkish-types that often counter Psychic, and Girafarig’s Trick Room, which switches the best way Pace mechanics works so the sluggish Pokémon strikes first! That stated, Alakazam is considered one of his most harmful Pokémon and it is very quick, so if he brings that in proper after utilizing Trick Room, which may truly work in your favour anyway. Beware Bronzong has Levitate, making it resistant to the in any other case tremendous efficient Floor-type assaults.

With Lucian down, you’ve got crushed the Elite 4! However there’s one battle left…

The way to beat Champion Cynthia: Pokémon, weaknesses and counters

It is time to tackle the Champion… Cynthia! And boy is she robust. Cynthia is famously generally known as considered one of, if not the hardest Champion in any Pokémon recreation, and that also rings true for her right here. Her Pokémon are noticably larger stage than the others, all of them have excellent IV spreads (their stats are tremendous excessive) and ideal distribution of EVs making them even larger, together with complementary held objects, natures, and many Full Restores that she will whip out simply whenever you assume you’ve got gained it.

There are few frequent weaknesses throughout her crew, however Grass-type assaults will probably be actually helpful, dealing 4x harm to Gastrodon and sure knocking it out should you’ve acquired a half-decent attacker utilizing them. It is also super-effective towards Milotic which helps.

Hearth can be helpful, being tremendous efficient towards each Lucario and Roserade, and Fairy is robust towards each Spiritomb (its solely weak spot) and Garchomp.

Ah, the dreaded Garchomp! This factor is fast, excessive stage, and it has Swords Dance, which raises its Assault two levels with every use. When you depart it in battle it will hold utilizing this till it maxes out its Assault, and with the excessive velocity that can possible imply it might probably sweep your complete crew. If in case you have a very quick, high-damage attacker you should use Ice-types to attempt to one shot it with 4x tremendous efficient harm.

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In any other case, should you’re struggling to out-speed it and wish to simply stall it till you get a bonus, a mix of Metal, FLying, and Fairy is your reply right here. Begin with a Fairy Pokémon towards it and it will use Poison Jab. Change to a Metal sort and it will not take any harm as a result of it is resistant to Poison. It’s going to attempt to use Earthquake which is tremendous efficient towards Metal, at which level you turn into Flying and it will evade any harm once more. Then, again to Fairy, to Metal, to Flying, and so forth. Finally it will run out of PP for Earthquake (it might probably solely use it 10 occasions) and you may transfer in your Metal-type to chip it away and end off! It is tacky, but it surely works. Good luck.

The way to beat Champion Cynthia: Pokémon, weaknesses and counters

Pokémon Degree Strikes Weaknesses
Spiritomb Lv.61 Shadow Ball
Darkish Pulse
Sucker Punch
Gastrodon Lv.60 Scald
Sludge Bomb
Rock Tomb
Grass x4
Lucario Lv.63 Aura Sphere
Dragon Pulse
Flash Cannon
Nasty Plot
Hearth, Combating, Floor
Roserade Lv.60 Dazzling Gleam
Shadow Ball
Sludge Bomb
Vitality Ball
Hearth, Ice, Flying, Psychic
Milotic Lv.63 Get better
Mirror Coat
Ice Beam
Electrical, Grass
Garchomp Lv.66 Dragon Claw
Swords Dance
Poison Jab
Ice x4, Dragon, Fairy

Defeat Cynthia, and congratulations are so as: you’ve got completed the principle story! Superb!

There’s nonetheless masses to see and do in Sinnoh, together with exploring the Grand Underground, in addition to the prolonged post-game. It is the tip of our walkthrough although, so an enormous thanks for studying this far, and have enjoyable with the remainder of your playthrough! Keep in mind we nonetheless have loads of different related guides over in our primary Pokémon Sensible Diamond and Shining Pearl walkthrough hub, too. Bye!

Particular due to this coach knowledge sheet from group member Hematite and co. for filling in some blanks with moveset knowledge!

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