Sekiro Treasure Carp Scale areas – the place to search out all Treasure Carp Scales

Sekiro Treasure Carp Scale areas – all Carp Scales listed

1. Hirata Property – Dragonspring Idol: 5x Carp Scales

From the Dragonspring Idol, begin transferring all through the bushes and you will find your self taking a look at an enormous bridge with an enemy carrying a torch. Both kill or ignore him fully, and take a look at the left facet, near the coast.

There is a huge boulder in there. Go round it and you will see a glowing merchandise. There’s your first Treasure Carp Scale.

Now, it is time to swim. Go throughout the lake and previous the bridge, and kill all fish that come to your approach. You solely must do a fast sword slash and that will be it, the merchandise shall be picked up routinely.

There are 4 of them as you make your approach till seeing a blue barrel. It’ll speak to you, however do not fret, it is a pleasant NPC. In actual fact, it is a service provider that sells some crucial gadgets, solely in trade of Treasure Carp Scales.

2. Hirata Property – Bamboo Thicket Slope Idol: 2x Carp Scales

There are two right here within the lake close to the Idol, however one requires that you just had acquired the Mibu Respiratory Approach from the Corrupted Monk already. When you’re nonetheless early on in Sekiro, do not be afraid to go away this for if you progress previous that time within the story.

As you as you see the primary grapple immediate, get your self up there and preserve going till you see a lake. Soar, and routinely begin diving. There’s your first fish.

Now, preserve going to the proper facet, you will discover a closed stream. The second fish is simply laying there. Get pleasure from your two new Treasure Carp Scales.

3. Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo – Temple Grounds Idol: 2x Carp Scales

Stroll a bit farther from the Idol and look previous the buildings under you for a pool of water. For this one, simply soar in and kill the fish for 2 Treasure Carp Scales.

4. Ashina Depths – Mibu Village Idol: 3x Carp Scales

From the Idol, you will discover a tent proper throughout the river. Get shut and you will see the immediate to speak to the service provider. Together with a bunch of different goodies, he additionally sells x2 Treasure Carp Scales for the worth of 500 Sen every.

However that is not all. When you comply with the river proper from the tent you will come throughout a troublesome enemy. Beat him, and you will be rewarded with yet one more Treasure Carp Scale.

5. Ashina Depths – Water Mill Idol: 1x Carp Scale

The water mill is true on the left facet of the Idol, so simply head in the direction of there and soar into the water. Begin swimming up stream and use your Mibu Respiratory Approach to dive. You may see a fish, who will gladly provide you with a Treasure Carp Scale after killing it.

6. Sunken Valley – Gun Fort Idol: 3x Carp Scales

This one is basically easy. Head in the direction of the primary space by simply going straight, and when you get to the bridge, soar into the water.

You may must dive as soon as extra to kill two fish for 2 Treasure Carp Scales and loot a glowing merchandise proper to the opposite facet for a 3rd Treasure Carp Scale.

7. Ashina Fortress – Deserted Dungeon Entrance Idol: 2x Carp Scales

You may get right here in some ways. Only for reference, it is the lake who is true under the primary principal bridge within the Ashina Fortress space. Utilizing your diving capacity, you will discover one Treasure Carp Scale to select up, and one other one from a fish on the opposite facet for a complete of two.

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8. Fountainhead Palace – Mibu Manor: 3x Carp Scales

There are three Treasure Carp Scales to select up from right here, and one key merchandise that we’ll want for later. First issues first, you are gonna need to make your approach all through the manor. Kill all enemies that you just cross and carry out stealth blows as a lot as attainable so you do not drag an excessive amount of consideration onto your self.

Get inside, and undergo the primary hall. Take a proper flip and go to the massive space. Preserve going till you see a small bridge. From there, preserve heading to the opposite facet the place you will see some small partitions and an enemy who’s simply taking part in its instrument and will not discover you. For reference, there’s an altar proper beneath it.

Get inside and comply with the door. You may get to a different huge space, which you’ll want to get round crouching. When you step to the primary wall, make a left flip and you will see a gap within the floor. Dive underwater in there.

After you make a transfer ahead, you will see a glowing merchandise calling you from the floor of one other gap within the floor. Get out of the water and you will find three Treasure Carp Scales together with a chest. Take the Water of the Palace from inside after which warp to the Wedding ceremony Cave Door Idol.

9. Ashina Depths – Wedding ceremony Cave Door Idol: 5x Carp Scales

Both from right here or the Water Mill Idol, go to the home the place enemies are gathering within the entrance. Sneak round them and get to the ground beneath by crouching. Begin transferring and you will see a immediate to work together with a hidden mechanism. It’ll routinely take you inside the home.

Speak to the NPC close by and supply him the Water of the Palace. Now, warp again to the Idol, relaxation, and repeat the method.

You may see the NPC has modified to one thing related than the enemies from Fountainhead Palace, however don’t fret, since it should die in a short time. It may be a problem, however doing this may grant you with 5 Treasure Carp Scales. You are welcome.

10. Fountainhead Palace – Flower Viewing Stage Idol: 12x Carp Scales

Shock, again to underwater diving once more. On this huge lake, there is a complete of twelve Treasure Carp Scales scattered beneath the floor, seven are from killing Carps and the opposite 5 will be discovered as gadgets.

Proper at first of the lake following the Idol, attempt to go as deep as attainable to search out two Carps swimming. Proceed onwards and you will bump into an underwater temple of types.

There’s yet one more beneath, and also you must also be certain that to select up the Treasured Bait in there.

From this space, proceed till you get throughout some destroyed homes. You may comply with the remnants’ path till you see two extra Carps.

Search for a skinny area between two rocks in the direction of the solar’s course. Proper on the opposite facet there are two extra Carps ready for you.

You may then head again to the primary space of the lake. Preserve happening till you see the useless physique is a big fish. In there, you will see two glowing gadgets surrounding a chest.

Keep in mind the world with the wretched homes? Return there and search for an empty home that has three glowing gadgets inside. These are the final Treasure Carp Scales of the lake.

11. Fountainhead Palace – Flower Viewing Stage Idol: 4x Carp Scales

Together with the Treasured Bait you picked up earlier, preserve heading down till you see an enormous log in a nook of the lake. It seems like an remoted arm with a glowing merchandise. Decide it up, and you will acquire the second Treasured Bait. From right here, both stroll or simply warp to the Palace Grounds Idol.

Make a run for it by the home and exit from the door on the proper flip. Intention in the direction of the Idol and you will discover a immediate to grapple your self to the rooftop. Preserve heading straight till the subsequent tree department, after which soar onto the roof in entrance of it.

Preserve going by the steps of the temple, make a proper flip after which soar to the platform under. These are the Feeding Grounds.

All that is left is to ring the bell and feed the large fish with two Treasured Baits. When you’re completed, go and speak to the NPC. He gives you the final 4 Treasure Carp Scales.

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