Sekiro Prayer Beads location checklist – all Prayer Bead areas and the place to search out them

Sekiro Prayer Bead areas – all Prayer Beads listed

1. Ashina Outskirts – Outskirts Wall – Gate Path Idol

The primary one is gained from the mini boss Basic Naomori Kawarada. In order for you a bonus, do not bounce straight into battle. Comply with the trail on the left till the subsequent gate, and sneak up on him. When you’re victorious, you will be rewarded with the primary Prayer Bead. Solely 39 to go.

2. Ashina Outskirts – Outskirts Wall – Stairway Idol: Chained Ogre

Subsequent up is the Chained Ogre, which may be daunting at first, however be sure that to get your Flame Vent Prosthetic and a few Oil prepared for this struggle. If it appears unimaginable, although, we have got you coated with our information. Kill him and you may obtain a second Prayer Bead. Solely two extra to go till the primary necklace.

3. Ashina Outskirts – Ashina Fort Gate Idol: one other Basic

Hold progressing onwards and you may meet yet one more samurai-style mini boss, Basic Tenzen Yamauchi simply in case you have been in want of much more observe, the place you may even comply with the identical technique as Kawarada’s encounter to get a free Deathblow. Simply watch out, since he’ll begin patrolling via the realm. There’s your Prayer Bead quantity three.

4. Ashina Outskirts – Ashina Fort Gate Idol

This one requires a little bit of acrobatics, however no boss struggle, not less than. From the Ashina Fort Gate Idol, after you beat Gyoubu Oniwa, go all the way in which throughout the empty battlefield and rise up the steps. Make a flip and enter the constructing. From there, you are gonna wish to grapple your approach as much as the attic.

The primary one exhibits up on the suitable aspect, and when you’re in there, search for a damaged wood pillar with the second grapple level. You will be going through one other damaged one, bounce there and seize from the ledge. Begin strolling going through the alternative aspect from the crack of the wood floor, and you may see a crack within the rooftop. Soar, seize, and you will be within the attic.

Search for the chest inside. This is your fourth Prayer Bead, so be at liberty to return to an Idol to get your first necklace.

5. Ashina Outskirts – Ashina Fort Gate Idol: Blazing Bull

The subsequent can be tied to the story with the Blazing Bull struggle as you make your approach into Ashina Fort. We have now quite a lot of tricks to share, however if you need a shortcut, step inside the subsequent space and take the alternate route on the left, grappling onto a tree department and utilizing the grapple once more from the separated construction.

Get shifting via the rooftops, bounce to the nook and you may see a distinct path on the suitable aspect of the realm.

Double bounce and seize from the ledge, after which use your grapple to the large constructing forward of you. To the suitable you will see the fortress gate together with two guards.

When you step inside, prepare for the struggle. Defeat the bull and you will be set with a brand new Prayer Bead.

6. Hirata Property – Property Path Idol: Shinobi Hunter

One other one that’s just about simple. Proper earlier than acquiring the Bamboo Thicket Slope Idol, you will need to face Shinobi Hunter Enshin of Misen. Make sure that to maintain our information shut, but in addition make use of Ceramic Shards to draw patrolling enemies to the bushes for some stealth kills. Repeat the identical with the Shinobi Hunter for a free Deathblow, and you will have a brand new Prayer Bead very quickly.

7. Hirata Property – Principal Corridor Idol: Juzou the Drunkard

No, you do not have to fret about any extra acrobatics any time quickly. Proper now there’s one other struggle anticipating you – this time, in opposition to Juzou the Drunkard. You will get hold of a Prayer Bead for defeating him, however do not go away the realm simply but.

8. Hirata Property – Principal Corridor Idol

Following our information to acquire Divine Confetti early on within the recreation, the key room contained in the corridor proper previous Juzou additionally holds a chest.

As soon as inside, begin strolling via the hall on the left till you discover some markings within the wall, proper after a glowing merchandise within the ground. Hug the wall and you will be inside. Loot the chest to acquire a second Prayer Bead.

9. Ashina Fort – Higher Tower – Antechamber Idol

Warp to the Higher Tower – Antechamber Idol in Ashina Fort. From there, kill the blue-robed enemies in each the room up the steps and the hall to get to the room on the suitable. Clear the room and take a look at the wall in entrance of you. There is a signal, hug to the wall and a secret room will open.

There’s a chest proper at plain sight. Loot it to acquire a further Prayer Bead.

10. Ashina Fort – Ashina Fort Idol / Higher Tower – Antechamber Idol: Basic Kuranosuke Matsumoto

You will need to get previous the Basic Kuranosuke Matsumoto mini struggle, and there are two routes to get there relying on which paths you took contained in the fortress space. For those who selected to only proceed going onwards, you will simply meet the boss by going up via the steps, together with a few gunners with him.

However you too can go from the within, simply following the trail we outlined from the earlier Prayer Bead.

Drop into the principle corridor beneath from the corridors. Kill the enemies in there and open up the principle gate. You will see the mini boss doing a speech, and you may stealth assault him to achieve a bonus. Defeat him, and you may get hold of a brand new Prayer Bead.

11. Ashina Fort – Higher Tower – Ashina Dojo Idol: Ashina Elite

Proper after the Antechamber part, you will get throughout the Ashina Fort Dojo Idol. This one is just about simple: Go contained in the corridor and prepare for a struggle in opposition to Ashina Elite Jinsuke Sake. For those who get caught, oh do we now have a information for you.

12. Ashina Fort – Ashina Reservoir Idol: Seven Ashina Spears

You will need to struggle one other mini boss. Seven Ashina Spears Shikibu Toshikatsu Yamauchi is ready for you in a temple within the farth north from the Ashina Reservoir Sculptor’s Idol. To make it simpler to reach on the struggle, fear solely in regards to the 4 first enemies (two canine and two troopers), after which sneak round utilizing the ledge on the suitable aspect.

From there you may make use of your grappling hook twice and you may arrive to the boss struggle.

Defeat him, and you will be rewarded with a Prayer Bead.

13. Ashina Fort – Ashina Reservoir Idol: Lone Shadow Longswordsman

Warp again to the Idol or simply head to the start of the realm when you fancy strolling. As soon as you have handled the primary 4 enemies and also you begin grappling from the left aspect utilizing the tree branches, you will encounter an annoying mob with a pan in a space crammed with bushes. Do away with it and hug the wall, going in direction of the opposite aspect.

You will be going through the doorway of a brand new space. Speak to the NPC however do not go down via the doorway. Hold strolling in direction of till you see a pit, which is aiming proper above the Lone Shadow Longswordsman mini boss. Get your self a free Deathblow, and one other Prayer Bead when you beat him.

14. Ashina Fort – Deserted Dungeon Entrance Idol

This one is a pleasant change of tempo. Simply discuss to to service provider who’s just some steps from the Idol heading ahead. Together with stocking as much as proceed your journey, be sure that to buy one Prayer Bead in alternate of 1400 Sen. If solely all of them have been so easy.

15. Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo – Shugendo Idol: Armored Warrior

Additionally tied to the principle path, you will need to face the Armored Warrior mini boss. To get there from the Shugendo Idol, grapple your option to the primary tree you see. Get to the opposite aspect and stick with the wood stairs. Watch out for an enemy proper across the nook (though you may simply bounce on it).

Make a double bounce and raise your self from the ledge. Soar as soon as extra to the rock, and repeat the method till you are lastly on the flat floor. Grapple your approach above and you may find yourself in a protracted closed bridge. There’s the Armored Warrior encounter, which can grant you one other Prayer Bead for the gathering.

16. Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo – Temple Grounds Idol: Lengthy-Arm Gentipede Sen’un

Subsequent up is one other mini boss, the Lengthy-arm Gentipede Sen’un, however there is a option to achieve benefit as effectively. From the Idol, make your approach grappling and leaping on the rooftops. Ignore all of the monks and get previous the large constructing. Proceed via the rooftop and concentrate on getting inside a home on the suitable.

Do not get forward of your self simply but. You may enter from a gap inside, however be sure that to not land on the bottom ground for now, since there are centipedes who will make the struggle approach tougher. Plus, you need to use this chance to leap above Sen’un for that candy first deathblow. End the job, and you may get hold of a Prayer Bead.

17. Sunken Valley – Below-Shrine Valley Idol:

Journey to the Below-Shrine Valley Idol and face backwards. Hold going to come across two enemies, after which a path contained in the frozen cave. Seize the ledge by leaping after which stick with the wall till you go outdoors. You will be again in Ashina Outskirts.

In there you will discover one other Prayer Bead subsequent to the statues, however beware with the enemy who’s close by.

18. Sunken Valley- Sunken Valley Idol: Snake Eyes Shirafuji

From the Sunken Valley Idol, make your approach grappling onwards till you see an enormous Buddha statue head. In there, put together for a struggle in opposition to Snake Eyes Shirafuji, and acquire a Prayer Bead on your hassle after defeating her.

19. Sunken Valley – Gun Fort Idol: Lengthy-arm Centipede Giraffe

Following from the Gun Fort Idol, you will need to face Lengthy-arm Centipede Giraffe. Accomplish that, and as you in all probability guessed, there is a Prayer Bead as reward.

20. Sunken Valley – Gun Fort Idol

Do not undergo the door simply but. See that gap within the floor on the left aspect to the place the struggle simply occurred? Drop inside and proceed crawling till you see two paths. The one on the suitable is blocked, however the one on the left is the one you need.

Lookup and use your grapple, do it as soon as extra till you get to a spot with purple lights. You may get inside to struggle some wall lizards and decide up x3 Divine Confetti, or simply intention backwards and proceed going upwards.

You will begin listening to sounds from small centipedes, drop and struggle your approach via them. Simply watch out for the wall lizards then, since they’re going to poison you simply.

As soon as that is settled, be at liberty to seize yet one more Prayer Bead.

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21. Ashina Depths – Ashina Depths Idol: Snake Eyes Shirahagi

There are two Prayer Beads to choose up from right here, however first, guess what? Sure, it is one other mini boss, named Snake Eyes Shirahagi. The easiest way to strategy her is the next: from the Idol, fall into the wood platform beneath, after which onto the subsequent one on the suitable aspect. Transfer only a bit and you may discover a gunner behind. Simply drop your self and stealth kill him.

Now, you will wish to get throughout by utilizing the grapple till a statue head, fall to the left aspect so there isn’t any danger of Shirahagi seeing you. Sneak up on her and the struggle will start, solely that you will have the higher hand.

If it appears too laborious at first, we advocate that you simply carry out double jumps on her, which can do posture injury and grant you the change to do a fast few hits. There’s your first Prayer Bead, together with a brand new space to discover simply forward.

22. Ashina Depths – Ashina Depths Idol

The truth is, that is the place we now have to go subsequent. Hold going via the hall and make a flip to the left once you get the prospect. Crouch and progress via there till you meet a spot the place you may rise up once more.

Soar to the left, preserve shifting upwards by leaping on the partitions and you will be again on the floor, solely that from a a lot greater perspective. Seize the merchandise after which use your grapple onto one other head statue. There’s your second Prayer Bead.

23. Ashina Depths – Hidden Forest Idol: Tokujiro the Glutton

Tokujiro The Glutton is up subsequent. This struggle is similar to the Drunkard, nevertheless it may be troublesome to search out at first. The hidden forest is horrifying and it is simple to get misplaced. The easiest way to search out this encounter is to maintain following the lights within the timber proper after the Idol, get previous the hen foe and, within the flat floor (for reference, there is a small bonfire with an NPC sitting proper subsequent to it) search for the timber beneath.

Minor spoilers, however when you fall, you will find yourself in a struggle in opposition to a Headless. Let’s preserve that for later and concentrate on the Prayer Bead for now. To get there fromt he ideol, drop onto the tree, after which onto the subsequent one. Hold shifting forwards, ignore the wall on the left and simply drop your self. See the tree department on the left? Grapple your approach up there and you will be just some steps from the struggle.

The mini boss is surrounded with monkeys so it will be finest to attempt to entice them first, with a view to get that free Deathblow that we have grown so connected to throughout this information. You should use your grapple on a tree department on the suitable to get to a platform, which will also be helpful to throw some Shurikens safely. You understand, shinobi type. Kill him and you may earn your self a Prayer Bead.

24. Ashina Depths – Water Mill Idol: O’Rin of the Water

Proper after Mibu Village, you will enter Water Mill. Start exploring the realm forward from the idol and you may see an NPC. Proper previous him is an enormous space with a personality that appears innocent at first, nevertheless it’s no apart from O’Rin of the Water. Make sure that to make use of Divine Confetti for this one. As soon as overwhelmed, you will get your self a brand new Prayer Bead.

25. Ashina Depths – Water Mill Idol

There’s one other one to care for. Hold going via the bridge after the struggle and you may find yourself seeing a home surrounded by enemies. The easiest way to strategy that is to sneak behind them to the suitable aspect, and you may see sufficient room to crawl inside.

Begin shifting and you may see a immediate to hug the ground. Accomplish that, and Sekiro would simply flip and seem inside the home. Don’t fret, there aren’t enemies there.

Now head outdoors from the damaged window, look behind you and use your grapple to get into the damaged attic. There’s your Prayer Bead.

26. Ashina Depths – Mibu Village Idol

After defeating the Corrupted Monk within the Water Mill space, return to the Mibu Village Idol.

Hold heading straight till you are going through the lake, and take a swim. Together with a brand new reminiscence to extend your assault energy, the Corrupted Monk grants you the Mibu Respiration Method ability, which is necessary to acquire just a few Prayer Beads.

Now, press R2/RT to descend into the water. Begin swimming and stick with the suitable aspect. As quickly as you may head down deeper, accomplish that you will discover a glowing chest. Loot it, and you may get hold of a brand new Prayer Bead.

27. Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo – Temple Grounds Idol

Now, making use of your new ability, return to the Temple Grounds Idol. Go previous the buildings under you for a pool of water. Dive, and you may see just a few buried statues, nevertheless it’s the one on the suitable aspect that you simply wish to swim to.

Simply decide up the merchandise and you will be set with a brand new Prayer Bead.

28. and 29. Ashina Depths – Ashina Depths Idol / Poison Pool Idol: Twin Apes

Bear in mind the struggle in opposition to Snake Eyes Shirahagi? Return and preserve heading in direction of to discover a suspiciously large cave. For those who defeated the Guardian Ape again in Bodhisattva Valley, you will discover him right here once more for a brand new struggle. Fortunately, he offers you not one, however two Prayer Beads on your hassle.

30. Ashina Fort – Higher Tower – Antechamber Idol: Chained Ogre (after Corrupted Monk + Guardian Ape)

After making your option to the Higher Tower – Antechamber Idol as soon as extra, preserve going till the walkway and grapple your option to the underside. Shock, a brand new Chained Ogre is there, so get able to set him on fireplace. As soon as you have defeated him, you will get hold of a brand new Prayer Bead.

31. Ashina Fort – Outdated Grave Idol: Lone Shadow Masanaga The Spear-Bearer

Exit from the again of the place the struggle in opposition to the Chained Ogre simply occurred proper up till the Outdated Grave Idol. Face backwards, and we advocate that you simply simply make a run for it.

Make a proper flip, progress via the bridge and proceed heading to the forest space. On the tip of the trail you will see the home. Watch out for the three wolves there and get inside.

Now, you wish to crouch as you go up the steps, and switch left. Be at liberty to eavesdrop the enemy after which sneak up on him for a candy benefit. That is Lone Shadow Masanaga The Spear-Bearer, who will gladly offer you a Prayer Bead for defeating him.

32. Ashina Fort – Higher Tower – Ashina Dojo Idol: Lone Shadow Vilehand

Warp again to the Antechamber Idol. Make your approach across the walkway and head upstairs to regain the Ashina Dojo Idol. Shock! There is a new mini boss ready for you: Lone Shadow Vilehand.

As quickly as you enter the room, you may see an enemy on the left. For those who stealth kill him and activate the Puppeteer Ninjutsu, he offers you a hand through the struggle. As soon as Vilehand isn’t any extra, you will get a brand new Prayer Bead.

Clarification: From right here, it is assumed that you simply determined to “Break the Iron Code, keep loyal to Kuro” once you meet Owl within the Ashina Fort’s rooftop. Selecting the opposite choice will lock you as much as the “dangerous” ending, and you will not have the ability to decide up all Prayer Beads.

The final ones are in a brand new model of Hirata Property, the brand new space Fountainhead Palace, and the final model of Ashina Fort and Ashina Outskirts.

33. Hirata Property – Bamboo Thicket Slope Idol: Lone Shadow Masanaga The Spear-Bearer (once more)

For those who sided with Kuro, then you’re going to get to some extent the place you will use the Father’s Bell again within the Dilapidated Temple. This can take you a brand new model of the Hirata Property.

There are two mini bosses in right here, however the first is optionally available. From the Bamboo Thicket Slope Idol (or proper once you’re first warped there within the first place), return to the burning home. Inside you will discover Lone Shadow Masanaga The Spear-Bearer. Sure, he is again, now with much more wolves tagging alongside.

Defeat him, and you may earn a Prayer Bead.

34. Hirata Property – Principal Corridor Idol: Juzou the Drunkard (once more)

This one is can once more be both missed or obtained as you go, relying on which ending you are seeking to comply with. As you are making your option to the Hirata Viewers Chamber, you will meet Juzou the Drunkard once more. The movesets are just like the primary struggle, so be sure that to make use of our information if you wish to refresh your reminiscence.

When you’re performed with him, he offers you a Prayer Bead.

35. Fountainhead Palace – Flower Viewing Stage Idol: Sakura Bull

Do not fret, this one is simple to search out. From the Idol, make your option to the homes within the again and grapple your self to the rooftop as quickly as you are capable of. Hold going via there and, when you begin to discover the trail of our bodies under, you will start to assume one thing’s off.

That is proper, the mini boss Sakura Bull of the Palace will present up in that hall. Additionally, when you assume you can get a free deathblow by leaping from the rooftop, I’ve received dangerous information for you. After coping with the bull, you will get a Prayer Bead.

36. Fountainhead Palace – Nice Sakura Idol: Okami Chief Shizu

That is in all probability the best of all of them. You may actually spot Okami Chief Shizu from the Idol, and the well being pool makes them seem like a daily enemy. You simply need to dodge their lighting assaults as you get nearer. When you’re victorious, you will get a brand new Prayer Bead.

37. Fountainhead Palace – Nice Sakura Idol

Do not run away from the place simply but. Stand on the nook of the log and you may see a large home buried contained in the lake. Soar and take a swim, and when you’re getting nearer, you wish to begin diving approach down.

To avoid wasting you from a coronary heart assault, there’s a Headless encounter under. You may take them over if you need, nevertheless it’s very easy to skip the struggle altogether. Simply preserve diving deeper till you see the remnants of a fish on the backside. Open up the chest, and you will be set with a brand new Prayer Bead.

38. Ashina Fort – Ashina Reservoir Idol: Seven Ashina Spears Suhme Masaji Oniwa

We’re again right here for the ultimate stretch of the sport. After you discover the Idol, you will see an enormous fireplace in entrance of you. Seven Ashina Spears – Shume Masaji Oniwa is ready there for you, together with a good friend. Defeat him, and you may get hold of a Prayer Bead.

Moreover, you need to use a Gachiin’s Sugar to sneak up on him from the left aspect, which can make issues simpler.

39. Ashina Fort – Higher Tower – Ashina Dojo Idol: Ashina Elite Ujinari Mizou

With a purpose to get right here as soon as extra, simply comply with the trail outdoors the fortress till you discover the bell window from which you initially jumped into the Higher Tower – Antechamber Idol.

You wish to take a activate the hall on the suitable and go down the steps. Make a U-turn and you may see a door. Slash it along with your sword and get inside. For those who comply with the hall, you will cross paths with Ashina Elite – Ujinari Mizou. It is just like the primary Ashina Elite within the Dojo, solely that this one is a Purple Eyes. Use fireplace, and use it laborious. You will get hold of a brand new Prayer Bead.

40. Ashina Outskirts – Outskirts Wall – Stairway (From Outdated Grave Idol): Shigekichi of the Purple Guard

Make your approach across the fortress till you see the Outdated Grave Idol. From there, you wish to go down the principle stairs that result in the doorway of the fortress.

Begin making your approach via the rooftops till you see the Kite you used again within the Temple space.

Use it to grapple your self all to the opposite aspect, the place an enormous struggle is going down within the bridge. Make your approach round to the opposite aspect after which bounce to the suitable aspect to acquire the Underground Valley Idol.

From there, simply go as much as the bridge once more and take the suitable aspect. You will get to small battlefield the place Shigekichi of the Purple Guard is anticipating you, who’s just like the Drunkard however makes use of fireplace as an alternative. As soon as defeated, you will be set with the ultimate Prayer Bead. Congrats!

That is all 40 Prayer Beads performed! Head again to our primary Sekiro information, boss checklist and walkthrough for a listing of all our different pages like this that will help you thruogh the sport.

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