Pokémon Sword and Defend Turffield treasure riddle resolution: easy methods to clear up the three standing stones puzzle

Treasure is buried someplace in Turffield, however fortunately, in the event you’re struggling, we all know the place to search out it.

Right here on this web page we’ll be providing you with a fast and easy riddle resolution to the three standing stones puzzle given to you by the little woman in Pokémon Sword and Defend’s city of Turffield. If you don’t need the reply spoiled, then, clearly look away now!

Should you’re in search of a information to Turffield Fitness center and easy methods to beat the Grass Fitness center Chief Milo, in the meantime, that hyperlink there may be the way in which to go!

On this web page:

Pokémon Sword and Defend Turffield buried treasure riddle defined

Within the city of Turffield, there is a hill as much as the west, the place you may initially discover Sonia ready for you in your first go to.

On the high of the hill, as you enter the viewing space, there’s somewhat woman in pink. Discuss to her and he or she’ll let you know there’s treasure buried someplace in Turffield, and a clue lies within the following riddle:

“Search your self three standing stones, with Grass earlier than the opposite ones. Use effectively that energy, and discover then the energy of its energy ultimately. Dally not, in the event you’ve a thoughts to search out what time has left behind.”

You have to discover three standing stones in some sort of order. Here is the answer just under!

Turffield riddle resolution: easy methods to clear up the puzzle and discover the buried treasure in Pokémon Sword and Defend

The answer to the Turffield riddle is surprisingly easy – when you get it. You have to do the next as shortly as potential – we managed to do it on the second attempt on foot, though it is a lot simpler to do when you get the Rotom Bike on Route 5 (accessible straight after you beat the Turffield Fitness center).

Turffield treasure riddle resolution:

  1. Go to one of many standing stones that is marked “Grass”.
  2. Go to the standing stone that is marked “Water” subsequent.
  3. Lastly, go to the standing stone that is marked “Hearth”.

Turffield standing stone areas

There are a number of massive, Stonehenge-like stones with markings on dotted across the city, and up the hill to the west. Interacting with them will let you know what Kind is written on the stone. One says “Darkish”, as an example, one other “Grass”, and so forth.

The Grass standing stone is positioned left of the Pokémon Middle, in the direction of the stadium on the left. It is truly a set of three stones collectively (which might be an try to throw individuals off in search of “three standing stones”.

The Water standing stone is positioned on the hill, on the way in which as much as the woman who gave you the riddle. It is on the left facet on the high of the useless finish, by the person within the swimsuit.

The Hearth standing stone, lastly, is over within the jap finish of city, between the stadium and the exit to Route 5.

Work together (press A) with every of them so as as fast as you’ll be able to, and on the third one, Hearth, you may recieve your reward: an Knowledgeable Belt!

And that is it! Head again to our web page in town itself, in our walkthrough information to Turffield Fitness center and easy methods to beat the Grass Fitness center Chief Milo, or you’ll be able to cycle again to our major Pokémon Sword and Defend walkthrough and information hub for a set of rather more pages like this!

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