Pokémon Legends Arceus – Pop Pod areas for Request 43 defined

Extra New Wares continues an on-going sequence of retailer requests in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Numbered Request 43, it follows on instantly from discovering Hearty Grains in Request 23 – so full that then return to the shop proprietor to proceed.

This request then requires its personal merchandise to seek out – Pop Pods.

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If you would like extra assist, then go to our Pokémon Legends Arceus walkthrough.

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Pop Pods areas in Pokémon Legends Arceus

To finish the Request, you want three Pop Pods.

You’ll be able to discover Pop Pods by travelling to the Beachside Camp on the Cobalt Coastlands.

When you arrive, stroll down the hill straight in direction of the seaside, the Pop Pods will seem as small pink spheres proper on the sting of the water. Decide up three of them after which head again to Jubilife Village.

As a consequence of a comparatively low draw distance for objects, you could have to scour alongside the sting a good bit, so hold that in thoughts. Some Pokémon that wander Cobalt Coastlands additionally drop Pop Pods, nevertheless it’s a lot simpler to easily get them from the seaside itself.

Our Pokémon Legends Arceus walkthrough will allow you to choose a starter Pokémon and win the Kleavor boss battle.

You’re additionally tasked with filling the Hisui Pokédex by acquiring new evolutions like Kleavor by evolving Scyther, Wyrdeer by evolving Stantler, Sneasler by evolving Hisui Sneasel and Overquil by evolving Hisui Qwilfish.

There’s a number of recent evolution strategies, together with ones for the Eevee evolutions.

Take the time to finish Requests too, akin to The Sea’s Legend, Wurmple’s Developed! and discovering the Wisp areas.

Don’t overlook to trace down each Unown location too.

Finishing Request 43 and ‘Extra New Wares’ rewards

As soon as you have arrived again in Jubilife Village, go into Galaxy Corridor and head proper previous the steps going up a flooring. Go down the staircase beneath it and take the primary door on the fitting.

Now head again to Choy on the common retailer, which is simply on the left as you permit Galaxy Corridor. You may now have extra objects within the common retailer!

For finishing the hunt, you will obtain six new objects on the common retailer, which we have listed beneath:

  • Nice Ball
  • Hyper Potion
  • Full Heal
  • Stealth Spray
  • Scatter Bang
  • Grain Cake

As soon as you have accomplished this Request and accepted Mission 11 Scaling Perilous Heights it is possible for you to to speak to Choy to unlock Request 61, which can reward you with much more objects for the overall retailer.

This is find out how to full different requests in Arceus:

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