Pokémon Go Luminous Legends Y occasion analysis quest: The right way to full every quest process and area analysis defined

The Luminous Legends Y occasion in Pokémon Go is an occasion divided into two halves – the primary celebrating the discharge of Yveltal and dark-type Pokémon, whereas the second returns to fairy-type Pokémon with the discharge of Sylveon.

All through this occasion, you’ll full the Luminous Legends Y timed analysis quest and quite a lot of unique area analysis duties for quite a lot of rewards.

You may additionally nonetheless have the ability to discover the newly launched Spritzee, Swirlix and Goomy within the wild, whereas Pancham can now be hatched from Unusual, 12km, eggs.

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Battling and catching Yveltal in Pokémon Go

‘Luminous Legends Y’ quest steps in Pokémon Go

Under you will discover all of the challenges and rewards for the Luminous Legends Y analysis quest in Pokémon Go. This part does include spoilers for the entire quest, so, if you wish to be shocked, we advocate skipping it.

The Luminous Legends Y analysis quest is a timed analysis quest, which suggests you will need to full it earlier than the occasion ends should you want to accumulate all the rewards.

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‘Luminous Legends Y’ Step 1 of seven

Rewards: 1000 XP and a Stunky encounter

‘Luminous Legends Y’ Step 2 of seven

  • Purify 3 Shadow Pokémon – 5 Hyper Potion
  • Purify 5 Shadow Pokémon – 3 Revives
  • Purify 7 Shadow Pokémon – 1 Mysterious Element

Rewards: 2000 XP and an Alolan Rattata encounter

‘Luminous Legends Y’ Step 3 of seven

  • Defeat Crew Go Rocket Chief Arlo – 2000 XP
  • Defeat Crew Go Rocket Chief Cliff – 2000 XP
  • Defeat Crew Go Rocket Chief Sierra – 2000 XP

Rewards: 2000 XP and a Murkrow encounter

‘Luminous Legends Y’ Step 4 of seven

Rewards: 3000 XP and a Mightyena encounter

‘Luminous Legends Y’ Step 5 of seven

  • Defeat 8 Crew Go Rocket Grunts – 7 Pinap Berries
  • Use an Incense – Galarian Zigzagoon encounter
  • Catch 20 Darkish-type Pokémon – Sneasel encounter

Rewards: 3000 XP and an Alolan Meowth encounter

‘Luminous Legends Y’ Step 6 of seven

  • Full 7 Fields Analysis duties – 10 Nice Balls
  • Win 1 raid – Houndoom encounter
  • Catch 5 totally different species of Darkish-type Pokémon – Alolan Grimer encounter

Rewards: 4000 XP and an Absol encounter

‘Luminous Legends Y’ Step 7 of seven

  • Purify 10 Shadow Pokémon – 1 Poffin
  • Defeat a Crew Go Rocket Chief 3 occasions – Galarian Zigzagoon encounter
  • Catch 12 Shadow Pokémon – Larvitar encounter

Rewards: 5000 Stardust and a Deino encounter

Subject analysis duties and all the things you might want to know concerning the Luminous Legends Y occasion

The second a part of the Luminous Legends Y occasion has arrived in Pokémon Go and it’ll run until the top of the occasion on Monday, thirty first Might at 8pm (native time).

A brand new host of bonuses comes with the second half of this occasion, together with a brand new rooster of occasion unique area analysis duties. These duties may be collected by spinning PokéStops and saved to be accomplished as soon as the occasion ends should you so want.

Listed below are the sphere analysis duties for the second a part of the Luminous Legends Y occasion:

  • Take a snapshot of a Fairy-type Pokémon reward – Eevee encounter
  • Defeat 2 Crew Go Rocket Grunts reward – Umbreon encounter
  • Earn 3 hearts out of your Buddy reward – Eevee encounter
  • Earn 5 hearts out of your Buddy reward – Clefairy encounter
  • Purify 3 Shadow Pokémon reward – Espeon encounter
  • Win a raid reward – Galarian Zigzagoon encounter

Thanks to SilphScience from reddit for the assistance with this info.

Umbreon, Espeon and Galarian Zigzagoon can all be earned by finishing the occasion’s area analysis duties.

The centrepiece of Luminous Legends Y’s second half is the discharge of Sylveon – the fairy-type Eeveelution – into Pokémon Go. Similar to the earlier Eeveelutions, Sylveon has each a reputation trick and a singular evolution methodology, which you’ll be able to find out about on our Eevee evolution web page.

To have a good time Sylveon’s launch, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon and Umbreon will all be showing in three-star raids. Whereas Eevee will probably be accessible in one-star raids and Yveltal will proceed to look in five-star raids.

You may additionally have the ability to battle the Mega Evolutions of Altaria, Ampharos and Houndoom in Mega Raids.

The 7km egg pool has been altered as soon as extra to incorporate the next Pokémon all on Tier One:

  • Eevee
  • Cleffa
  • Igglybuff
  • Togepi
  • Azurill
  • Spritzee
  • Swirlix

Fairy-type Pokémon have additionally began reappearing extra regularly within the wild once more, so hold an eye fixed out for the next:

  • Clefairy
  • Jigglypuff
  • Eevee
  • Togetic
  • Marill
  • Snubbull
  • Ralts
  • Spritzee
  • Swirlix

There’ll nonetheless be a lot of dark-type Pokémon lurking about as properly.

International Problem and rewards for the Luminous Legends Y occasion in Pokémon Go defined

In the course of the first half of the Luminous Legends Y occasion in Pokémon Go, gamers from around the globe can come collectively to finish a International Problem.

We collectively have till 11:59pm UTC on Sunday, twenty third Might to defeat 25 million Crew Go Rocket Grunts. You possibly can hold verify within the worldwide progress for this problem by visiting the official Pokémon Go Twitter for the occasional replace.

If we handle to defeat all of those villainous trainers, then a triple Catch XP bonus, the discharge of shiny Galarian Zigzagoon and for Galarian Zigzagoon to look in one-star raids untill the occasion ends.

At the moment reside is the Evolving Stars occasion, which incorporates the discharge of quest steps 5 to eight of A Cosmic Companion – the Season of Gentle particular analysis quest.

Elsewhere, you’ll want to use Day by day Journey Incense for the prospect of encountering Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos and Galarian Moltres. There’s additionally a brand new particular analysis quest – A Mysterious Incense.

Lastly – do not forget concerning the new Prime Gaming rewards each fortnight.

Luminous Legends Y dates and occasions in Pokémon Go

The Luminous Legends Y occasion in Pokémon Go, together with its timed analysis quest, runs from Tuesday, 18th Might at 10am (native time) to Monday, thirty first Might at 8pm (native time).

An necessary truth to recollect concerning the Luminous Legends Y occasion is that, whereas it’s operating for these two weeks, it is also divided into two halves – every with their very own set of releases, raid bosses and different bonuses.

The primary half, operating from Tuesday 18th Might at 10am (native time) until Monday, twenty fourth Might at 8pm (native time), is targeted upon dark-type Pokémon and Crew Go Rocket.

In the meantime, the second half, is themed across the launch of Sylveon, the fairy-type eevolution, and is operating from Tuesday, twenty fifth Might at 10am (native time) to Monday, thirty first Might at 8pm (native time).

As talked about, the Luminous Legends Y timed analysis all through each halves of the occasions, that means you undoubtedly have sufficient to finish every of the seven steps and each particular person problem. Simply bear in mind – this analysis quest will vanish when the occasion ends, so, in order for you all the rewards, ensure you full it earlier than the deadline.

Hope you benefit from the Luminous Legends Y occasion!

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